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  1. DIRECT SOUND If you want the BEST Air Show Air Boss & Narration Team in the Business then You need DIRECT SOUND. With over 60 years of Air Show Management Experience, DIRECT SOUND is the “Best of the Best” and at a very affordable price. DIRECT = DIRECTION Kenneth W. Hopper – call sign NEVER SWEAT. Ken has been around Air shows and aviation almost his entire life. Started his own International aviation consulting and management company in 1980, has produced, managed, air boss, designed and directed air shows all over the world, from Davenport, Iowa to Tokyo, Japan. Ken is a professional air boss and air show producer, with over 30 years experience in the air show industry, a member of ICAS and this year will mark his participation in his 30 ICAS convention. Ken provides total air show management and consulting services as well as providing the most important safety part of any air show, being the AIR BOSS. With over 200 air shows successfully under his DIRECTION as an AIR BOSS, Ken, or as we call him – NEVER SWEAT, has a reputation for delivering a powerful, insightful and thorough air show safety flight briefing that leaves nothing in doubt, the flow of his air shows are legendary and he takes command to ensure a safe, professional and entertaining Event. Ken has a unbelievable passion for this industry. Ken is a professional pilot and Captain, with ratings in both Airplane and Helicopter. SOUND = NARRATION Rhett Grotziner - call sign VELET. Rhett’s voice and style, knowledge, passion and commitment to be the voice of the air show is unmatched. he understands each and every act, knows what needs to be said, knows what the audience wants to hear and makes it smooth as VELET. He keeps the audience involved, entertained and updated on every performance. Rhett is an accomplished pilot and understands every routine that every performer is flying. Rhett takes control of the MIC in the early hours to thank the important sponsors, continues into play by play of the air show and wraps up by again thanking all sponsors, volunteers, supporters and reminds everyone what an air show is and how special we are to be able to witness one. SAFE – PROFESSIONAL – KNOWLEDGE – PASSION - COMMITMENT

  2. THE AIR BOSS DIRECTION Kenneth W. Hopper Ken has been air bossing air shows for over 30 years, over 200 air shows to date and is industry known for providing a thorough, well prepared flight briefing, that is presented in a professional power-point format custom designed to your event, your schedule and your show. Ken continues from the daily flight briefing to final discussions with each performer, each flight ramp and hot pit staff member to the FAA to make sure we have no issues. Then to the tower to make any final adjustments with the narrator, then off to the air boss area for last minute show details with air boss staff to making sure the FAA Waiver is in effect, airspace and all roads within the aerobatic box are sterile – then it is SHOW TIME. The SELECTION of your AIR BOSS, is one of the, if not the most important thing you can do for conducting a SAFE air show. This is where Ken Hopper is at his best, he is a natural at being an AIR BOSS and has never been NOT INVITED BACK at an air show !!! What separates Ken Hopper over all other air show air bosses, is that Ken not only is a professional air boss, he has also been producing, directing, consulting and managing air shows all over the world for more then 30 years. One of Ken Hoppers air shows is the highly successful and nationally recognized QUAD CITY AIR SHOW, which will be celebrating its 27th Air Show in 2013. This air show was selected the NUMBER ONE LARGE AIR SHOW of the Year in 2011 by the United States Navy. It is important when selecting an air boss, to hire someone that also understands what an air show is, how to raise the sponsorship, select the performers, hire the concessionaire, develop and manage the various committees, no one understands this more then KEN HOPPER. Ken is also a professional, commercial pilot, holds the following ratings, SEL, SES, SEI, MEL, MEI, ROTOR, ROTOR INSTRUMENT, Tailwheel, is qualified in both piston and turbine aircraft, has almost 10,000 accident, incident free hours in over 85 different types of aircraft, and is a senior warbird pilot, qualified to fly all L-birds, T-6, SNJ, T-28, T-34, C-45, B-25. If you want the BEST – Hire the BEST – Ken Hopper

