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Group Management

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Group Management. > Instructional Information. Cindy, Jessica, Marie-Ange, Valerie, Michael. INDEX. Introduction Developing Group Stages Communicating in Groups Group Synergy Conflicts References. Introduction.

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group management

Group Management

> Instructional Information

Cindy, Jessica, Marie-Ange, Valerie, Michael

  • Introduction
  • Developing Group Stages
  • Communicating in Groups
  • Group Synergy
  • Conflicts
  • References

In the business world, different types of groups are formed each with a purpose. There are many efficient ways to go about managing them.

developing group stages
Developing Group Stages

How To Develop Group Stages

Bruce Tuckman’s four stages of development for a successful group:

  • Forming - group members’ meet, interact and build a relationship.
  • Storming - members establish roles and responsibilities 
  • Norming - members know their assigned tasks and share their information
  • Performing - members achieve their objectives
communicating in groups
Communicating in Groups

General Tips For Better Communication

  • Choose an environment without distractions
  • Make eye contact
  • Encourage participation
  • Separate facts from opinions
  • Paraphrase to increase understanding
  • Don't interrupt
  • Use timelines for discussions
communicating in groups1
Communicating in Groups

Writing Effectively to Group members

  • Avoid wordiness
  • Write for your audience
  • Avoid complicated vocabulary, over-generalized statements, and repetitiveness
  • Use the active voice
  • Proofread
communicating in groups2
Communicating in Groups

Managing a Meeting

  • Ask questions
  • Understand one another's different thinking styles.
  • Interactivity: develop options and joint problem solving skills.
  • Avoid making any assumptions.
  • Be authentic
  • Focus on the meeting's goals and intentions.
group synergy
Group Synergy

Enhance motivation by establishing…

  • Responsibility
  • Involvement (everyone in the decision-making process)
  • Empowerment (showing appreciation)
  • Positive feedback programs
  • Reward/recognition systems
  • Optimism (increasing morale)
group synergy1
Group Synergy

Encourage creativity by founding…

  • Trust and openness (increasing communication)
  • Value for creative thinking
  • Appropriate methods of participation


  • Define behavioral expectations (policy, corporate values, etc…)
  • Establish and respect individual boundaries
  • Emphasize the importance of being trustworthy
  • Stop being nice and start being honest


  • Meet with the antagonists together
  • Encourage communication and listening
  • Identify the problem/different positions taken
  • Find mutual interests and collaborate
  • Keep in mind the group’s goals/purpose

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