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Management Work Group

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Management Work Group. 2004- 2005 Annual Review Jim Hamilton, DVM. Members. Jane Stringer- TWG Chair- DMAT- E Charlene Teeter- OWG Chair- DMAT- C Gina Smith, DMAT- E Todd Ellis- DMORT Bill Devir- DMAT- C Dave Lipin- DMAT- W John Celentano- NMRT Dave Bates- FEMA Log/Pharmacy

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management work group

Management Work Group

2004- 2005

Annual Review

Jim Hamilton, DVM



  • Jane Stringer- TWG Chair- DMAT- E
  • Charlene Teeter- OWG Chair- DMAT- C
  • Gina Smith, DMAT- E
  • Todd Ellis- DMORT
  • Bill Devir- DMAT- C
  • Dave Lipin- DMAT- W
  • John Celentano- NMRT
  • Dave Bates- FEMA Log/Pharmacy
  • Mimi Reilly- NDMS Executive Officer
  • John Huff- P&D WG Chair- DMAT- C
  • Bob Daley- LWG Chair- MSuRT
  • Jim Hamilton- VMAT, MWG Chair
  • Lisa Nosbisch- FEMA- RSB/Team Funding
  • Phil Gruzalski- MHRT

Working Group Composition

  • Section Chief of NDMS selects Management WG members
  • Management WG approves other WG members
  • Team representatives must be have NDMS experience unless a designated SME/PME
  • Each WG must represent all regions of country and be multidisciplinary to the greatest extent possible

Working Group “Rules”

  • Length of appointment to any WG is 2 years (staggered appointments)
  • Chair is selected by the WG with Section Chief of NDMS approval
  • Substitutions not permitted
  • Attendance
  • Conflict of interest

Areas of responsibility

  • Maintains coordination of other WG’s
  • Establishes strategic agenda for other WG’s
  • Establishes frequency of WG meetings
  • Approves work products of other WG’s prior to submission to Section Chief, NDMS
  • Strategic issues for NDMS field response
  • Readiness and evaluation process
  • Works with other agencies to refine other components of NDMS (PRA’s, FCC’s)

Additional Functions

  • Process AAR’s and assign mitigation work to appropriate WG
    • Standardized report
    • Single collection point
    • Timely review and reporting
management working group

Profiles established for all Working Group members

Projects tracked by Working Group

Work Product forwarded to Management Working Group Inbox

Meeting minutes and correspondence maintained on site

Management Working Group


  • Work Groups formed and populated in the spring of 2004
  • Progress limited by large number of deployments in summer and early fall.
  • Changes in NDMS administration ultimately lead to a more focused mission and buy-in by all parties


  • Scope of Service statements for all team types (S)
  • DMORT/DMORT-WMD Field Guides approval
  • DMORT cadaver dog program
  • Physical fitness standards development (Submitted)
  • Individual and team deployability guidelines development (S)
  • After Action Report standardization
  • Cache labeling standards development


  • Conference calls with TCs of DMAT, DMORT and VMAT to develop list of concerns. Calls to re-occur quarterly
  • Approved revision to on-line training curriculum and set team completion standards for deployability.
    • Establish a single, general CORE curriculum, named NDMS CORE, a part of the NDMS web training, as standard curriculum for all NDMS team members-DMAT, VMAT, DMORT and other specialty teams

Goals for the coming year:

  • Further develop the communications conduit between NDMS management and the teams
  • Continue to document policies and procedures used in NDMS so they may be better understood by team management.
  • Develop a stronger liaison with FEMA Logistics and other departments within DHS so that NDMS issues can be more effectively addressed. (Admin./Finance WG??)


  • Develop a strong liaison with the Area Coordinators
  • Assist in any way possible to resolve team sponsorship issues and to promote NDMS team relationship with local and state EM and first responder community
  • Stronger more collaborative AAR process
management working group15
Solicitation of participation

Are the Working Groups focused on the right priorities

Are there issues not being adequately addressed by the Working Group process

Are there recommended sub-committees

Communications sub-committee

VMAT cache sub-committee

Are there volunteers to participate in the Working Group process

Management Working Group
invitation to participate
NDMS at-large members wishing to serve on a specific WG:

Submit names with a short resume to their Team Commander for approval

Forward list to MWG liaison

Selection according to current needs

Criteria for assignment may include: Region, team type, specific skill set

Invitation to Participate …
other wg presentations
Monday PM: OWG, TWG

Tuesday AM: LWG, PWG

Tuesday PM: AAR Reviews

Other WG Presentations
feedback or questions
Give them to your TC and forward them to:

Email contact:

Feedback or Questions??

Thank you.