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GAMING DEVICE TECHNOLOGY:. Today’s Presentation. Slot Systems How Slot Machine’s Work Internet Gaming. Slot Systems. Type of machine played Time on machine Total time Type of machine Denomination of machine Number of coins played Games per minute.

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Presentation Transcript
today s presentation
Today’s Presentation
  • Slot Systems
  • How Slot Machine’s Work
  • Internet Gaming
slot systems
Slot Systems
  • Type of machine played
  • Time on machine
  • Total time
  • Type of machine
  • Denomination of machine
    • Number of coins played
  • Games per minute
another goal is to maintain player interest in gaming devices
Another Goal is to Maintain Player Interest in Gaming Devices
  • Slot Machines
    • New Games
      • Sound & Lights
      • Game within a game
  • Other Games
    • Electronic Versions of Traditional Games
    • New Games
did you every wonder how a machine can have a 95 6 hold
Did you every wonder how a machine can have a 95.6 % hold?

Or any other specific number above 75% in Nevada

Well it’s a function of a formula that says

  • The percent is part the probability of winning
  • The amount you win
  • The probability of losing
  • The amount you bet
so that formula is
So that formula is:

EV = P (win) x ($payoff) + P (Loss) x (- $bet)

slot machines how do they calculate how they pay
Slot Machines - How do they calculate how they pay?

Slot Machine

Old Mechanical Machines had 20 symbols per reel (typically) counting blank spaces.

how do slots work
How do Slots Work?

Stat Reminder:

What’s the probability of tossing heads on a coin?


What’s the probability of rolling a one on a single die?


What’s the probability of drawing the queen of hearts?


back to that old machine
Back to that old machine
  • A single reel has 20 symbols and one jackpot symbol…..say a lemon
  • The probability of getting the lemon is….?
another stat reminder
Another Stat Reminder
  • If I say what is the probability of tossing a head on a coin….you say ½
  • If I say what is the probability of getting a tail on the first toss and the second toss of the coin………..
  • You have to multiply the probabilities and we know it is less likely to happen
  • ½ * ½ = 1/4
  • On that old machine with 3 reels, 20 symbols the probability of hitting 3 lemons is……
  • 20x20x20 = 8000
slot machines

Today’s machines can have hundreds of virtual reels:

More than 300, and they don’t have to be the same number on each reel.

now look
Now Look

So now we have say 256 symbols per reel…and the jackpot is….

256 x 256 x 256 =



or a slight change to 300 symbols per reel is

Or a slight change to 300 symbols per reel is:

1/300 x 1/300 x 1/300 =


To 1

other technologies for gaming
Other Technologies for Gaming
  • Lighting (internal and external)
  • People moving
  • Air Filtration
  • Sound (both increase and decrease)
  • Virtual Reality Games and Attractions
  • Aroma
what is an internet gaming
What is an Internet gaming?
  • Includes board, card, role playing and other multi-player or human vs. computer game environments.
  • I the second most popular type of site on the Internet
  • Casino-style games & sports betting on the Internet.
background of internet gaming
Background of Internet Gaming
  • The first Internet gambling site was launched in 1995 with an investment of just $1.5 million.
  • Now about three times the revenue of porn sites (about $6 billion).
  • MGM Mirage & Harrah’s

- First Launched play-for-fun sites to test software and delivery systems in anticipation of some future date when the laws will change.

the kinds of internet gambling
The kinds of Internet Gambling
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Slot Machine
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Craps
  • Video Poker
  • Live Poker*
  • Sports Betting*
ab466 state of nevada
AB466 State of Nevada
  • In 2001 the State Legislature Nevada Regulators permission to Create Regulations If:
    • The could identify the player
    • They could determine the player was 21
    • They could determine the player was in the State of Nevada
federal legislation concerning internet gambling
Federal Legislation concerning Internet gambling
  • The 1961 Wire Act

– prohibit regulated online sports books

from accepting bets from out-of-state


  • The Travel Act

- Prohibit any person from using wire facilities

with the intent to distribute the proceeds of,

promote, manage, establish, or carry on any

illegal gambling activities.

current federal legislation
Current Federal Legislation
  • Bill HR556 The Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Act. Passed in House, Goes to Senate. Bans Electronic Payments (June 11, 2003 U.S. House Voted to Block Web Gambling Payments -has not passed the Senate)
    • NEW JERSEY-Virtual casinos would not be able to collect gambling debts incurred by New Jersey customers under terms of a bill given unanimous approval by the state Assembly.
  • Bill HR3215 Combating Illegal Gambling Reform and Modernization Act. Basically bans all Internet gambling.
can you gamble online
Can You Gamble Online?
  • Gambling on the Internet is not Legal anywhere in the U.S.
  • No U.S. Citizens have been prosecuted for Internet Gambling
  • One U.S. Citizen has be sent to prison for running an off shore Internet Gambling Site. (Jay Cohen)
  • There are 1300 online gambling establishments in over 30 countries, however not all are reputable.
    • Examples
    • Online since 1997
    • 24hrs daily 7 days a week
    • There are many other major corporation sites that you can trust. Or use the Internet Gaming Commission at
how does internet gambling work
How does Internet Gambling work?
  • Log in to the world wide web from any computer and find a site that offers what you would like.
  • Choose the type of payment you will use, for example Visa, MasterCard, Firepay, Neteller (Instacash), Western Union, Personal Checks, Paypal, Local Bank Transfers, etc.
  • Once funds are received (always upfront) you can start to play. Some sites require a download of their software. When done cash out and select type of reimbursement or payment.
other system
Other System
  • Player Tracking
  • Cage and Credit
  • Table Games
  • Slot Management Systems
  • Casino Management Systems

Casino Systems

On Device Marketing

Address Hygiene Software

Slot Tournaments

Player Tracking

Bingo System

Hand held deviceTables

Table Games

Slot Management

Central Data

Floor Graphics

Table Tournaments

Device and Player Dashboard

Cage and Credit

Cashless gaming


Slot Devices

Automated Table Tracking

Player Bonus Screens

Hand held Device Slots

Hard and Soft Count