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International Baccalaureate 2010-2011 Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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International Baccalaureate 2010-2011 Registration

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International Baccalaureate 2010-2011 Registration
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International Baccalaureate 2010-2011 Registration

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  1. International Baccalaureate2010-2011 Registration For rising seniors

  2. “Senior year is not easier in a sense that you have less work but rather that you have the experience of the IB work-load and (hopefully) beneficial work habits that you developed during Junior year.  If you take an AP class as an elective, make you sure you are genuinely interested in the content; college applications, the EE, TOK, and other assignments will consume more time than you would think.”

  3. Transcript • By semester • Course code • H/A • Course title • Grade • Attendance • Credit • Audit • Semester GPA • Credit Summary • Dist Wt GPA • FL St. Unwt GPA • Percentile Rank

  4. Transcript • SAT Scores • AP/IB Scores • ACT Scores

  5. “Stock up on anti-senioritis medicine early in the year. You'll need it second semester! (especially when you're slammed with orals and IAs)”

  6. IB Diploma Program • 6 Subjects • Extended Essay • Theory of Knowledge • CAS • 11th & 12th grade assessments

  7. Earning the “IB Diploma” • IB Exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 7 • Scores of 4 to 7 are considered passing • Add scores together to arrive at points total • 24 points= IB Diploma

  8. “Choose a topic you are extremely interested in because this will be your life's work for the next 5 months, believe me you do not want to hate what you are doing and do a bad job.  Oh, and don't procrastinate, it never works out well and the end of your summer is super stressful when it should be pretty chill.  Good luck guys!”

  9. 4-Year Plan

  10. To Proceed to IB Grade 12 • Pass the first year of any HL course • English • Individuals & Societies (HOA, Econ, Psych) • Experimental Sciences (Biology, Chemistry) • Arts & Electives (Music) • Pass Spanish or French III PreIB • Pass grade 11 mathematics course • Hold a minimum 3.0 cumulative weighted GPA • Complete 75 hours of CAS/18 mos project • Complete all assigned Internal Assessments • Sit for your IB exams • Meet any deadlines set by EE Advisor • Annotated Bibliography • Meeting with advisor • Draft

  11. “Utilize your EE advisor, they are there to help you organize the bigger picture and maximize your time efficiency.  A HUGE help is to look at the UCF library book listings online before you ever go to the library.  Write down the location of the books in the library and use it as a jumping off point as other books related to your topic will be located nearby. (the library is much bigger than you think)”

  12. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Registration Form X X X • Name, phone, email • Demographic information • Identify requested courses and circle course number

  13. Language A Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 X X X • Circle the course number for IB English IV

  14. “Choose something they are legitimately interested in for your EE.  You have to spend a ton of time on it researching and writing; the experience is much, much more enjoyable if you are doing a topic that you actually want to know about and are excited about.”

  15. Language B Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 X X X • Circle the appropriate languageIf you are currently in Spanish or French IV, circle nothing in this section.

  16. Experimental Science Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 X X X • Circle the appropriate science course numberIf you are taking SL Biology or SL Physics, circle nothing in this section.

  17. Individuals and Societies Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 X X X • Circle the course number for Contemporary History

  18. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Mathematics X X X • Circle the appropriate math course number

  19. The Arts & Electives Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 X X X • HL Psychology = Psych II • HL Economics = Econ II • HL Music = Music IVIf you are not taking one of the courses listed above, circle nothing in this section.

  20. Theory of Knowledge Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 X X X • Circle the course number for TOK

  21. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Electives X X X Each student is required to sign up for seven credits. *FLVS/Dual Enrollment You may not sign up for Peer Counseling or Dual Enrollment now. You will have the opportunity to do so later. For each elective, you need to select an alternate.For Dance: Dance Tech 1, 2, 3, or 4 For Band: Band 1, 2, 3, or 4 For Chorus: Chorus 1, 2, 3, or 4

  22. Electives • Do not take 7 academic classes. It is challenging to be sympathetic when you ignore my advice. • If you choose to ignore my advice, you will need to submit a letter signed by you and your parents acknowledging that SHS does not recommend this choice and that you cannot change your schedule if you feel that your decision was wrong. • This form is available in the lobby of the auditorium when you leave here today. It must be attached to your registration form on February 18th if you plan to register for seven academic classes.

  23. 7 AcademicCourses • If you are going to take 7 academic courses, this form must be attached to your registration form February 18th.

  24. If you are selecting an AP course as an elective, you must attach this form to your registration form February 18th. AP Course as Elective

  25. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Signature X X X • Please sign your form indicating that you have read and acknowledge the school’s schedule change policy.“Courses may be dropped and/or added during the first five days of school ONLY if one of these conditions is met: 1) you have already earned credit in the course 2) you failed the prerequisite for the course 3) you are scheduled for too many or not enough courses. You may not change your schedule because you have changed your mind about a course or you do not like you lunch period.”

  26. “Start looking into scholarships early. There's nothing worse than a lost opportunity for money. Advice from my mother: don't ignore a scholarship because it requires an essay or long resume; if you spend 2 hours on a $500 scholarship, you just made $250 an hour.”

  27. Registration Procedures • Complete form • Bring to Media Center February 18th • Attach “7 Academics” letter if necessary. No form = no 7 academics. • Attach completed and signed AP agreement if taking an AP course. No form = no AP class. • Input your requested courses • Print a copy of your courses request page

  28. “Waiting until the last minute to complete CAS is really not a good idea.”

  29. To IB, or not to IB… • If you will be leaving IB at the end of the year, pick up an “Intent to Exit” form which can be submitted in lieu of a junior registration form. • This decision can be made prior to August 16 • When a signed “Intent to Exit” form is submitted, your will receive a traditional SHS registration form which can be submitted for course registration.

  30. “I personally had left the writing portion till later in the summer. I had my reasons, but they and the EE bit my backside the last week before school.Guys, although procrastination is in the IB blood, seep it out before this summer. It's not a difficult task, it's only time consuming. We know you're all exhausted after junior year, but get through all the exhaustion at once so you haven't anything to worry about at the end of the summer! Get your EE done as soon as you can."

  31. Dual Enrollment • Information Session by Seminole State College rep: • March 25 • period 2 for academic dual enrollment • Period 3 for career dual enrollment • Media Center Community Room • Qualifications • complete grade 10 • have a 3.0 unweighted GPA • Process • complete and submit the SSC application • take and pass the CPT • select class(es) • see Mrs. Craft for textbook authorization form • submit registration & textbook forms to admissions office • pick up textbook(s) • Remember • Courses cannot be dropped • Grade is part of your permanent record & beginning of your college gpa

  32. “Get most of your CAS hours done during the summer so you don't have to worry about them during college application season.”

  33. Summer School Courses for acceleration – Florida Virtual School Courses for forgiveness ( D or F grades): Registration forms available next week Registration forms due April 23 Semester 1 June 14 -July 1 4 days/week Semester 2 July 6-22 4 days/week Hours: TBA Dual Enrollment may be taken upon completion of grade ten.

  34. Remember • IB Rising Senior Parent Info Night • SHS Auditorium • April 22 • Questions? Contact me at • • or see Mrs. Gresham to make an appointment. • See you Thursday, February 18th in the Media Center. Bring your registration form with you.