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Implementation of Biometrics in Hotel Environments

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Implementation of Biometrics in Hotel Environments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Implementation of Biometrics in Hotel Environments. Contents. Target Audiences Application Areas Problems & Challenges About Biometrics Benefits Market Drivers Application Examples BioLink IDenium BioTime BioID Biometric Scanners. What’s a Hotel?.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Target Audiences
  • Application Areas
  • Problems & Challenges
  • About Biometrics
  • Benefits
  • Market Drivers
  • Application Examples
  • BioLink IDenium
  • BioTime
  • BioID
  • Biometric Scanners

Green Bit S.p.A.

what s a hotel
What’s a Hotel?

From the security point of view, a hotel is:

  • A densely populated area
  • A low supervised environment
  • A potential temporary hideout or resting place for terrorists and unscrupulous people
  • A place susceptible to security breaches


Green Bit S.p.A.

target audiences
Target Audiences

Reliable human identification is required to protect:


Leisure Customers/Visitors

Hotel Assets

Green Bit S.p.A.

identification of employees
Identification of Employees
  • Time and Attendance
  • Background Checks
  • Customer Credit/Refund Managers
  • Waiters
  • Reservation/Front Desk Clerks

Green Bit S.p.A.

identification of customers

VIP Registration

Returning Customers

Hotel Room Entry



Child Care/Daycare


Slot Machines/Kiosks


Sports/Outdoor Activities

Identification of Customers

Hotel Check-In

Green Bit S.p.A.

applications areas
Applications Areas



Access control for hotel staff and leisure customers

Secured payment procedures

Time and attendance for hotel clerks

Protection of customers’ sensitive data

Green Bit S.p.A.

fraud from employees

Customer’s Unrequested Refund

Frequent-Flier Points

Fraud from Employees

A hotel clerk assigns his own frequest-flier number to the guest and is credited for the guest stay.

The credit often goes to an employee’s own credit card

Reason: Customers’ personal information is frequently exposed to many employees!

Green Bit S.p.A.

access control hazards
Access Control Hazards

Creation of duplicate

cards or metallic keys

Neglected or forged

signature verification

Green Bit S.p.A.

  • Increased public security awareness in the aftermath of 09/11
  • Cardless and cashless payment
  • Secure hotel check-in
  • Keyless entry for hotel rooms
  • Employee pilferage prevention

Green Bit S.p.A.

what s biometrics
What’s Biometrics?

Biometrics measures uniqueness of humans by:

  • Being tightly bound to a human, biometric credentials are much more reliable than passwords, PIN-codes, card keys, IDs or signatures.
  • Biometric features cannot be altered, stolen, lost or counterfeited.

hand prints




Green Bit S.p.A.

biometrics preferables
Biometrics Preferables


Hotels prefer:



Easy to Integrate



hand prints

Widely Used

Green Bit S.p.A.

fingerprint extraction processing storing
Fingerprint Extraction/Processing/Storing

Digitization of minutiae into a mathematic model being a series of numbers – digital template

Extraction of unique features (minutiae) from fingerprint arches, loops, markings, and ridges

Store of the digital fingerprint template in a secure database containing biometric records

Green Bit S.p.A.

privacy concerns
Privacy Concerns
  • No actual fingerprint images are stored!
  • Ditigal templates cannot be used to re-create identifiable images

Green Bit S.p.A.

benefits for customers
Benefits for Customers

Peace of mind

Elimination of PINs, cash, checks and plastic credit cards

Speed and accuracy

Protection from credit card fraud

Convenience and ease of use

No more fraud from employees

Personalized and improved service

Elimination of missing keys or going down reception for replacements

Green Bit S.p.A.

benefits for hotel administration
Benefits for Hotel Administration
  • Reduced fraud and identity theft
  • Enhanced staff control
  • Labor cost saving
  • Elimination of “buddy punching”
  • Streamlined payroll processes
  • Secured confidential information
  • Accountability/non-repudiation
  • Customer loyalty and guest satisfaction
  • No replacement costs
  • No shared passwords/PINs/badges
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Elimination of duplicate key issuance
  • Guest and employee comfort and safety

