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Ms. Kidwell English 6

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Ms. Kidwell English 6

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  1. Ms. KidwellEnglish 6 Lesson #6: prefix/suffix Mythology: “The Creation,” Writing Process: prewrite

  2. Prefixes & Suffixes

  3. Warm Up: Unfinished • Write the prefix and suffix • Write the root word • Write the definition using the root • Use the word in a sentence • Make a new word with the root

  4. Unfinished • Un- and -ed • finish • Not finished; incomplete • Jenny left her work unfinished, and went out to play. • Finishing, finished, refinish

  5. Let’s Write

  6. Review the writing process: 1. Prewrite (make a plan for your paper) 2. Rough Draft (put your thoughts in paragraphs)

  7. Review the writing process: • Revision (make improvements to your paper) • Proofread (fix your mistakes in spelling, punctuation, etc..)

  8. This week’s Prewrite You will write a CHARACTERIZATION essay. A CHARACTERIZATION essay explains the traits of a character in a story.

  9. So far, we’ve read: Isis and the 7 Scorpions, The Prince and the Sphinx, and Nut’s Children. Today, we are going to read a Greek myth that explains the creation of the earth and birth of Zeus.

  10. You will need to choose one of these myths to be the focus of your paper.

  11. You will copy this chart and fill it out.

  12. It will look similar to this:


  14. Remember: • A myth is a story about gods and goddesses. • Ancient Greece, which was close to Egypt, had myths too.

  15. Creation Story In the beginning there was nothing, or Chaos. From this nothingness came light, Mother Earth, Gaia and Sky, Uranus, were formed.

  16. Gaia and Uranus had 6 sets of twins, or 12 children, called the Titans. Gaia and Uranus also gave birth to three Cyclopes.

  17. These were three giants, each with fifty heads and one-hundred arms, and only one eye on each head.

  18. Uranus did not like his children, so he forced them to return to their mother’s womb—the earth.

  19. This caused Gaia great pain, so she made a plan for revenge against Uranus.

  20. She called upon her children, the Titans, to assist her in the plan.

  21. The youngest Titan, Cronos, the master of time, was quick to help his mom.

  22. Cronos and his mother made a sickle and used it on his father.

  23. Aphrodite was created from the blood that dropped into the sea.

  24. In addition some of the blood dropped on to the earth to make many scary monsters.

  25. After defeating his father, Cronos married Rhea. They had 6 children: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus.

  26. Cronos heard a prophecy that one of his children would overthrow him. So Cronos, after each birth, swallowed the first 5 children.

  27. By the birth of her six child, Zeus, Rhea tricked Cronos. Instead of handing her husband the baby, she gave him a rock in a blanket.

  28. Cronos swallowed the rock believing it was the baby. Rhea then smuggled the baby, Zeus, to the island of Crete where he was raised by nymphs.

  29. Many years later, when Zeus had grown into a powerful god, he defeated his father in a great battle.

  30. In each box, add an event from the story with a picture and a sentence to explain what is happening

  31. Make a comic strip

  32. A cause is a situation or event. Example: It is raining outside An effect is the result or outcome. Example: I got wet.

  33. Match each cause to its effect. • Causes Effects • It was cold. __ a. She made money. • It was hot. __ b. I sat by the fire. • They planted crops. __c. The wheat and corn grew • She worked all day. __ d. I jumped in the water.

  34. Match each cause to its effect. • It was cold, SOI sat by the fire. • It was hot, SOI jumped in the water . • They planted crops, SOthe wheat and corn grew. • She worked all day, SOshe made money.

  35. Now make your own from the myth we just read