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  1. Introductions • Officers: • Jimmy Harris, President • Chris Roberts, Vice-President • Danny Anderson, Corresponding Secretary • Olivier Arnoult, Treasurer • Jeremy Marvel, Recording Secretary • Executive Board: • Scott Adams, Social Sciences • Chris Ryan, Math & Natural Sciences • Lucas ODonnell, Engineering • Patrick Warren, Arts and Humanities • Quentin Jamieson, Medical Sciences • Maritza Rosales, At-Large • Craig Rudick, At-Large • Sreenath Narayan, At-Large • UNFILLED, Professional Programs • Deans: • Dr. Chuck Rozek • Dr. Denise Douglas

  2. Meeting Agenda • Introductions • Mentoring 101: What Makes a Good Mentor? • Graduate Professional Council • Bylaws Changes • Transportation Committee • Stimulus Plan! • Upcoming Events and Committees

  3. SENATOR RECOGNITION PROGRAM • New initiative to encourage dissemination of information to ALL GRADUATE STUDENTS! • BCC on GSS updates you send to your constituents • An email qualifies you for chance to win $15 gift card (drawing at next GSS meeting) • Meeting updates qualify too! (see • SENATOR OF THE MONTH: Cara Henry-Halldin (contact Olivier)

  4. Mentor 101 Tom Bulea, Professional Development Committee • Dr. Mano Singham from UCITE presents: • What makes a good mentor and how to find them? • What to do to be a better Mentee? • What should you focus on when mentoring others? • TONIGHT: March 5th @ 5:30, Clapp 405

  5. The Graduate Professional Council Where we have come from & where we are going.

  6. Before the GPC Pro Council What was it? What happened to it? What are we going to do differently?

  7. In the Beginning • Summer 2008 • First Meeting • Biweekly Meetings throughout the summer • Fall Semester 2008 • Biweekly Meetings • The GPC gets a name • Events • GPC Bodega Event • Co-sponsored event with the Nursing school: Forum on Health Care and the Election

  8. Spring Semester 2009Creating a Footprint • Constitution & Bylaws • Student Affairs Support • Creating a place for the GPC within each school or program • Events • Weekly happy hours at the Jolly Scholar • Bodega Event • End of the year event • Relay for Life • Hudson Relay • Clothing Drive • Housing Information

  9. The Players Graduate School Dental School Medical School (University and Cleveland Clinic) Masters in Non-Profit Organizations Law School Business School Nursing School (Masters and PHD) Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

  10. Bylaws Changes • Election Terms • Reorganization of Standing Cmtes • Composition of Executive Board • Recognized Organizations • Budget • Duties of Officers • Amendment Deadlines • Changing language in Constitution in VII.A to include executives to submit amendments to constitution (See Formal Bylaws Changes for details)

  11. Election Terms • Overview of Proposed Change: • Change start date of Senators, Executives, Officers from August 1st to June 1st. • Reason for Change: • To use the summer as a “ramp up” period and minimize the “lame-duck” period. • To get all of executive board formed before school year starts and at the same time

  12. Reorganization of Standing Cmtes • Overview of Proposed Change: • See Table • Reason for Change: • Activities and Prof Development act as two separate cmtes • Diekhoff committee usually only active in Spring, and the two committees overlap • Benefits and Compensation committee to examine everything from Health Care to RTA passes

  13. Composition of Executive Board • Overview of Proposed Change: • Merge 3 College of Arts and Sciences Cost Center executives • Remove at-large Executives, put Committee chairs onto exec. board • Establish firm ties to Graduate Professional Council • Reason for Change: • Structure Executive Board to improve collaboration and communication inside and outside of GSS

  14. Recognized Organizations • Overview of Proposed Change: • Provide Organizations and Allocations Cmte (O+A) with recognition capabilities • Increase Funding Amount from $250 to $500 • Change wording to encourage multiple events by student groups • Reason for Change: • To encourage student participation in O+A committee • To allow student groups to plan better and more frequent events for grad students

  15. Budget • Overview of Proposed Change: • Create budget start date in bylaws, and specify it to align with start date of Execs, Senators, etc. • Specify how budget and finances are managed between start of new exec board until full senate approval • Reason for Change: • New Exec board/GSS should be able to propose/decide its own budget • Events during the summer and early fall incur costs to GSS before budget has been decided. New rules will enable expenditures with safefguards.

  16. Duties of Officers • Overview of Proposed Change: • Rebranding of Corresponding Sec. and Recording Sec. into Information Officer and Secretary • Other misc. changes to other Execs • Reason for Change: • Corresponding Sec. is largely in charge of emails and website currently, so the title of the position should be reworded to align with current duties • Other changes in duties to executives are proposed to align with expected duties

  17. Amendment Deadlines • Overview of Proposed Change: • Switching Deadlines from 2 weeks to 1 week before GA for amendment submissions • Reason for Change: • Timing of Exec meeting and GA has meant that at least 2 months are needed to turnaround a bylaws change, the change will expedite the process

  18. President Vice-President Secretary Information Officer Treasurer Engineering Executive Arts+Sciences Executive School of Medicine Executive Professional Schools Executive Activities Cmte Chair Prof. Development Chair Mentor/Diekhoff Chair Organizations and Allocations Chair Graduate Professional Council (GPC) Liason Elections are Coming!

  19. Transportation Committee • No activity with committee • Dissolve Committee?

  20. ON GSS.CASE.EDU) Survey is 5-10 minutes Please encourage your constituents to take the survey! Graduate Student Health Insurance Survey

  21. Stimulus Plan • Website for information: •

  22. Upcoming Events and Committees Chris Roberts, VP

  23. How to stay informed? • Email: Look for Emails on GSSenate email list • Forward and Post Flyers for events • GSS Newsletter (Coming Soon: GSSNewsletter email alias) • Web: Go to GSS.CASE.EDU • Google Calendar • News and Events posted daily • Meetings: Many announcements will be made here

  24. Other Questions orBusiness?