Green Bit S.p.A.

market drivers



after 09/11



Better price,



Shift from

technology to



accuracy and





Market Drivers

Green Bit S.p.A.

biometric t a tracking
Biometric T&A Tracking

No employee can punch in for another


time fraud

No unauthorized early in-punches and late out-punches

Reduced payroll costs

Green Bit S.p.A.

biometrics in restaurants
Biometrics inRestaurants

Cashless paying for the meal

Finding out customers’ preferences

Sending coupons for

most ordered items


Better and faster service

Green Bit S.p.A.

customer loyalty thru biometrics
Customer Loyalty Thru Biometrics

Biometric check-in for the flight

Biometric check-in in a hotel

guests can benefit from late housekeeping or expanded turndown service

communicated to the hotel for a nonstop flow from airport to guestroom

Green Bit S.p.A.

berkeley quick service restaurant
Berkeley Quick Service Restaurant
  • Pilot biometric e-payment system based on fingerprints
  • Purpose: better tracking customer loyalty and payment
  • The new loyalty program entices customers to register their fingerprint images.
  • As a reward customers are given points for food purchases.
  • The restaurant administration says, “ This is more than just a payment system, it is a complete loyalty program.”

Green Bit S.p.A.

hotel palafitte
Hotel Palafitte
  • Fingerprinting guests at the Hotel Palafitte, Switzerland
  • Digital fingerprint templates are saved to the hotel's database.
  • Templates are downloaded to a biometric reader at the guest's door.
  • When the guest touches the reader, the new biometric template is compared with the recorded ones, and an ID number is generated.
  • The ID number is relayed to the door controller to release the lock.
  • It is expected to use the system in hotel chains to avoid checking in at the hotel, and go directly to your room.

Green Bit S.p.A.

venetian macao resort hotel
Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

Identification is performed by comparing the facial structure of the employee against his/her template on file.

Face recognition system installed at the employee entrance to authenticate workers entering through individual turnstiles.

Entry to the back office is impossible without passing through the main entrance.

The system eliminates the need for timecards.

In addition, at 50 particularly sensitive access points throughout the resort, the Venetian Macao has installed fingerprint readers to authenticate employee identities.

Green Bit S.p.A.

la jolla beach tennis club
La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

Previously, employees were losing timecards and the 98-room resort was losing money from “buddy punching”.

The La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club in California uses hand geometry units instead of employee timecards.

Initially, many employees objected to the handprint scans, but once the technical aspects of the system were explained, there were very few that were skeptical after that.

Green Bit S.p.A.

nine zero hotel
Nine Zero Hotel
  • The Nine Zero Hotel in Boston offers two suites (plus an employee entrance) equipped with iris identification technology.
  • Guests access their suites by letting an infrared beam scan their eyes.
  • The template is saved for future visits.
  • The hotel administration says,"The system is incredibly smooth, accurate, and reliable.”
  • The iris scan suites have proven so popular that Nine Zero is planning to install four more units in 2009.

Green Bit S.p.A.

andy s pizza biolink s deployment
Andy’s Pizza BioLink’s Deployment

Reliableconfirmation of financialtransactions

15-18,000 scans/day; total 4 Mio scans/year

Biometric identification of personnel

Delivery ofBioLink’s biometric SDK and biometric scanners

Necessity to automate all cash transactions on a single payment terminal available to all restaurant staff

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink idenium purpose
BioLink IDenium Purpose

IDenium is a corporate information security system:

  • Safeguarding sensitive information against unauthorized access
  • Replacing a cumbersome & vulnerable password-related system with convenient & reliable biometric identification tools

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink idenium functions
BioLink IDenium Functions
  • User Access Control
  • A fingerprint is a single credential to access network resources, applications, e-mail & Internet
  • Securing Standby and screensaver modes
  • Supporting Windows & Novell user accounts
  • Centralized User Management
  • One-time registration of users & their credentials
  • Interaction with the domain controller
  • Granting network access to users from any network PC

