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Audio Video In Wordpress Blogs New Media Marketing & Video Landing Pages Mike Stewart PowerPoint Presentation
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Audio Video In Wordpress Blogs New Media Marketing & Video Landing Pages Mike Stewart

Audio Video In Wordpress Blogs New Media Marketing & Video Landing Pages Mike Stewart

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Audio Video In Wordpress Blogs New Media Marketing & Video Landing Pages Mike Stewart

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  1. Audio Video In Wordpress BlogsNew Media Marketing& Video Landing Pages Mike Stewart

  2. 3 Biggest Internet Problems for Businesses, Online or Offline • Getting a websites up and running • Getting traffic – I call viewers & listeners • Building an audience who knows, loves and trusts you, then will buy from you because of that relationship • What if there was a simpler, faster way to get started in 10 minutes or less?The answer is Blogs & Video Landing Pages!

  3. What we are covering today… I am going to show you what a blog is, why you should blog, and why use Wordpress! Why old media ads just do not cut it anymore How new media marketing works for me & why you should take the time to be the dominator of your niche with blogs, podcasts, and video blogs How to make compelling audio and video content with no editing and have it on the web in a matter of minutes. What are video landing pages and how businesses benefit from them.

  4. What is a Blog? (Web Log) A blog is a website that does not require you to be held hostage by a web master. The computer makes the webpages. You can learn blogging in 10 minutes or less! Wordpress is best! Your website could have it built in, & you not even know it!Blogs have RSS which automates content all over the internet. Text, images & especially, audio & video you create!

  5. What is RSS? Stands for Real Simple Syndication.What does that mean to my business? My personality, authority expertise, and business recommendations are automatically found all over the internet. I get found because search engines rank blogs higher than HTML web pages that never change. I create community and niche celebrity. People who know love and trust me, get my content instantly when I create it.

  6. RSS Newsreaders & Aggregators Google RSS Reader Yahoo RSS Reader Pyro.TV Video RSS Channels

  7. IE7 is Now RSS Enabled1-ClickSubscription Of Blogs

  8. Itunes Has 1 Click Subscription ToAudio and Video Podcasts

  9. Apple TV & Tivo Can Play Your Podcast& Videos In Your Subscriber’s Living Rooms It is your responsibility to educate your subscribers to “tune you in”

  10. There are NO excuses!Everyone, online or offline should podcast or video blog! Everyone now online can read, hear or watch content that you publish while you are building trusting relationships with those subscribers. We must educate our prospects how easy it is get our RSS feeds. Audio and video builds trust faster than any other media and quickly conveys more info. Your prospects can choose to hear you on their PC, Ipod, Iphone, and noweven on their TV sets in their living room with a TIVO or Apple TV.

  11. Is Old Media Advertising Failing? Do you use the yellow pages or Google? Do you get the even get the local newspaper or do you read the news online? Do listen to the commercial radio or other means of radio content? (CDs, Mp3s, Satellite) Do you watch the local news or national news on TV or from a computer / mobile device? Have you ever fast forwarded through a commercial with your VCR or your TIVO? More & more of us are ignoring old media, and are using new media, the reason for the decline of old media’s effectiveness.

  12. Old Media Is Expensive, New Media Is Pennies & Where Niche Audiences Reside! FACTS: 50 million Americans now turn daily to the internet for news Association of National Advertisers concluded that TV advertising is becoming less and less effective 45 percent of TV advertisers are looking to online video advertising.

  13. So What Is New Media Marketing Conversation marketing vs. interruptive marketing of old media Dialogue with your niche where there is a sense of community and trust as opposed to being told what to like and use People do business with those they know, like and trust You become a trusted friend who recommends products and services that solve their problems You are narrow casting instead of untargeted broadcasting

  14. How Do You Add Audio To A Blog? …Podcasting. You have to say something useful, helpful and intelligent that your audience will embrace and be eager to hear more from you. In the process, you can suggest, or advertise solutions to problems that result in actions from them that makes you money! You need… A quiet room and a microphone hooked to a computer on the internet! Broadcast to the world!

