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Biometrics in Society

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Biometrics in Society. Trai Corte Karrah Parker Shannon Adams Earline (Lane) Rocks. Our Group. Trai Corte . Our Group. Karrah Parker. Shannon Adams . Lane Rocks. The Question. Laws have been passed requiring biometrics to be used in Digital Passports.

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biometrics in society

Biometrics in Society

Trai Corte

Karrah Parker

Shannon Adams

Earline (Lane) Rocks

our group
Our Group

Trai Corte

our group1
Our Group

Karrah Parker

the question
The Question

Laws have been passed

requiring biometrics

to be used in Digital Passports.

Should this be extended to other areas

like credit card security,


what is biometrics to you
What is biometrics to you?

Demolition Man, 1993

what is biometrics
What is biometrics?

  The statistical analysis of biological observations and phenomena

The measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics especially as a means of verifying personal identity

<<<Merriam Webster>>>

educational sectors
Educational Sectors
  • Masters Program in Biometrics
    • Security
    • Healthcare
    • Video Games
    • Transportation
usage sectors
Usage Sectors


Private Businesses


government sector
Government Sector
  • National Security & Technology Counsel
    • 1993
  • Sub-Committee on Biometrics
    • 2003
    • National Biometrics Challenge
    • Set in 2006, 5 years to 2011
    • Evolving mission needs, coupled with advances in technology, have created the need for a new structuring of biometric priorities
biometrics gov

Biometrics referefences

Presidential Directives


Federal biometric standards policy

Registry of recommended standards.



strategic usage
Strategic Usage

Cameroon, 2012

strategic usage1
Strategic Usage

Cameroon, 2012

history of biometrics
History of Biometrics
  • Wording
    • Greek roots
    • Bio (Life)
    • Metrics (Measure)
history of biometrics1
History of Biometrics

We can say that it goes back as far as time goes.

types of technology and their advantages
Types of Technology and Their Advantages

Finger Print Recognition

This has a high accuracy when it comes to identifying a person

It is also very commonly seen and has the most development time.

Simple and standardized

Requires a small storage space for biometric template. This means that it reduces the size of databases that are required

types of technology and their advantages1
Types of Technology and Their Advantages
  • Palm Print Recognition
  • Basically does the same thing as a finger print scanner but has a larger area and can capture more distinct features for identification purposes.
  • Though it is not very common it is still highly accurate when identifying a person
  • This is also easy to standardize as it will have a similar standardization to fingerprint scanners
types of technology and their advantages2
Types of Technology and Their Advantages
  • Hand Geometry
  • Even with special hardware, this type of biometric scanner can be easily integrated into other devices and systems without causing any problems
  • This has the lowest amount of storage data and requires an even smaller database than required for fingerprint scanners
types of technology and their advantages3
Types of Technology and Their Advantages
  • Dynamic Signature
  • The most common biometric signature we use today.
  • It can compare your signature to the likeness of other signatures you have done to get a positive verification
  • This has a high accuracy and it is standardized
types of technology and their advantages4
Types of Technology and Their Advantages
  • Speaker Recognition
  • This is a very secure biometric technology
  • It is non-intrusive and is also highly socially accepted
  • It takes about 5 seconds to verify a person
  • It is also the cheapest biometric technology to buy
types of technology and their advantages5
Types of Technology and Their Advantages
  • Facial Recognition
  • This is a non-intrusive technology
  • It is also a very cheap biometric technology
  • Along with finger print biometric technology, facial recognition is a common law enforcement tool do to its facial scanning algorithm
types of technology and their advantages6
Types of Technology and Their Advantages
  • Iris Recognition
  • Very High Accuracy
  • Verification time is less than 5 seconds
  • Since the eye of someone who is dead will deteriorate too fast and became useless, there are no extra precautions to ensure that a person is alive at the time of the scan
types of technology and their advantages7
Types of Technology and Their Advantages
  • Retinal Recognition
  • Retinal Scanning
  • Very High Accuracy
  • There is no known way to replicate a retina so it is also very secure
  • As with Iris Recognition, dead eyes are useless
for more information
For more information…
overall advantages of biometrics usage
Overall Advantages of Biometrics Usage
  • Biometrics generally…
  • Have a higher security than normal methods
  • Reduce the number of fraud attempts
  • Eliminate the problem of lost, forgotten or stolen cards and passwords
  • Reduce certain costs like Password Admin.
  • Are more accurate at identifying a person
  • More convenient
advancing technology
Advancing Technology
  • Biometric technology is used in many fields from banking to law enforcement to simple things as getting into your laptop. This type of commonality allows for the advancement of a young science that has a lot of growth left in it.
  • More common uses in the public will also help increase awareness for the technology as well as help improve the security standards.
  • There are even newer types of biometric scanners being made and experimented with.
advancing the technology
Advancing the Technology
  • There is the Vascular Pattern Recognition: This type of scanner will scan the path of blood vessels in the human body and use them to verify a person. You don’t even need to be touching anything, you just have to stand there
  • Another is a system that scans the DNA of a person. Since DNA is unique to the individual, it would be impossible for anyone to copy that. It has already been implemented in many fields, such as law enforcement, but it is still a very young technology and has a lot of improving to do to increase things like verification speeds.
  • As the technology grows, prices for it will be cheaper and things like data base storage will begin to get smaller.
useful but not keys
Useful but not ‘keys’…



Ability to update

Ability to destroy

arguments to slow the integration of biometrics in society
Arguments to Slow the Integration of Biometrics in Society

“Once a person’s biometrics

have been compromised,

they will always be compromised.

Deloitte & Touche researchers in 2006


identify theft
Identify Theft

One of the largest growing crimes on the internet!

An Identity is stolen every 3 seconds!

Sophisticated hackers create new ways to hack you .


Since the technology is cheap to obtain most can be replicated.

What happens when someone lifts your finger print ?

Or what happens when the system fails?

Will you be able to purchase? How soon?

cyber attacks
Cyber Attacks

Many Foreign hackers and or adversaries attempt every day to collection information

Your biometrics and all personal information can be compromised by foreign powers.

Databases with the information only provoke attacks, especially government and military personnel.


Most effective and secure biometrics are expensive to provide for the country as a whole.

Technical issues arise, the technology is only as good as the user.

It creates another huge database for criminal to explore and steal your identity.

Hackers are very successful in breaching government and highly sensitive databases.

the question1
The Question

Laws have been passed

requiring biometrics

to be used in Digital Passports.

Should this be extended to other areas

like credit card security,