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Coral reefs PowerPoint Presentation
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Coral reefs

Coral reefs

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Coral reefs

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  1. Coral reefs By Tom Harvey

  2. Where coral reefs are found The largest barrier reef is in Australia the second largest is in Belize which is located in south America. Other reef are found in Hawaii , red sea and other areas in tropical oceans. They are mostly found in the warm sea’s around the equator.

  3. Polyps The external form of the polyp varies greatly in different cases. The column may be long and slender, or may be so short in the vertical direction that the body becomes disk-like. The tentacles may number many hundreds or may be very few, in rare cases only one or two. They may be long and filamentous, or short and reduced to mere knobs or warts. They may be simple and unbranched, or they may be feathery in pattern This is called a polyp

  4. The food chain in A coral reef Guess who is at the top of the food chain Human beings

  5. What animals live in coral reefs This is a clown fish nemo

  6. This is a sea turtle

  7. This is called plankton which gets eaten by lots of different animals

  8. This is a green moray eel

  9. This is a silver tipped shark

  10. This is a puffer fish

  11. How quickly are coral reefs disappearing • 60% of coral reefs has been estimated to be gone in 30 years • 27% has already gone

  12. Why should we stop killing coral reefs? • They won’t be around for your children to enjoy • They could have a major affect to our food chain • They could have a major affect on our lifestyle

  13. What you can do to stop coral reefs going? • Support charities • Stop using as many products that are bad for the environment • Get larger companies to stop dumping waste in the ocean • Support poorer countries so they don’t over fish in parts of the coral reefs

  14. Threats to coral reefs • Co2 • Tourists • Ice caps melting • Oil spills • Blast fishing • Human stupidity • Climate change

  15. co2 • Co2 goes up into the atmosphere and then into the sun which then warms up the sun then the sun burns through the ozone layers and then melts the ice caps which then causes more water in the ocean which blocks out the sun.

  16. tourists • They dive down to get a piece of coral reef • when they go to the coral reef they would anchor in it which would break pieces off it

  17. Do Coral reefs have a future with us • Coral reefs will not have a future with us in 50 years time. • Why because they are being destroyed rapidly • If we continue at the current rate they will be gone in about 30 years

  18. Oil spills • if a minor oil spill happens near a coral reef it will kill most of its inhabitants • This will also block the sunlight so the coral reef will slowly die

  19. Human stupidity • Humans in general are killing almost everything on the planet • At the current stupidity rate more reefs are disappearing because of certain things being done to them e.g. like blast fishing one of the laziest ways of killing fish

  20. Normal day-to-day waste • Normal day to day waste is a big danger to coral reefs because rubbish can get dumped into the coral reef and pollute the water which then kills many fish and polyps