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Personal Hygiene PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

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Personal Hygiene

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  1. Personal Hygiene Introduction Ms. Bri

  2. Pre-Survey • Everyone is going to take a survey about their personal hygiene habits before we learn more about hygiene. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability.

  3. Introduction • Who is your favorite actor/actress? • All of these are attractive people wouldn’t you agree? • Do you think they use good personal hygiene to enhance their outward appearance?

  4. Introduction • Sometimes, we want to look especially good, so we take extra care of our appearance. What are some of these special times? • What are some extra things you do when preparing for these special events? • When you spend extra time getting ready for these events, how do you feel?

  5. Definition of Personal Hygiene • Personal hygiene involves properly caring for your body by keeping it clean and healthy while allowing you to look and feel your best. • It’s keeping your body healthy and clean.

  6. What does hygiene include? • Bathing/Showering • Nail Care • Oral Care • Laundry • Facial Care

  7. Your Growing Body • Your body needs special care as it is growing. • Changing hormones cause: • More sweat • Oilier skin and hair • Hair growth in new places • Personal Hygiene can help you deal with these changes and feel more confident. These changes may make you feel anxious or embarrassed at times. They can be confusing if you do not realize they are normal.

  8. Healthy Habits • One of the best ways to feel confident is to develop habits that will keep your body clean and neat. What habits do you think are important?

  9. Negative Consequences • Now, think about a time when you have been around someone who did not keep him or herself clean and neat. Without using names, tell me some negative consequences of poor hygiene.

  10. Staying Clean, Staying cool • We are going to divide up into 4 groups. • Each group will be an expert on one of the four areas. • We will share with the class. • As the other groups are sharing, be sure to add to the other columns on your paper.

  11. Hand project • Everyone look around the room. • Does anybody see someone or do you yourself have glitter on your hands or clothes? • Do you know where that came from?

  12. Germ project • We are going to do an experiment over the next four weeks. I have 3 slices of potato for the entire class. One the first potato everyone is going to rub their hands all over it. Then we will put that slice into a baggie and label it number 1. The second slice is “no germs” I will touch it with gloves and put it into a bag labeled number 2. The third piece of potato will be rubbed on the ground. We will predict how we think they will look in one week.