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Personal Hygiene

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Personal Hygiene. Jaymie McAllister University of South Florida College of Nursing Fall 2013 . The Importance of Personal Hygiene . Look good! Smell good! Feel good!. Showering & Bathing . Showering & Bathing. Shower every day! Use a mild soap on the body

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personal hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Jaymie McAllister

University of South Florida

College of Nursing

Fall 2013

the importance of personal hygiene
The Importance of Personal Hygiene
  • Look good!
  • Smell good!
  • Feel good!
showering bathing1
Showering & Bathing
  • Shower every day!
  • Use a mild soap on the body
    • Make sure to wash under the arms
    • For private areas, wash the area quickly with water and a small about of soap, make sure to rinse soap off completely!
  • Beware of bubble baths, they can cause infection!
hair care1
Hair Care
  • Find a routine that suits your type of hair
    • Dry hair should be washed less frequently
    • Oily hair may need to be washed more often
  • Regular shampooing and conditioning helps fight dandruff and keeps hair looking healthy.
  • Styling helps to keep hair neat and looking fresh!
body odor
Body Odor

Image of a sweat gland within the skin

body odor1
Body Odor
  • The body has over 3 million sweat glands
  • Bacteria thrives in areas that sweat, such as the armpits, groin and feet, and play a role in body odors
  • Regular bathing and deodorant helps to stop body odor before it starts.
skin care1
Skin Care
  • Nearly 80% of teens have acne
  • Acne is caused by oils and bacteria trapped in your pores
  • Human skin has about one trillion bacteria living on it!
  • Acne can range from mild to severe
skin care2
Skin Care

Mild Acne

Moderate Acne

Severe Acne

skin care3
Skin Care
  • Create a daily routine
    • Face wash and oil free moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide
  • Do not wash your face more than necessary
  • Don’t pick at your skin or squeeze pimples!
  • Wash pillow cases and clothing frequently
  • Consult a doctor for severe acne
skin care4
Skin Care
  • Protecting you skin from the sun is very important
  • Using at least an SPF 15 sunscreen everyday is necessary because of the Florida sun
  • Skin cancer can affect people of all skin colors
  • Prevention is key!
cleaning your ears1
Cleaning Your Ears
  • Ear wax maintains ear health
  • Jaw movements actually loosen wax and push it out
  • DO NOT insert QTIPS into the ear canal
  • Clean the outside of the ears with a piece of damp cotton
oral hygiene1
Oral Hygiene
  • Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day!
    • Brush for at least 2 minutes each time
  • Brush in the morning, after meals and before bed.
  • Try to see a dentist for a cleaning twice a year if possible
  • Nearly 84% of teenagers age 17, have experienced some degree of tooth decay, that is why visiting the dentist is important for prevention.
  • Brushing keeps your teeth clean and helps to prevent bad breath and tooth decay
hand washing1
Hand Washing
  • Your hands have millions of germs on them
  • These germs and viruses can spread disease to yourself and others
  • Hand washing is first line of defense to prevent the spread of illness
  • Many of the things you touch every day are covered in more bacteria than you think
hand washing2
Hand Washing

The 10 dirtiest things you touch every day


2. Light Switches

3. Computer Keyboards

4. Cellphones

5. Toliets

6. TV Remotes

7. Shopping Carts

8. Faucets

9. Door Knobs

10. Sponges

hand washing3
Hand Washing
  • When to wash your hands
    • After using the bathroom
    • After touching money
    • After sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose
    • Before and after you eat
    • After being around someone who is sick
    • After outdoor activities
hand washing4
Hand Washing

Areas frequently missed during hand washing