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The American Society for Quality

The American Society for Quality. Virtually every significant initiative of U.S. quality movement can be traced to ASQ or its members. American Society for Quality. History. U.S. entry to World War II and growth in manufacturing to supply war materials spurred interest in quality control

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The American Society for Quality

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  1. The American Society for Quality

  2. Virtually every significant initiative of U.S. quality movement can be traced to ASQ or its members American Society for Quality

  3. History • U.S. entry to World War II and growth in manufacturing to supply war materials spurred interest in quality control • Following government-sponsored quality courses, local organizations formed to share knowledge American Society for Quality

  4. History • ASQ founded in 1946 with merger of 17 regional quality societies • Few financial resources in early years but supported by employers of first officers • Consolidated operations in Milwaukee in 1956 American Society for Quality

  5. Mission The American Society for Qualityadvances individual, organizational, and community excellence worldwide through quality improvement, learning, and knowledge exchange. American Society for Quality

  6. Objectives • To be our members’ best resource for achieving professional and organizational excellence • To be a worldwide provider of information and learning opportunities related to quality American Society for Quality

  7. Objectives • To be the leader in operational excellence and delivering customer value • To be the recognized leader worldwide for advancing individual and organizational performance excellence American Society for Quality

  8. Key Business Processes • Understand and anticipate customer needs and requirements • Acquire and/or develop products and services • Deliver products and services with excellence American Society for Quality

  9. Key Business Processes • Support the community and sustain the environment for quality • Provide business leadership and support American Society for Quality

  10. Sections and Divisions • Approximately 250 sections throughout North America • International Chapter for members outside North America • 24 technical divisions and interest groups American Society for Quality

  11. Sections American Society for Quality

  12. Automotive Aviation, Space, and Defense Biomedical Chemical and Process Industries Customer-Supplier Design and Construction Education Electronics and Communications Energy and Environmental Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Government Divisions American Society for Quality

  13. Health Care Human Development and Leadership Inspection Measurement Quality Quality Audit Quality Management Reliability Service Quality Software Statistics Textile and Needle Trades Divisions American Society for Quality

  14. Interest Groups • Community Quality Councils Committee • Product Safety and Liability Prevention American Society for Quality

  15. Benefits of Membership • Tools to help you work smarter, not harder • Quality Progress magazine • Educational resources • Access to ASQNet • Certification American Society for Quality

  16. Benefits of Membership • Local section membership • Topic- and industry-specific divisions • Career services American Society for Quality

  17. Members (3/31/01) Honorary Fellows Senior Member Student Total individual Sustaining 7 586 4,969 108,437 2,295 116,294 1,143 American Society for Quality

  18. Members by Industry Manufacturing Service Health care Government Education Other 65.2% 19.2% 4.5% 3.1% 2.2% 5.8% American Society for Quality

  19. Members by Age 25 or under 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 Over 65 1.3% 14.9% 33.0% 35.1% 13.0% 2.6% American Society for Quality

  20. Members by Education High school diploma 16.1% Associate’s degree 11.3% Bachelor’s degree 42.7% Master’s degree 24.6% Doctorate 2.9% Other 2.4% American Society for Quality

  21. Members by Gender Female 22.6% Male 77.4% American Society for Quality

  22. Leadership • 32-member board of directors provides policy and decision-making processes • Led by office of president (chair, president, two vice presidents, and treasurer) • Board members serve in voluntary capacity American Society for Quality

  23. Leadership • Various boards, committees, and councils chartered by board of directors to oversee specialized activities • Each division, interest group, and section also led by volunteers American Society for Quality

  24. Staff • Staff of approximately 235 led by executive director handles day-to-day operations • Work carried out at ASQ Center (Milwaukee headquarters office) and nearby distribution center American Society for Quality

  25. Staff Core Values • The customer is the focus of everything we do • Quality management is the basis of everything we do • Staff and teamwork are the keys to our success • We are partners in the accomplishment of Society goals American Society for Quality

