Marketing campaigns advertisments
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Marketing campaigns/advertisments. Katarina Oreščanin 553/12. Coca-Cola Sharing Can. Coca-Cola.

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Marketing campaigns advertisments

Marketing campaigns/advertisments

Katarina Oreščanin 553/12

Coca cola

Coca-Cola has really hit it out of the park recently with their campaigns. They have done an incredible job at connecting with their audience through understanding their motivations and the nostalgic feelings behind craving a can of Coke. Another impressive aspect of recent campaigns is the attention that Coke puts into making each message global. Coke has smartly positioned themselves as a brand that connects millions of people across the world.


Orphea billboard fly trap
 ORPHEA Billboard Fly Trap


  • This example appeals to emotions in a different way. Instead of focusing on the warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia or excitement over looking forward to something in the future, ORPHEA relies on the relatable pain point of bug hating to bring their customers together. And they used an extremely unique marketing technique to get their message across

Levi s1

  • Levi's proves "Size Does Matter"Levi's brand jeans wanted to market their new slogan: "Size does matter." To accomplish this, Levi's hired A Squared Group to execute a publicity stunt in Washington Square Park in Manhattan. For the stunt, 75 single men and women were chosen to find their perfect match. The women had 5:01—a nod to Levi's 501 jeans—to race to a pile of men's jeans, grab a pair, and search among the 75 shirtless men to find the perfect match. The guerilla promotion, which reinforced the idea that everyone has a perfect fit, reached over 20 million consumers through unpaid media coverage.

Mcdonald s1

  • In the early '70s, McDonald's was looking for a new company to head their next campaign. NHS impressed McDonald's through the marrying of their various audiences -- mothers, fathers and kids -- with the singular idea of "getting away." Setting to work, the creative team decided on a spot where McDonald's stores, being isolated, lit locales in a city scape, represented islands that families could get away to from their daily routines.


Marketing campaigns advertisments

  • To launch its channel in Belgium, TNT installed a large red push button in what it describes as "an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town." It was some time before someone pushed the button — immediately passersby were treated to some heart-pounding drama. The ad was only meant to attract the attention of TV viewers in Belgium, but its reach was ultimately much greater -- the video has been viewed some 47 million times on YouTube to date.