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American Society of Quality

American Society of Quality. Community Good Works – Durham Crisis Response Center. 57 Homicides in North Carolina during 2006 from Domestic Violence. Quality means survival. National Statistics.

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American Society of Quality

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  1. American Society of Quality Community Good Works – Durham Crisis Response Center

  2. 57 Homicides in North Carolina during 2006 from Domestic Violence

  3. Quality means survival

  4. National Statistics • The health-related costs of rape, physical assault, stalking, and homicide by intimate partner exceeds $5.8 billion per year • 31% of American women have been physically or sexually abused in their lifetimes • 50% of homeless women/children are fleeing domestic violence • 15-25% of pregnant women are battered

  5. Local Statistics: 2006 • Durham Police received 1,757 violence-related calls: • 17 marital rapes, • 191 involving a weapon, • 210 in which children were present, • 582 involving alcohol/drugs, and • 903 involving repeat offenders.

  6. DCRC Statistics: 2006 • DCRC’s crisis line received >3000 calls • Domestic Violence*: 97 Women and 113 children sheltered (81 women and children from surrounding counties) • Sexual Assault: services provided to 290 victims *50% increase over previous year

  7. Cycle of Violence

  8. Society’s Historical Perspectives • Confucius: 100 women are not worth a single testicle. • Russian Proverb: A woman isn’t a jug… she won’t crack if you hit her 10 times • English Common Law: Wife may be beaten with a stick no thicker than the husband’s thumb • 1978 California Law: Illegal to beat your wife after 10 pm.

  9. Quality comes from prevention

  10. Durham Crisis Response Center (DCRC) DCRC Mission: To work with the Durham community to end domestic and sexual violence through advocacy, support, education, and prevention.

  11. DCRC Administrative Office

  12. DCRC Brief History Orange/Durham Coalition for Battered Women Rape Crisis of Durham (RCD) RCD & Arise become DCRC Arise formed: Domestic Violence Children’s Program Quality Initiative with ASQ Section 1113 RCD attains Nonprofit status 1976 1982 1984 1987 1997 2001 2007

  13. DCRC Services • 24-Hour crisis line • Residential Services • Case Management • Legal Advocacy • Counseling and Support Groups • Community Education and Outreach

  14. DCRC Structure Board of Directors Executive Director: Aurelia Sands-Belle Administrative Office Thrift Store Secure Shelter 10 Board Members -12 DCRC Staff - 50 Volunteers

  15. Improvement Proposals • Capital Development • Thrift Store • Grant Writing • Fundraising • Records Management

  16. Selection Criteria • Measurable Improvements • Project success = Community benefits • Sustained volunteer participation • Demonstrate value of quality tools • Potential for lasting benefit • Potential for broader impact

  17. Quality is a Team Effort

  18. David Bridge, ADAMAS Consulting Heather Gnouma, Wyeth Kevin Hopkins, Inner-Pulse Sophia Lopez, Respirics Sharon Peacock, The Carolina Centers DCRC Team Aurelia Sands-Belle, Executive Director Christine Huddleson Caroline Rhodes John Parton Alyson Bosworth, DCRC Board Member ASQ-DCRC Quality Team

  19. Quality Meetings & Events • Jan 26: Kick-off meeting • Feb 07: DCRC Board Approval • Mar 06: Survey of DCRC Records • Mar 22: Planning and review • Apr 02: Interviews with DCRC staff • Apr 26: Planning and review • Apr 27: Process visioning • May 22: ASQ Presentation & Good Works Application

  20. Requirements Definition • Scoping: Beginning statement concerning the current situation • Operational concepts: Identify stakeholders and interfaces. Conduct walk-through of current process. • Define Requirements along with a rationale for each.

  21. Project Scoping Initial Board Approval: Process Improvement on Records Management systems or processes. Records Management Processes supporting crisis line and caller database Problem Statement: Getting relevant information into and out of the Crisis Line Database requires tedious manual data entry, tallying, and manipulation.

  22. SIPOC Diagram Suppliers Inputs Process Outputs Customers Requirements DV Clients SA Clients Hospitals Emergency Rooms Contact Information * Demographics Client Statistics Queries * Callers, walk-ins • See Below Reports Query Results Training Improvement Trending Info** DCRC Board Grantors Staff Community Partner Agencies Confidentiality Accuracy Step 1: Collect all available information about contact Step 3: Data entry verification and quality control. Step 4: Output management. Step 2: Computer entry.

  23. Quality Improvement Perspectives

  24. Current Process Issues - 1 • Crisis line represents gateway to all DCRC services; but confidentiality and security must take priority over data completeness • Software system needs upgrading, but was custom built and developer is no longer available • Heavy dependence on entering manual data and verifying data entry

  25. Current Process Issues - 2 • Current database has no querying capabilities; results must be sorted, printed, and then records of interest can be manually counted • Analysis, trending, summarizing data are largely manual efforts taking tedious hours of counting

  26. Next steps - 1 • Consolidate visioning statements from DCRC staff members; develop design requirements • Perform time study of the data-entry and database administration processes; establish baselines for major steps and evaluate results for further enhancements to design requirements • Conduct 5-S analysis; incorporate changes to reduce wasted efforts

  27. Next Steps - 2 • Evaluate replacement or modification options of current software/hardware systems • Implement changes as per design requirements • Continue time studies to confirm improvements and identify further opportunities

  28. Quality is right relationship

  29. The opposite of love is not hate…

  30. It’s indifference.

  31. The opposite of art is not ugliness…

  32. It’s indifference.

  33. The opposite of faith is not heresy…

  34. It’s indifference.

  35. And the opposite of life is not death…

  36. It’s indifference.

  37. What is the opposite of Quality?

  38. David A. Bridge Vice President ADAMAS Consulting davidb@ADAMAS.com Durham Crisis Response Center Crisis Hotline: 919.403.6562

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