  26. Support Services • Accounting • Customer service and distribution centers • Information technology • Market research • Production services • Public relations American Society for Quality

  27. Setting a Standard • More than 70 organizations have sent delegations to benchmark ASQ’s operations • ASQ is a standard-setter in the association industry American Society for Quality

  28. Customer Service • Responsiveness to customers is an ASQ hallmark • Worldwide access through telephone customer service center and Internet web sites (asq.org and several others) American Society for Quality

  29. Products and Services • Quality Progress magazine • Professional certification programs • Education programs • Publications • Quality Information Center American Society for Quality

  30. Products and Services • ASQNet members-only Internet community • Six Sigma Forum Web-based member type • Quality Marketplace American Society for Quality

  31. Revenue Sources American Society for Quality

  32. Impartial Resource • Member-experts available to government, others to inform and advise on quality-related topics • Provide media with information and referrals to experts American Society for Quality

  33. Quality Progress • Flagship publication of profession • Covers innovative methods in knowledge management, process improvement, and organizational behavior • Top-rated member benefit American Society for Quality

  34. Quality engineer Quality auditor Reliability engineer Quality technician Mechanical inspector Software quality engineer Quality manager Quality improvement associate Six Sigma black belt Certification American Society for Quality

  35. Certification • More than 80,000 individuals have attained certification through ASQ • Programs used in more than 40 countries American Society for Quality

  36. Education • Conferences • Public courses • E-learning • Self-directed training • In-house training • Six Sigma training American Society for Quality

  37. Publications • Quality Press books, standards, audio- and videotapes, and software • On Q, ASQ’s journal of record • Informed Outlook American Society for Quality

  38. Publications Quarterly journals: • Journal of Quality Technology • Software Quality Professional • Quality Management Journal • Quality Engineering • Technometrics American Society for Quality

  39. Quality Info Center • Library staffed with information specialists • Access to quality-related resources, Quality InfoSearch database, subject-matter experts, customized research, and document delivery services American Society for Quality

  40. ASQNet • Member Internet community • News and networking • Access to ASQ publications • Forums and discussions • ASQ business American Society for Quality

  41. Six Sigma Forum • Started in May 2001 • Supports Six Sigma practices internationally • Largely Web-based • Companion online and in-print journal to debut August 2001 American Society for Quality

  42. Quality Marketplace • Worldwide resource directory of organizations providing quality-related programs and services • Thousands of entries, all searchable • Formerly known as Virtual Quality Network American Society for Quality

  43. Other Activities • Standards development • American Customer Satisfaction Index • Baldrige Award administrator • Koalaty Kid • QuEST Forum administrator • Global business plan American Society for Quality

  44. Standards Development Administrator for: • ANSI ASC Z-1 (quality, environment, dependability, and statistics) • U.S. Technical Advisory Groups for ISO Technical Committees 69 (application of statistical methods) and 176 (quality management and quality assurance) American Society for Quality

  45. Standards Development Administrator for: • IEC Technical Committee 56 (dependability) and U.S. SubTAGs to Technical Committee 207 Subcommittees 1 (environmental management systems) and 2 (environmental auditing) American Society for Quality

  46. American Customer Satisfaction Index • Quarterly economic indicator measuring customer satisfaction with quality of goods and services • Co-sponsored with University of Michigan Business School and CFI Group American Society for Quality

  47. Baldrige Award • ASQ administers under contract to National Institute of Standards and Technology • ASQ and members helped bring about expansion to include awards for education and health care American Society for Quality

  48. Koalaty Kid • Self-directed approach credited with improving test scores, attendance, and parental involvement • 150+ schools • Variety of training options available American Society for Quality

  49. QuEST Forum* • Administrator for group that developed TL 9000 standards for telecommunications industry • ASQ registered to BS 7799 as manager of Forum’s Registration Repository System * Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications American Society for Quality

  50. Global Strategy • Core of strategy: serve needs of quality community wherever they exist • Preferred approach: work with existing national quality bodies, converting international affiliates to World Partners American Society for Quality

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