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International Baccalaureate 2010-2011 Registration PowerPoint Presentation
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International Baccalaureate 2010-2011 Registration

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International Baccalaureate 2010-2011 Registration
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International Baccalaureate 2010-2011 Registration

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  1. International Baccalaureate2010-2011 Registration For rising sophomores

  2. “Be motivated! If not, you will struggle throughout the year! The workload increases from freshman to sophomore year and as long as they are working hard and have decent study skills, they will be fine. Also time management is another big thing! I played a varsity sport and kept up my grades but only because I managed my time! I made sure I finished my homework first! It is possible!! One more thing: if they thought freshman year was hard then sophomore year just gets harder so maybe IB is not for them.”

  3. Transcript • By semester • Course code • H/A • Course title • Grade • Attendance • Credit • Audit • Semester GPA • Credit Summary • Dist Wt GPA • FL St. Unwt GPA • Percentile Rank

  4. Transcript • SAT Scores • AP/IB Scores • ACT Scores

  5. IB Diploma Program • 6 Subjects • Extended Essay • Theory of Knowledge • CAS • 11th & 12th grade assessments

  6. Earning the “IB Diploma” • IB Exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 7 • Scores of 4 to 7 are considered passing • Add scores together to arrive at points total • 24 points= IB Diploma

  7. 4-Year Plan • 5 courses are predetermined • You have 2 electives • You may need to use an elective for Geometry, Physics I, or AP Music Theory. Physics & Music are prerequisites for 11th grade classes and are NOT required.

  8. To Proceed to IB Grade 10 • Earn 1 credit in each of the following classes: • English I PreIB • Algebra I Honors • Spanish or French I PreIB • World History PreIB • Biology I PreIB • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative weighted grade point average

  9. “Your hardest classes will be Chemistry and AP World; I recommend preparing for them over the summer by reading course books found at local bookstores. They really help. Do NOT take 4 AP classes. You are NOT prepared to take on that work load no matter how good you think you are.”

  10. Registration Form • Directions: • Fill in your name, phone, and email address. • Check the appropriate ethnic and racial categories. • Identify your courses and circle the appropriate course number. • Sign the form.

  11. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Language A X X X • Circle the course number for PreIB English II (AP English Language)

  12. “The days of not studying are over. Tests are moving slowly from multiple choice to essay and "just remembering it in class" only goes so far. Do required reading, and take time before the test day to study the material at hand.”

  13. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Language B X X X • Identify the appropriate language and level, then circle the corresponding course number. • You may not proceed to level II if you have not passed level I. • If you are currently in level II and earned a D or F first semester, you should retake level II in grade 10.

  14. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Science X X X • Everyone takes Chemistry I PreIB • If you want to take IB Physics in 11th, you must take Physics I PreIB in 10th. • If and only if you currently have straight A’s should you entertain the idea of taking both sciences. • Choosing otherwise could negatively impact your GPA.

  15. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 History X X X • Circle the course number for AP World History

  16. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Mathematics X X X • If you are currently in Algebra I Honors select both: • Alg I students may take Geometry Honors for acceleration – FLVS • After registered at FLVS, I will then drop Geometry on your SHS schedule for an elective. • To progress to the IB junior year, students must successfully complete Algebra I Honors, Geometry Honors, and Algebra II honors.

  17. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Mathematics X X X • If you are currently in Geometry select one of the following: • Algebra II Honors • Algebra II Comp • IB Precalculus • IB Precalc Comp

  18. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 Electives X X X • Each student is required to sign up for seven credits. • Write in the course name and number. • For each elective, you need to select an alternate. • For Dance, Chorus, or Band, sign up for Dance I or II, Chorus I or II, or Band I or II. Your teacher will place you in the appropriate course. You may not sign up for Dazzlers, Destiny, Symphonic band, etc. Just Dance, Chorus, or Band.

  19. Elective • Do not take seven academic classes. It is challenging to be sympathetic when you ignore my advice. • If you choose to ignore my advice, you will need to submit a letter signed by you and your parents acknowledging that SHS does not recommend this choice and that you cannot change your schedule if you feel that your decision was wrong. • This form is available in the lobby of the auditorium when you leave here today. It must be attached to your registration form on February 17th if you plan to register for seven academic classes.

  20. 7 AcademicCourses • If you are going to take 7 academic courses, this form must be attached to your registration form February 17th.

  21. Electives • If your ELECTIVE is to be an AP class, you must also attach an AP Agreement. These are also available in the auditorium lobby when you leave here today. • You do not need an AP Agreement for AP English Language & AP World History.

  22. AP Agreement Attached to registration form by February 17 If not, sign up for another elective and bring me your AP Agreement to make the change. AP Course as Elective

  23. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 X X Total Credits X • Calculate your credits.Total credits must equal 7.0

  24. Sammy Nole 407-320-5224 X Signature X X • Please sign your form indicating that you have read and acknowledge the school’s schedule change policy.“Courses may be dropped and/or added during the first five days of school ONLY if one of these conditions is met: 1) you have already earned credit in the course 2) you failed the prerequisite for the course 3) you are scheduled for too many or not enough courses. You may not change your schedule because you have changed your mind about a course or you do not like you lunch period.”

  25. To IB, or not to IB… • If you will be leaving IB at the end of the year, pick up an “Intent to Exit” form which can be submitted in lieu of a junior registration form. • This decision can be made prior to August 16 • When a signed “Intent to Exit” form is submitted, your will receive a traditional SHS registration form which can be submitted for course registration.

  26. Registration Procedures • Talk to your teachers. They will help you make wise choices. • Complete form • Attach “7 Academics” letter if necessary. No form = no 7 academics. • Attach completed and signed AP agreement if taking an AP course. No form = no AP class. • Bring to Media Center Wednesday, February 17th. • Input your requested courses • Print and sign a copy of your courses request page • IB teachers will meet to review course selections. We will notify you if you have selected a course and do not have the teacher’s recommendation.

  27. Summer School Courses for acceleration – Florida Virtual School Courses for forgiveness ( D or F grades): Registration forms available next week Registration forms due April 23 Semester 1 June 14 -July 1 4 days/week Semester 2 July 6-22 4 days/week Hours: TBA Dual Enrollment may be taken upon completion of grade ten.

  28. Remember • IB Rising Sophomore Parent Info Night • SHS Auditorium • April 26 at 6 p.m. • Questions? Contact: • Miss Gilbert at • Mrs Craft at • Make an appt through the IB secretary to see us. • • See you Wednesday, February 17th in the Media Center – through PreIB World History.