  15. Recording Software Creates MP3s The audio standard for products and the internet Make CD Tracks Make Web Audio Files Edit Voice Rip Audio CDs Capture from analog sources such as cassettesCapturing your teleseminars to podcasts

  16. Getting clean audio for podcasts and video blogs set you apart from the “You Tubers” Audio Technica Pro-41

  17. Let’s do an audio only, or podcast in Wordpress now. Right now we are going to record some show audio content in mp3 in Sound Forge, save it as 22.5 - 56kbps mp3, the FM radio quality setting for podcasting. Do some fast basic editing if needed Fastest easiest contentDo an INTERVIEW!

  18. A Review of What We did! • Typed text content in the posting box • Saved an MP3 audio file. Video you make FLV or MP4 video files. • Uploaded the media via BlogMediaUploader Software – • Pasted link to media in a Wordpress entry field • Saved posting to blog and the players for audio and video were automatically embedded in blog post and while making an RSS feed that was Itunes compatible - No need to learn hard programming code or complex software to build audio/video web players!

  19. Setup Up Podcast In WordpressWith Podpress Plugin & Publish Post

  20. My Video Blog Setup!Camera, Tripod and Firewire

  21. Video blogs are better using a lavaliere microphone for close micing,But you can use a handheld mic too. Audio Technic a Pro-70

  22. Let’s Create Vblog ContentUsing a Show & Tell 1 Take Approach with the Video Capture Wizard

  23. Blog Video CreatorFor Real Time Production

  24. Blog Video Creator Software Demo

  25. If you can look at a camcorder lens, use a professional microphone, create an original presentation and talk about it… You could make a video blog presentation like this one in 1 take.

  26. You need a microphone, a lightsnake and a camcorder You can do near broadcast quality podcasts and vblogs

  27. Only 4 controls to learn Start Stop Record Camcorder Record Your Computer Screen

  28. Case Studies Of Those Who Took ActionOnline Sales – Relationship Where I inform, educate, entertain and advertise. Relationship building and product offers Have sales and promotions

  29. Video Resumes – Gus Made over $100K extra in the last 60 days because sent video resumes of candidates for executive positions that paid those fees. Coca Cola was amazed that he could provide an email link to video he created!

  30. Coach, Trainer and Speaker – Steve Relationship building discussions and training which results in sales of products and seminars while having conversation with his subscribers.

  31. Vendor support and Pallet manufacturer uses a video blog to demo products & get feedback from vendors saving thousands in sales rep travel expenses!

  32. Tempe, Arizona Car Sends prospects personalized, password protected video tours of the cars they are interested in to build trust to come into the dealership and buy!

  33. Blogs Bring Traffic toVideo Landing Pages!Also Adwords, SEO, JVs, Affiliates – Traffic = Viewers/Listeners • Write, shoot, edit and deliver website TV commercials! • Videos that can introduce, tour, explain, show customer testimonials, demonstrate services, show products, present specials, and even timely sales that are broadcast on demand from a local business website

  34. How Do I Know This Works? • Tested several my online business and other brick & mortar businesses with this method to see the results. • We will view the proof of 2 local common brick and mortar business case studies! • •

  35. SearchFrieze

  36. Searchthe Spanish word for carpet - alfombra

  37. Local Home Service Drives local Google Adwords to join list and watch video blog Every episode makes you want to use his service without him selling anything He just points out problems and he has the solutions

  38. A Labor Of This is my dream I started 30 years ago. Podcasting, and blogging has helped it to become a reality. It brought together 3 old friends.

  39. A now a little fun to close.. A blast from my past and sample of (15)

  40. What If… • You could look over my shoulder and do exactly what I did? • You could learn the exact techniques my successful students us have used to make money and profit with audio & video? • Who would want to start today?

  41. The Complete A/V Wordpress System 3 hours of DVD training show step by step how to create podcast and video blog content plus a CD-Rom of software tutorials to show you the simple clicks to blogging with audio and video success. Sold Online $497.00

  42. All The Software You Need Is Included $97.00 $97.00 $39.00 $97.00