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PERSONAL HYGIENE. CHAPTER 29. PERSONAL HYGIENE. Personal hygiene promotes comfort, safety and health. It involves activities that clean the skin, teeth, mouth and peri-neal area. Some clients only need minimal assistance, some will need full assistance with hygiene

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  2. PERSONAL HYGIENE • Personal hygienepromotes comfort, safety and health. • It involves activities that clean the skin, teeth, mouth and peri-neal area. • Some clients only need minimal assistance, some will need full assistance with hygiene • Culture and personal choice also affect hygiene. • Most people have hygiene routines and habits. • Remember, clients may feel frustrated, angry and embarrassedbecause they need help with personal care. • Always promote DIPPS

  3. PERSONAL HYGIENE Daily care may include: • AM care (early morning care) • Morning care • Afternoon care • HS care

  4. PERSONAL HYGIENE ORAL HYGIENE • Oral hygiene keeps the mouth and teeth clean. • This prevents mouth odours and infections. • It also increases comfort and make food taste better. EQUIPMENT • Toothbrush • Toothpaste • Dental Floss • Mouthwash • Bite guard

  5. PERSONAL HYGIENE OBSERVATIONS • Dry, cracked, swollen or blistered lips • Redness, swelling, irritation, sores or white patches in the mouth or on the tongue • Bleeding, swelling or redness of the gums • Loose teeth • Rough, sharp or chipped dentures • C/o pain or discomfort PSW’s may have to perform the following: • Brushing the teeth • Flossing • Mouth care for the unconscious client • Denture care

  6. PERSONAL HYGIENE BATHING • Bathing cleans the skin, mucous membranes and perineal areas. • A bath can also be refreshing and relaxing and promotes circulation. • A bath can give you time to get to know your client. • Baths can be complete, partial, shower or tub. • The method used depends on the person’s condition, self-care abilities, care plan, and personal choice.

  7. PERSONAL HYGIENE OBSERVATIONS • The colour of the skin, lips, nail beds, and sclera • Rashes • Dry skin • Bruises/open skin • Pale or reddened areas • Draining or bleeding • Swelling • Corns/calluses • Skin temp • C/o pain or discomfort

  8. PERSONAL HYGIENE BATHING PROBLEMS • Client refuses a bath • Client has dementia • Client cannot tolerate the bathing position • Client urinates or has a BM • Hardened secretions or stool on the clients body • Client has an erection

  9. PERSONAL HYGIENE PERICARE • Involves cleaning the genital an anal areas. • Cleaning prevents infection and odours as well as promoting comfort. OBSERVATIONS • Odours • Redness/swelling/discharge or irritation • C/o pain, burning or other discomfort • Signs of urinary or fecal incontinence

  10. COMPLETE BED BATH • Gather all supplies • Gloves • Bath blanket • Bath Basin • K basin • Soap • 2 wash cloths • 2 towels • Lotion • Deodorant • Toothbrush/paste • Hairbrush/comb • Clean clothes

  11. COMPLETE BED BATH • Ensure privacy (close doors/drapes) • Introduce yourself and explain the procedure • Raise the bed/ensure brakes are on and bed is flat • Move the resident to the side of the bed near you • Cover resident with a bath blanket & remove clothing • Drape a towel across the resident’s chest • Ensure proper water temp • Make a bath mitt • Wash eyes (no soap, inner corner to outer corner) • Wash face/ears/neck • Rinse/pat dry

  12. COMPLETE BED BATH • Place towel along the resident’s arm farthest from you • Wash hand/arm/shoulder/axilla using long firm strokes, rinse and pat dry (perform ROM and observe the skin) • Repeat for arm closest to you • Place towel across resident’s chest and pull down bath blanket to the waist • Wash chest/abd/under the breasts, dry thoroughly (observe the skin and try not to expose the resident) • Cover resident with bath blanket • Expose and place a towel along the leg farthest from you • Wash leg with long firm upward strokes, rinse, pat dry • Repeat for leg closest to you (observe and ROM)

  13. COMPLETE BED BATH • Turn resident on their side facing away from you • Expose and place towel along the back and buttocks • Wash the back/buttocks with long, firm strokes. Rinse/pat dry • Give back massage if time permits…….which it won’t • Place resident on their back and cover with bath blanket • CHANGE WATER/GLOVES PERICARE • Have resident flex their knees • FEMALE – separate labia, wipe downward with one stroke, repeat until clean, using a different part of the washcloth for each stroke, rinse, dry

  14. COMPLETE BED BATH • MALE – retract foreskin if uncircumcised • Grasp penis and clean the tip using a circular motion from urethra outwards, rinse, pat dry and return foreskin to its natural position • Clean the shaft of the penis using downwards strokes, rinse, dry • Turn resident onto their back • Separate buttocks and clean rectal area from front to back, rinse, dry

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