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Constructive Partnerships: PowerPoint Presentation
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Constructive Partnerships:

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Constructive Partnerships: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Constructive Partnerships:. The BLM & NDPC. Topics…. Work with the N DPC APD issues Flaring requirements After initial 30-days/50 MMcf Hydraulic fracturing rule update Sequester effects on BLM MT/DKs. North Dakota Petroleum Council. BLM and NDPC MOA Signed February, 2013-

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Constructive Partnerships:

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Presentation Transcript
  • Work with the NDPC
  • APD issues
  • Flaring requirements
    • After initial 30-days/50 MMcf
  • Hydraulic fracturing rule update
  • Sequester effects on BLM MT/DKs
north dakota petroleum council
North Dakota Petroleum Council
  • BLM and NDPC MOA Signed February, 2013-
    • Donation of funding to the BLM
    • Facilitated increased staffing to process APDs
    • Renewable annually
    • MOA utilized Bureau-wide as a template by other BLM offices
  • APD Priority Lists-
  • Third Party Contractors for EAs-
    • USFS & Tribal lands
workshops with industry1
Workshops with Industry
  • BLM APD Workshop
  • BLM Inspection and Enforcement Workshop
    • 33 and 200 Industry Representatives
    • BLM staff experts from all 4 Montana/Dakotas BLM Oil and Gas offices
    • E-Commerce APD submittal
bakken executive group
Bakken Executive Group

BLM Montana State Director initiated in April 2012

  • Consists of State and Regional level Federal executives
  • Working to collaboratively address challenges in the Bakken
  • Improving Permitting Processes
  • Improving Environmental Outcomes
  • Developing and Maintaining Human Capacity
  • Fort Berthold Working Group:
    • Capitalizing on Progress
    • Executive Order 13604
    • Improve performance on Federal permitting, Infrastructure Review
permitting workload challenges
Permitting Workload Challenges:
  • Embracing new processes
  • Continued assistance from other offices
  • Hiring, retaining and training additional staff
  • Resolving interagency permitting speed-bumps
workforce progress
Workforce Progress
  • Per Diem Rates
  • Retention, Recruitment and Relocation
  • Student Loan Repayment Program
  • Increase in Labor and Operational Funding
  • Special Salary Rates/Locality Pay
apd permitting progress
APD Permitting Progress
  • Following Existing Fee/Fee Policy Guidance
  • New Policy – Processing Federal Wells Proposed from Adjacent Private Lands/Minerals
  • BFEG - Explore Options for Authorizing Drilling Permits from Adjacent Private Lands/Minerals
  • Notice of Staking and Application for Permit to Drill Processing
  • AFMSS 2.0 (APD Processing System)
afmss 2 0


BPM Software

BLM Staff

AFMSS II Database

  • NOS/APD Processing Module is the first component in the new Automated Fluid Minerals Support System (AFMSS 2.0)
  • Utilizes the BizFlow™ Business Process Management (BPM) platform to ensure:
    • Information is complete, accurate and auditable
    • Standardization of permitting process across BLM field offices
    • Visibility into process by BLM and Operators
    • BLM control over internal bottlenecks
  • Expected outcomes:
    • Faster processing
    • Fewer deficiencies
    • Real-time awareness of permit status
what is the schedule
What is the Schedule
  • Implement APD/NOS module
    • 1st office 11/4/2013
    • Video training available ~ 11/20/2013
    • 2ndoffice 12/2/2013
    • All offices by 1/15/2014
  • Paper APDs
    • Will continue to accept, but may take longer since we will have to scan documents and enter data necessary for the workflows
    • Will require use of electronic interface about June, 2014 via NTL (will eventually update Onshore Order 1)
  • Digital record will become Official Record (~June, 2014)
    • BLM will not have to take time and resource to print and file
    • Operators will have electronic access to all their records
the path forward montana dakotas blm
  • Internal
    • Responsive to a heavy/ demanding workload
    • Seek additional funding for labor and operational costs
    • Utilize hiring flexibilities
    • Continue efforts on Inspection and Enforcement challenges
  • External
    • Explore an MOU between Federal and State Agencies
    • Continue workshops for permitting/inspection processes
    • October meeting BFEG/Ft. Berthold Working Group
    • Support amendment of the Energy Policy Act of 2005