  3. THE NARRATOR SOUND Rhett Grotzinger Rhett has been narrating air shows for over 30 years, over 250 air shows to date and is industry known for providing a thorough, well prepared narration, tailored to each performers specific needs and music. Rhett is known as the PERFORMERS NARRATOR, as he understands what each performer needs and what they are presenting to the public.. Rhett starts preparing for the air show narration once the show producer and air boss select and finalize the show schedule, what acts, timeline, etc. Rhett then contacts all performers scheduled and gets their current bio, script and music required for their performance. When it is show time, Rhett attends the flight briefing and receives any performer and schedule updates and final prepares for the narration of the approaching air show. The SELECTION of your NARRATOR is very, very important as that person is the only VOICE your sponsors, supporters, spectators hear through-out the day or weekend at the air show. You want a professional that not only understands the air show industry, but also someone that can highlight your staff, your volunteers, your sponsors and supporters and work hand and hand with the AIR BOSS on keeping the air show fast paced and on-track. Rhett is also an aircraft pilot, with thousands of flight hours and recently just sold his fully restored Boeing PT-17 Stearman and know loves flying his Husky. It is time to hire – DIRECT-SOUND for your air show.

  4. SERVICES OFFERED AIR BOSS Act Selection and input Air Show Theme Ramp Layout Static selection and layout Hot Pit design Security control Road Closures required for sterile box Fire & Crash control and placement of assets Fly-In traffic parking and control Air Boss Tower layout Equipment required for Air Boss will be detailed for your show FAA paperwork, including 7711.2 waiver Filing all paperwork for NOTAM and TFR Work with ATC on airspace de-conflictions Rules for Ramp Boss, Pyro Boss Prepare professional flight briefing Prepare Airfield quick layout cards Prepare and present final daily schedules Provide all Air Boss radios, both UHF and VHF if required Brief all flyovers, military performers pre-show Provide additional staff as agreed to effectively and professionally handle your event. Post-Air Show debrief

  5. SERVICES OFFERED NARRATION Professional air show narration All Music All equipment to handle narration (You must supply sound system) All notes, bios, performer routines Once provided will handle all announcements, sponsor mentions and any other important announcement. SOUND SYSTEM At DIRECT-SOUND we can also handle all of your professional sound needs as well, from designing a sound system that works for an air show to one that is CONCERT SOUND APPROVED. We have the flexibility, expertise and professional staff to custom design a unique system, that works with the narration of your air show to leave every guest wanting more. Please contact DIRECT-SOUND for your AIR BOSS NARRATION and SOUND SYSTEM NEEDS.

  6. SERVICES OFFERED AIR SHOW MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING Chalets Ken Hopper is the most sought after air show consultant in the industry and has produced, managed and consulted on air shows from coast to coast and beyond. Ken’s air shows have been featured on the History Channel, in books, magazines and countless newspapers nation-wide. Look at these crowds!! Ken has been producing and air bossing air shows for more then 30 years, has an excellent reputation with the military, FAA, civilian and warbird performers, please give Ken a call or drop him an email and lets put our experience to work for you. A Sample of Services Consulting Management Production Board Establishment Volunteer procedures Corporate sponsorship Marketing plans Advertising plans Corporate chalets Ticket policy Web-site design Ticket selling, outlet and on-line Security Safety Medical Field & Ground Operations Fence Concessions & Catering Hot Pit Flight Operations Static Operations Just call we can handle it all !! Please call Ken at 563-349-0044 or email

  7. REFERENCES MILITARY United States Navy Blue Angels United States Air Force Thunderbirds Canadian Snowbirds United States Navy East & West Coast F/A-18 Demo Team United States Air Force A-10, F-16, F-15, F-15SE, F-22 Demo Teams United States Army Golden Knights United States Navy Leap Frogs Canadian Sky-Hawks United States Marine Corps – AV-8BII Harrier Demo Teams It would be easier to ask a performer that has not been at one of Ken’s Air Shows or an air show that he was the AIR BOSS. Ken has earned an excellent reputation for delivering more then is promised, running a fast paced, action filled air show that is smooth, safe, professional and very well DIRECTED. Just ask ANYONE!!



  10. DIRECT-SOUND REQUEST A SERVICE PAGE – PLEASE COMPLETE Name: _______________________________________ Air Show: _____________________________________ Address: _______________________________________ City: __________________ State: ____ Zip: ___________ Ph: ____________________ Cell: ____________________ Email: __________________________________________ SERVICES REQUESTING MORE INFO AIR BOSS Services NARRATION Services CONSULTING Services SOUND SYSTEM Services Please send to: DIRECT-SOUND Hopper Corporation P.O. Box 18 Eldridge, IA 52748-0018 563-349-0044 – Web: