Direct Line Supply
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Direct Line Supply. R. Product Purity. Utilizing State of the Art Technical Designs We build better, stronger, longer lasting Magnets. * Electromagnets. * Suspended Permanent Magnets. * Drum Separators. * Pulley Magnets. * Drawer In Housing. * Chute Grate & Plate Magnets.

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Direct line supply

Direct Line Supply


Product Purity

Direct line supply

Utilizing State of the Art Technical Designs

We build better, stronger, longer lasting Magnets

* Electromagnets

* Suspended Permanent Magnets

* Drum Separators

* Pulley Magnets

* Drawer In Housing

* Chute Grate & Plate Magnets

* Scrap Yard / Junk Yard Magnets

* Magnetic Sweepers

* Holding-Fixture-Lifting Magnets

* Hump Magnets * T-Traps

* Purification & Sheet Fanning

As Magnetic Engineering and Manufacturing Specialists

MSI has over 2 decades of design and manufacturing experience and produces the finest quality magnetic products for customers in many different industries. Our engineers streamline production and processing to help increase your PROFIT$.

That means custom quality magnetic products that are designed & built specifically for your application needs.

Direct line supply


Electromagnets have greater pulling power & reach-out capability than other magnets. They also can be turned off or on to release the captured metal.

  • All Electromagnets are equipped with HEAVY STEEL side plates & Stainless Steel Face Plate

  • Wound coils w/ class H insulation

  • Warranty against magnetic coil burnout

  • NEMA 4x/12 terminal boxes std-All NEMA rates available

  • Solid steel cores * Variable strengths and wattage available

Direct line supply


The self-cleaning electromagnet has all of the same features and benefits of the manual clean magnet, plus it will continuously clean itself.

The continuous cleaning is accomplished by a combination of a heavy duty belt, pulleys and a drive package which rotates the belt around the magnet box to allow for discharge of the captured tramp metal, away from the conveyor belt & into a collection area or chute.

Both manual clean and self-clean magnets can be designed for in-line and cross belt applications.

The typical applications for these magnets are mining & Aggregate, feed, grain, wood processing and waste recovery.MSI has designs ranging from 18” to 84”.

  • Four pulley design on 42" Electromagnets and larger.

  • 340 FPM, variable speed [ optional ]

  • Stainless steel armored belting [ optional ]

  • Lagged head pulley

  • Screw take-ups on tail pulley

Direct line supply



Our permanent overhead magnets perform excellent magnetic separation without the need for electricity. The permanent overhead magnets are available in a variety of strengths (rare earth-neodymium and ceramic series 8, 10 & 12) and sizes and can be engineered for your specific application. Conveyor Magnets are manufactured for both manual cleaning and self-cleaning applications.

Direct line supply

Magnetic PulleysMagnetic Pulleys are permanent magnets used in conveying applications to remove ferrous tramp metal and protect down stream equipment as well as improve product purity. They also provide tramp metal removal with automatic continuous cleaning of the magnet.

Direct Line- MSI produces a wide range of pulley magnets in a variety of sizes and strengths to meet your application needs.

Our pulleys have magnetic bars lining the entire pulley face with little space between the bars and face. We build the strongest magnetic pulleys with all types of lagging and key way to fit your application needs.

Direct line supply

Scrap Yard and Junk Yard Magnet Electromagnets

These powerful magnets are utilized in many industries.

Best utilized suspended from an End Loader, Excavator or Crane. Loading trucks and clearing barges & yards of scrap metals

Comes with any type generator and controller. Mounting Lugs and lift chains included

Direct line supply

Plate Magnets

We offer three (3) different standard types of plate magnets in order to optimize removal of tramp metal from product.

Flush-Pole Plate Magnets are designed to separate ferrous tramp metal from above the product flow. Mounted to the topside of a chute, it lifts tramp metal from the product as it passes underneath. Overhead mounting of the flush-pole plate magnets also make them ideal for use with product being carried on slow-moving conveyor belts.

