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Introductions. Jim and the boys. Jim and Tracy. Where do we begin to express our sincerest respect and admiration for you and your family. We can only imagine how difficult this decision is for you and very much appreciate you considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

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Jim and the boys

Jim and Tracy


Where do we begin to express our sincerest respect and admiration for you and your family. We can only imagine how difficult this decision is for you and very much appreciate you considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

From our early days of dating, our dream has been to become parents together. Jim has 3 birth children from his first marriage and expanding our family is important to us as a couple. Our hearts are full of so much love to share with our soon to be child as well as a wonderful and safe home. We want to hear the pitter patter of little feet and the wonderful giggles of a child in our home. We feel experiencing life through the eyes of child is so rewarding and enjoyable. Having a child of our own will complete us and our family.


We both have extremely supportive families that we are very close to – everyone is super excited about having a baby in the family. Our friends are just as excited for us and look forward to playing a role our baby’s life. We have really great neighbors that have become close friends over the years and they are just as supportive and are looking forward to the new addition in the neighborhood.

We understand how difficult this decision is to give up a part of yourself. We hope you find strength and comfort in your decision and thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

We pray every night for a baby to bless us and our family. We look forward to talking to you and are grateful to have you in our life!

With gratitude, Jim and Tracy

a little bit about us as a couple
A little bit about us as a couple

We knew immediately there was something special about each other – as if we have known each other before – maybe in a past life. We started dating and a year and a half later we were married in May of 2008. We truly enjoy each other’s company but we aren’t that couple that needs to do everything together. When we are together, we are usually giggling because we wind up making the other one laugh over some silly story or something we encountered in our day. We each share our time with our friends whether it’s a girls night out for dinner or a guys’ night in for poker. We always enjoy spending time with Jim’s boys when they are over every other weekend. Together our activities include going to the beach, pool time, riding Jim’s wave runner, date night, riding bikes, playing with the dogs and watching movies. Our families are close in proximity to us so we do see them often and in the summer we host a lot of barbeques.

Relaxing and enjoying family time at the bar after Tracy’s cousins wedding!

Our wedding day – brrrr, it was crazy cold outside yet the photographer insisted the picture would look great!

All dolled up and ready to hit the dance floor!

Tracy stealing a smooch out to dinner with great friends…

Our first selfie on vacation before they became popular..

Great hiking on the red rocks in Sedona!!

a little bit about tracy
A little bit about tracy

I grew up with both my parents and a younger brother in a great town that is very family oriented. As a kid, I enjoyed every summer at the beach. During the school year, I was a cheerleader in the fall and played softball in the spring. I would say I was a solid straight B student. I went away to college for 4 years and received my BA in Business Management. When I graduated, jobs were very hard to come by so I worked in retail for few years. Eventually I landed a job at an insurance agency working with disability claims. After 5 years there, I moved on to a different insurance agency as a manager which is where I work today.

Some of the things I enjoy are reading, any type of board or card game, riding my bike, rollerblading, watching funny or romantic movies, most definitely time at the beach and relaxing in the sun, baking, cooking, entertaining, playing with my beautiful dogs, fostering dogs, and spending time with my awesome stepsons, One of the things I do not enjoy is yard work – pulling weeds is just boring. My favorite color is black, my favorite movie is Grease, my favorite food is pasta and my favorite animal is most definitely a dog.

Dakota is a mommy’s girl and she enjoys the sunshine just like her mommy!