Logging Access Events

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink idenium editions
BioLink IDenium Editions
  • Active Directory Edition
  • Enterprise Edition for heterogeneous networks
  • Personal Edition for a stand-alone computer
  • IDenium for CITRIX for CITRIX and other remote access platforms

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink idenium architecture
BioLink IDenium Architecture

Windows Domain Controller


Applications & Web-applications

User Identification in Applications

Identification ofWindows Users

User Account of a Specific Application

Windows User Account

CITRIX User Account

Novell User Account

Identification of CITRIX Users

Identification of Novell Users


Workstations and/or Clients

Novell Server

Green Bit S.p.A.


biolink idenium for active directory
BioLink IDeniumfor Active Directory


Identification Server










Digital Fingerprint Template

Data Required for User Authentication

Data Required for User Authentication

Microsoft Windows AD Database

Windows Domain Controller

Green Bit S.p.A.

integration with active directory
Integration with Active Directory
  • BioLink IDeniumis fully integrated with Active Directory(AD):
    • Centralized storage, protection & transmission of user identification data via AD tools
    • Centralized management of user rights & privileges
    • The BioLink tabs of a standard Microsoft Management Console in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC)

TheBioLink - Enroll Tab

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink idenium components
BioLink IDenium Components

Client Software

Administrator Tools

  • BioLink Admin Pack – centralized registration of new users
  • BioLink Synchronization Agent – synchronizes AD data & biometric data stored on a biometric server
  • BioLink Password Changer – generating new random passwords
  • IDenium Windows Logon – identifying users logging on to the OS
  • BioLink Password Vault – replacing passwords with biometrics in applications and Internet web-sites

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink idenium benefits
BioLink IDenium Benefits

Enhanced information security




Ease of use

Green Bit S.p.A.

identification servers
Identification Servers
  • BioLink Authenteon
    • Software-and-hardware server
    • Hot swappable
    • Unlimited number of users
  • BioLink Authenteon Software Appliance (ASA)
    • Software server for Microsoft Windows
    • Number of users – up to 1 000
    • Free test version can be downloaded from

Green Bit S.p.A.

biotime overview
BioTime - Overview

Multi-modal time and attendance management solution (fingerprints, proximity cards and PIN codes)

Support for multi-biometrics: fingerprint, 3-D face geometry, vein identification

Registration of check-in and check-out events of employees


Monitoring of employees’ activities

Integration with access control functionality

Report generation

Green Bit S.p.A.

biotime modules
BioTime Modules

Administrator module (adding new users, creating and viewing schedules, policies and reports)

Checkpoints (recording arrival and departure events, including remote offices)

Access control administrator (creating and implementing access control policies and generating reports)

Safeguard (monitoring entrance into buildings with restricted access)

Green Bit S.p.A.

biotime functions
BioTime Functions
  • Recording employees’ check-in and check-out events
  • Monitoring work time for an employee, division or company
  • Generating reports for work time use based on a hierarchical company structure
  • Notifying the top management, security and HR departments and secretaries on the employee’s presence/absence in office
  • Controlling access to areas and buildings by fingerprints, proximity cards and PIN-codes
  • Restricting access rights to sensitive areas

Green Bit S.p.A.

check in check out events registration
Check-In/Check-Out Events Registration

A registration procedure is performed by producing the appropriate identification parameter to:

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Card reader
  • Access control terminal

Identification results appear on the screen.

Green Bit S.p.A.

time schedules accounting policies
Time Schedules & Accounting Policies

BioTime comes with preconfigured time and access schedules, accounting policies and the list of the most popular positions.

Time and access schedules are as follows:






Green Bit S.p.A.

biotime manager
BioTime Manager
  • BioTime Manager – administrator workstation in charge of:
  • Registering employees and their personal data
  • Creating schedules and accounting policies
  • Generating reports
  • Inserting data on vacation leaves, business trips, sick leaves, etc.