Extended-Pole Plate Magnets are mounted to the underside of chutes and draw tramp metal from product as it passes over magnetic poles. They are designed for low volume product flow applications where tramp metal wash-off is not a concern.

Raised Pole Plate Magnets are mounted below the product flow and utilizes a raised-pole magnet with a wedge shape design. The magnet’s unique configuration, which permits effective tramp metal separation from high volume product flow without the worry of wash-off or impeded product movement. Our plate magnets utilize ceramic or rare earth magnet depending on the strength required.

Sturdy hinge providing easy access for cleaning magnetic face

Wide flanges for easy installation and effective dust control

Stainless steel magnetic face

Sealed Heavy Duty Housing with welded construction

Direct line supply

Magnetic Grates

Magnetic grates are used in bins, chutes, drawers, and hoppers. MSI grates utilize ceramic or rare earth magnetic materials to provide superior tramp metal separation. The grates are constructed using 1” diameter magnetic tubes with 2” centers in a heavy-duty stainless steel frame. They are offered in a round, square or rectangle shape. Custom shapes; split grates, tombstone shape and semi-circles.

Round Tube Magnets

MSI tube magnets provide an effective means for removing ferrous chips, fines, nuts, bolts and metal particles from loosely packed, free flowing materials. They are made out of 1” diameter, 304 stainless steel tube, ruggedly constructed with ¼”-20 mounting holes. Standard lengths are from 4” to 48”.

Direct line supply


Drawer-in-housing is designed for tramp metal separation in dry processing.

Utilizing the strong tube magnet design, placed in a drawer with either a single row or more commonly multiple rows, with alternating centers, for a more effective separation. The housing design makes it easy to clean.

The product flows in the top and over the offset magnetic tubes to redirect product as it flows through the housing, causing it to slow down as it winds through the magnetic grate. This increases the amount of tramp metal exposed to the tube magnets, and its separation from the product flow is maximized.

Quality Craftsmanship is


Quality Craftsmanship is


Direct line supply

Manual Clean Drawer-In Housings

Manual clean drawer in housings are best utilized in applications where there is a low volume of tramp metal contamination. Cleaning the collected tramp metal from the tubes is done by opening the door and pulling each bank of tubes out and wiping the tube magnets with a shop rag or gloved hand.

EZ-Clean Drawer-In-Housings

The EZ-Clean Drawer-In-Housing is utilized in applications where higher volumes of tramp metal are expected, operators are available to clean the magnet and the magnet is located in an area with access for the cleaning operation. Operator required.

Self-Cleaning Drawer-In-Housings

The self-cleaning drawer-in-housing is utilized in applications where heavier tramp metal contamination is expected or it is located in a hard to reach location or automated cleaning is desired. A toggle switch (custom automated switches available) activates the air-actuated stripping process to discharge the tramp metal and resets the magnetic tubes for more separation.

Direct line supply

The ground sweeper can be used on construction sites, warehouse floors, or driveways. * Eyelets for suspension from a fork lift or a vehicle * Powerful permanent magnetic circuit * Durable industrial construction

Tow Behind SweeperThe tow behind sweeper is great for cleaning up hazardous objects for plant floors, warehouses, parking decks or any large smooth protected area.

Road Sweeper The road sweepers are designed to be towed behind a vehicle for sweeping large areas such as parking lots or airports.Road sweepers are available in both a permanent and electromagnet style. The permanent road sweeper comes as a manual clean (as shown) or as a self clean model. The electromagnet model (Optional) comes complete with a generator mounted on the sweeper to produce the needed power. The road sweeper is designed to pull at low speeds.

The self-cleaning sweeper is designed utilizing a super strong rare earth magnetic circuit for improved reach out and holding power. It offers the on/off switch electromagnet capability, without the cost of a generator or the hassles of an electrical connection.

Direct line supply


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