deep sea and coral reefs by sydney wolfenden
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Deep Sea and Coral Reefs by Sydney Wolfenden

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Deep Sea and Coral Reefs by Sydney Wolfenden - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Deep Sea and Coral Reefs by Sydney Wolfenden. Plant Life. There are many forms of plant life in the ocean ,some forms are rare ,and some are common. Some common ones are Seaweed ,Kelp ,Rockweed , Sargasso , and Sea grass. Animal Life.

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plant life
Plant Life
  • There are many forms of plant life in the ocean ,some forms are rare ,and some are common. Some common ones are Seaweed ,Kelp ,Rockweed , Sargasso , and Sea grass
animal life
Animal Life
  • The ocean is probably the most popular habitat ever! The world has over one-thousand different types of animals , but the ocean has maybe half of that. It has mammals , and sharks , and fish.
food chain
Food Chain
  • There are different animals in the ocean and they all eat some thing. That is called a food chain. Here is a Deep Sea food chain and Coral Reef food chain.
  • If there is a missing link , something bad will happen. Like if the shark is missing some will expand and block out another animal.
coral reef food chain
Coral Reef Food Chain

The coral reef food chain is really big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deep sea food chain
Deep Sea Food Chain

This is even bigger than the coral reef food chain!!!!!!!!!!

animal adaptations
Animal Adaptations
  • All animals have to adapt. They end up doing it sometime in their life. Like whales , in the winter , they have lots of fat , so they can stay warm in the colder water. That`s how they adapt.
human interference
Human Interference
  • The ocean is an extreme environment , so people can`t really interfere , but they still can. By going scuba-diving that is interfering. Also fishing and boating can pollute the oceans.
extreme conditions
Extreme Conditions
  • The ocean is impossible to live in because it is an extreme environment. There is no oxygen to breathe , so we would die unless we could breathe underwater. That is what an extreme environment is.


final thanks
Final Thanks
  • Thanks so much to Mr. Johnson and Mrs.Umeris for showing us all how to use Power Point, and how to create a power point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!