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Introductions The Cardinals Wheelchair Sports and Social Club was formed in June 1994 4 members of another wheelchair basketball team, disenchanted with the general ethos of its committee decided to start this new basketball club in West Yorkshire.

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  1. Introductions The Cardinals Wheelchair Sports and Social Club was formed in June 1994 4 members of another wheelchair basketball team, disenchanted with the general ethos of its committee decided to start this new basketball club in West Yorkshire. They needed another 1 member just to start a new team !!( 5 needed ) and so embarked on a trail of contacting old sporting associates! In its first year some 7 -8 members were enlisted Its first competitive game was in September ’94 as they played their first league game in Great Britaian Wc Basketball Division Three central, which subsequently they went on to win only losing one game all season.

  2. The Concept Whilst its first aim was to create a w/c Basketball team a general ethos was embedded within the fledgling club to providing an awareness and insight for able bodied and disabled people to integrate and participate in wheelchair sports, plying and administratively. Cash flow like all groups was an early identified issue, and the club will always be thankful to HBOS ( Halifax Building Society as it was then ) and Mark Hemmingway who CONTACTED US to inform us of the potential from their community development fund. The sponsorship from this was sportsmatched and the Cardinals had its initial core funding to progress.

  3. The next stage • Granting streams were identified for future funding and the criteria needed focussed our minds • It soon became apparent that the club needed to be constructed correctly, have realistic aims and how we were to potentially full-fill those aims. • A 5 year plan was developed with tangible answers to those aims.

  4. Club development • Crucial positions within the club to the statutory ones were created……. • Development, Grants and Media Officers.( Just about everyone had a job!!!) • The remit of the club expanded to a sports club as apposed to purely a basketball one and really sold itself to funding agents that it was not and could not be parochial in its remit. • Membership fees and equity issues needed to be addressed.

  5. Wheelchair Sports • The Cardinals Wheelchair Sports Club based at Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre Cleckheaton began to provide a range of wheelchair sports which centred in the main on. Basketball/ Tennis/ Road Racing • Providing a pathway and signposting for other disability sports whilst of course also holding many social events. • The club also identified a need to providing loan equipment specific so that people could try and develop a full interest before getting sports wheelchairs specific to THEIR needs.

  6. Over the years members come and go and records show that over 150 members joined with many attending on a try it sessions and whilst adding their character and charisma not to mention many volunteer hours in helping the club to evolve have moved on for various reasons. At present there are some 35 to 40 active members who turn up on a regular basis, The club now is not only embarking on another evolutionary stage with many new young and some returning older participants , taking on new roles in administration as the remaining original members move to one side to allow room for new ideas and development. Further Development now rests within a Wheelchair Rugby League environment providing new challenges, whilst not forgoing its core sports.

  7. Wheelchair Tag Rugby League To be ‘in at the beginning ‘ of the development of a new sport is quite something and to have the National Governing Body in the shape of the Rugby Football League recognise the sport has also been remarkable. The game to be true to its conception was developed by the French in 2004 and after a whistle stop tour of GB in 2005 when the Cardinals were invited to host and play the French twice in a development exercise. Seeds were sown and a reciprocal visit in a week long tour to France moved the game forward and its potential in leaps and bounds.

  8. Montage

  9. Out of Schools Clubs / Service Area Teams potential to be formed Annual Internationals vs France European Tournaments Multi – Intenational events World Cup Wakefield RL Service Area Area Festivals As a selection Basis for County Selection Inter County Games Initially Yorks v North West. During April-Oct Used as demo games Schools And Disability Groups and Agencies Dev’ Calderdale RL Service Area British Lions W-c RL Bradford RL Service Area South Yorkshire RL Service Area ‘Home Country’ International Teams Leeds RL Service Area Match Officials Development Kirklees RL Service Area North Yorkshire RL Service Area NGB affiliation RFL Hull RL Service Area Some existing activity Great Britain W-c RL Tag Association Development Target development areas Coaching Education

  10. additional sports coachingto help address Social Issues • Lets Tackle it Programme Helping to address Anti social behaviour by engaging with those excluded from mainstream school • Lets Blow the Whistle on……. Bullying…….by providing first hand experiences of members through their life and its effects. • Awareness programmes………working with other agencies to promote lifestyle from a disabled sportspersons perspective.

  11. Whatever the future holds no-one really knows as all sports clubs are aware but we feel that planning and structures are the basis of a successful sports club. If youv’e got a plan and you get half of right youv’e got half a plan If you’ve no plan…………….. Thank you for your time, and good luck to you and your sport.

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