Editing an employee in BioTime Manager

Green Bit S.p.A.

biofortress manager
BioFortress Manager

BioFortress Manager – administrator workstation: creating a list of areas and facilities requiring access control, defining access rights of employees, building security contours and generating reports

Adding a checkpoint in BioFortress Manager

Green Bit S.p.A.


Watch Tower – security guard’s workstation: on-line information on arrival and departure events, including detailed employee data (full name, photo) and information related to several checkpoints

Green Bit S.p.A.

enterprise standard
Enterprise & Standard

To tailor BioTime to enterprise needs, it is available in two editions: Standard (for small and medium businesses) and Enterprise (for middle and large businesses). Below is the list of differences between two editions.

Green Bit S.p.A.

biotime benefits
BioTime Benefits

Reliable and secure identification of employees by fingerprints, contactless cards and PIN codes when accessing the protected areas, offices and facilities

Intuitive enrollment and administration capabilities

Fingerprint scanner and controller embedded into Ethernet terminal

Compatible with card readers

Fault-tolerance (local, network and combined modes)

Scalability and centralized management

Multiple access control devices available

Time management and access control functions are combined

Green Bit S.p.A.

bioid purpose
BioID Purpose

Universal and highly flexible biometric visitor registration system

Simple, scalable and easy-to-integrate solution to create posts, stations, checkpoints, where human registration/identification is required.

BioID fits any application where reliable and strong user identification is required.


It canbe a checkpoint at the entrance to a secured area or at a reception desk where hotel guests check in and out.

Green Bit S.p.A.

bioid scope
BioID Scope
  • Deployment of visitors’ registration points both inpublic places and private sites
  • Simplified in/out visitors’ control (can be combined with visual and/or additional control/surveillance tools)

Green Bit S.p.A.

bioid functions

Enrolling user data: full name (if required), digital photo (any cameras can be used), biometric identifiers, contact information, any other additional information.

Registering in/out events based on biometric identification results. The following information can be displayed: user photo, full name, other data enrolled. The registration results are automatically included into reports.

Analyzing reports and/or transferring data into other subsystems (for example, notifying the doctor on the patient’s arrival, etc.)

BioID Functions

Green Bit S.p.A.

bioid scenarios

Deployment of ready-to-use tools

Rapid integration

Custom development

BioID Scenarios

Such tools are included into the BioID distribution kit to enroll users, generate reports and display the required information

Incorporation of biometric identification functions into other information and management systems

Custom development of new biometrically-enhanced applications based on BioID

Green Bit S.p.A.

bioid components
BioID Components
  • BioID Manager enrolls user data, generates reports and manages the system functionality.
  • BioID CheckPoint registers in/out events, displays information on the registered event on the screen.
  • BioID Configurator manages the data display and location.
  • BioLink Server Manager configures the database connection setup options and performs database backup and restoration.

Green Bit S.p.A.

bioid benefits
BioID Benefits


Diverse identification tasks in various application areas

Client-server modular architecture. Ready-to-use tools and kits to develop custom plug-ins


Identification by distinct biometric identifiers that cannot be lost or forged


Intuitive interface, low personnel requirements, support for diverse biometric devices

Easy to use

Unlimited number of users, advanced management tools, database backup and clusterization options

Fault-tolerant and highly scalable

Green Bit S.p.A.

biometric devices
Biometric Devices

BioLink U-Match 3.5

BioLink U-Match BI Ethernet

BioLink U-Match 5.0

BioLink FingerPass IC

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink u match 3 5
BioLink U-Match 3.5

Standalone Optical Fingerprint

USB-Scanner for Office Use

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink u match 5 0
BioLink U-Match 5.0

Fingerprint Scanner with a Card Reader for Office Use

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink fingerpass ic
BioLink FingerPass IC

Biometric T&A / Access Control Terminal

Green Bit S.p.A.

biolink u match ethernet
BioLink U-Match Ethernet

Embedded Optical Fingerprint Ethernet-Scanner

Green Bit S.p.A.



Implementation of Biometrics in Hotel Environments

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Thank You!

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