xml standards for news the view at halftime l.
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XML Standards for News: The View at Halftime PowerPoint Presentation
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XML Standards for News: The View at Halftime

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XML Standards for News: The View at Halftime - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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XML Standards for News: The View at Halftime Deren Hansen Director, News Technologies & XML Evangelist WAVO Corporation What is “News” on the Internet? Continuously updated third-party content. Kinds of “Continuous” Updating Real-time (seconds) Near-time (minutes) Some-time (hours)

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xml standards for news the view at halftime

XML Standards for News: The View at Halftime

Deren HansenDirector, News Technologies & XML EvangelistWAVO Corporation

what is news on the internet

What is “News” on the Internet?

Continuously updated third-party content.

kinds of continuous updating
Kinds of “Continuous” Updating
  • Real-time (seconds)
  • Near-time (minutes)
  • Some-time (hours)
news distribution models
News Distribution Models
  • Syndication (black box) Drop-in content
  • Wire Service (white box) Content elements - some assembly required.
kinds of news services
Kinds of News Services
  • Wire Services – AP, UPI
  • Publication – Newspapers
  • Aggregation – COMTEX
  • Transcription – FDCH
  • Tabulation – stocks
current standard for news
Current Standard for News
  • ANPA 1312/IPTC 7901
  • Example:t7727fnsadu i krm-schedule advisory 10-01 0043^krm-schedule advisory
xml standards initiatives for news





IPTC 2000

XML Standards & Initiativesfor News
working group iptc 2000
Working Group: IPTC-2000
  • International Press Telecommunications Council has a 30-year History
  • IPTC-2000 Initiative, with Multiple Working Groups, Launched Summer 1999 to Review News Interchange Formats
  • Members Include: The Associated Press, Dow, Reuters, UPI, NY Times, PR Newswire, Business Wire, etc.
working groups prism
Working Groups: PRISM
  • Metadata, Controlled Vocabularies, and XML Frameworks for Complex Media
  • Launched Summer 1999, Recommendations & Specifications Due Summer 2000
  • Membership includes: Vendors - Quark, Adobe, Vignette Publishers - Time, Conde Nast, IDG
nitf news industry text format
NITF-News Industry Text Format
  • Began in early 90s as an SGML replacement for ANPA 1312/IPTC 7901
  • Roughly 8 years in the making
  • Converted to XML in 1998
  • Ratified by the NAA and IPTC summer of 1999
  • IPTC is currently considering “maintenance” proposals
nml news markup language
NML - News Markup Language
  • Genesis - Second Conference on New Grammars Sponsored by the New Media Center at the American Press Institute
  • “I have a barn! Let’s put on a show!”
  • Initiated by journalists, subsumed into NITF by the IPTC
  • Created by WAVO Corp. and Megginson Technologies, Spring 1999 to support WAVO’s NewsPak Service
  • Two XML Documents per Story: XMLNews-Story = NITF XMLNews-Meta - RDF metadata
  • Open to Interested Parties - Supported, but not controlled by WAVO
  • Currently being defined
  • Chartered as a replacement for the IPTC Information Interchange Model (IIM)
  • May or may not produce an “alternative” to NITF
  • Aggressive (for IPTC) Schedule
content in context
Content in Context
  • Custom Views (“personalization”)
  • Cross-referencing (“linking”)
  • Collection (“dossier”) - parallel display of multiple sources.
next frontier analysis services
Next Frontier: Analysis Services
  • Monitoring (alerts)
  • Abstracting/Summarizing (digests)
  • Synthesis - characterization, tabulation, extrapolation - (reports)
data information or knowledge
Data, Information, or Knowledge
  • Data Service: Serving up information “as-is.”
  • Information Service: Profiling, filtering, cross-referencing…
  • Knowledge Services: Analysis, Synthesis, Editorial perspective
wavo s case
WAVO’s Case
  • WAVO is in the business of “moving media.”
  • [We’re actually extraordinarily high-tech “paper-boys.”]
normalizing news
Normalizing News
  • Syntax (form)Every story, regardless of provider, is delivered in the same format.
  • Semantics (meaning)Metadata codes mean the same thing, regardless of provider.
newspak s xml documents
NewsPak’s XML Documents
  • Goal: Use open industry standards. News Industry Text Format (NITF)
  • Reality: NITF had most, but not all the elements we needed.
  • Breakthrough: Use two XML documents instead of one! (XMLNews-Story and XMLNews-Meta)