A rare Tracy selfie on the way to her best friend’s wedding!

a little bit about jim
A little bit about jim
  • I grew up in a neighborhood that was safe and I could ride my bike anywhere – our town was one square mile. My mom was home raising my sister and I while my dad was working. She returned to the work force when I was in 3rd grade. I played baseball and football growing up and was my high school team’s quarterback. I had 2 great family dogs growing up and have 2 awesome dogs in our home today. I was a very good student and even took college classes both my junior and senior year. I went off to college where I got my BS in Computer Science. I guess you can call me “handy” as I worked with my family’s electrical business in high school, college and post college. After college, I landed a job at a large financial company where I got some great hands on computer experience. After 5 years, I moved to a large insurance company still in the computer field. I am still there today as a Computer Engineer. Some of the things I enjoy are spending time with my kids, playing with my pups, all outdoor activities including biking, jet skiing, swimming, and anything related to the beach. I enjoy listening to music and even though I don’t know how to play any instruments, I do dabble with Guitar Hero at times. My favorite color is blue, my favorite movie is Goodfellas , my favorite food is pizza and my favorite animal is a dog.
Jim and Mason enjoying one last ride before the summer is over……

Jim had to make a road trip to see the Jersey shore and take a picture in front of the Jersey Shore show “flag”….

Jim goofing off and not actually working…

Jim trying to distract Tracy while she is working from home…

Tracy practicing her meditation moves on the big blue rocking chair!

Seriously, how hilarious is it that we found this huge rocking chair?

a little bit about the boys
A little bit about the boys

Jim has 3 boys from his first marriage. Mason is age 13, Trey is age 11 and Baylor is age 8. Trey is a sports fanatic and loves everything football and lacrosse. Mason is very techy oriented and loves anything computer related. Baylor also likes computers and is into all types of video games. All 3 boys are very good students.

While they do enjoy computer and video games, they also like playing outside. For Christmas, the boys got tennis racketsso now one of our activities is playing tennis. They enjoy riding bikes, riding on Daddy’s wave runner, anything summer and beach related, playing in our pool, and all outdoor activities. They are typical boys with great appetites so we do go out to different restaurants when they are with us. They are very well mannered and just good kids.

Are you ready for some tailgating??

We are so excited to get our new shed – can you tell??

Throwback to a summer long ago when the boys were much smaller…

Of course the boys needed a picture in the HUGE rocking chair too!

Trick or Treat??

Jim and the boys being goof balls on the beach!

meet webster and dakota
Meet Webster and Dakota

Webster is a Ruby Cavalier spaniel and he is 5 years old. Dakota is a Tricolor Cavalier spaniel and she just turned 3 years old. We love our fur babies so much that we make sure our vacation spots are pet friendly. Both are extremely friendly, outgoing and have the true traits of a cavalier spaniel. They are wonderful with everyone and never met a stranger. They most especially love the their human brothers. Both are very smart and excellent listeners. Some of their favorite activities are rides in the car, long walks, running around after balls and toys in the yard and of course, any treat they can get their furry paws on.

Without a doubt, we are outside most days in the summer enjoying the pool, family, friends and grilling up some treats!!

Post pool relaxing and the pups are always looking for a lap to relax on or searching for a morsel of that yummy grilling…

Webster always finds his way in the pool – he has to be doing what all the big boys do – always!

our home
Our Home

Our home is a 4 bedroom colonial style situated on about an acre of flat land in a very nice section of our town. Any child placed in our home will grow up in a very safe neighborhood and in our Christian faith. We have fantastic neighbors who have become an extension of our family. We are blessed to have so many wonderful and supportive people in our lives.

random facts about jim and tracy
Random facts about Jim and Tracy
  • Tracy has skied since she is age 6 and in college took a ski class and received her ski instructor’s license.
  • Tracy took gymnastics as a kid and can still do a cartwheel, round off and front walk over – even at this age.
  • Tracy loves dogs so much she would love to open a rescue to help all dogs in need.
  • When Jim (and Trey, Baylor and Grandma) sneezes, it is a minimum of 3 sneezes in a row.
  • Since a little boy, Jim has liked to twirl hair. He did this to his dogs when growing up and now both our dogs are in a constant state of motion with their ears/head being twirled/pet.
  • Jim is a current day MacGyver and can fix most anything.
holiday pictures
Holiday pictures

Quick family photo before all the guest arrive to help celebrate Christmas!

Road trip to see the big Christmas tree in NYC!!