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Christianity!. The Life and Teachings of Jesus. Jesus was born about two thousand years ago into a complicated time and place.

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the life and teachings of jesus
The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Jesus was born about two thousand years ago into a complicated time and place.

Jesus was born in Israel during a time it had been taken over and called Palestine. There was much disagreement about religion at this time, especially about the coming Messiah (which means “anointed, who was to be God’s envoy).


The stories of Jesus’ birth, life and death should be viewed the same way as the lives of many other religious founders- it may be more symbolic than literal.

the gospels tell all
The Gospels Tell All!
  • Almost everything we know of Jesus comes from the four gospels of the New Testament. The gospel are accounts, written by later believers, of the life of Jesus.
jesus the dangerous
Jesus the Dangerous?
  • Jesus was seen as dangerous by many during the time he was alive. For example, the Sadducees though he was dangerous because he may start an anti-Roman riot. The Jewish patriots however found him not anti-Roman enough. For the Romans, because he was a potential source for political unrest- it was enough of a threat to arrest him, whip him, and nail him to a cross.

While there is a lot we don’t know about Jesus, a well defined explanation can be found in the gospels.

god the father
God the Father
  • Jesus believed God was the creator and sustainer of the universe, but also thought of God as his father.
  • This relationship is a central part of Christianity.
  • Jesus was raised as a Jew, and thus attended the synagogue, followed Jewish holidays, and kept the same basic food laws.
  • What connects do you know/guess may exist between Christianity and Judaism because of this?
independent thought
Independent Thought
  • Jesus was also said to think things over very carefully and then come to his own thoughts and opinions. He was very open to then sharing these opinions.
universal love
Universal Love
  • One of the most important characteristics was that Jesus stressed universal love rather than love for only ones family, ethnic group, or religion.
  • He taught compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, helpfulness, generosity, and gratitude.
  • Have Christians always followed these teachings? Why or why not?

Jesus also stressed simplicity. For example- he urged them to be more like “little children”. He liked directness and strived to go beyond detail to the heart of things…

What does this remind you of???

  • It is believed that Jesus had brothers and sisters who were the other children of Mary and Joseph. Jesus was rather alienated from his family who were (respectfully) worried about him. Jesus claimed publically that his family was not his blood relatives but those who heard the word of God and keep it.
  • Which other religious leader turned away from their family to follow their path?
the two great commandments
The Two Great Commandments
  • Jesus’ main concerns were focused on two things: a love for God, and an ethical call for kindness towards others.
  • Are these focuses different or similar to other religions we have studied?
  • Many Jews living in the time of Jesus believed they were living in the "end times." And during almost every period of history, some people have believed the same thing. Could we be living in the end time now? How could the end happen? Hollywood has portrayed the end of the world in many ways—nuclear annihilation, invasions, volcanoes and earthquakes, comets or asteroids hitting the earth. Take time to reflect on how you and those around you would react if you knew the end was near. If you can picture this vividly enough, see if it changes some of the things you think are important and valuable.
what would you do
What would you do?
  • Jesus advocated nonviolence and not judging others. Some say you can do this only if you expect the end of the world tomorrow. Is it possible? What's the value? Don't you have to make so many exceptions and qualifications to the rule that soon it has no real content? What do you think?
to be or not to be a child
To Be or Not To Be…A Child?
  • One of the things that Jesus urged was simplicity, recommending that people become like little children (Matt. 18:3). Elsewhere Paul talked about putting childish ways behind him and growing up (1 Cor. 13). What gives? Is this one of those glaring contradictions that would-be debunkers of the Bible like to point out? How do you resolve this? In what ways should we be like children and in what ways like adults?