an overview of the university of trinidad and tobago l.
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An Overview of The University of Trinidad and Tobago PowerPoint Presentation
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An Overview of The University of Trinidad and Tobago

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An Overview of The University of Trinidad and Tobago - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Overview of The University of Trinidad and Tobago April 2008 Presentation Outline UTT Academic Programmes Student Services & Integration Process The Centre for Digital Media The Academy for Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs The Academy of the Performing Arts

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An Overview of The University of Trinidad and Tobago

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presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • UTT Academic Programmes
  • Student Services & Integration Process
  • The Centre for Digital Media
  • The Academy for Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs
  • The Academy of the Performing Arts
  • The Academy of Sports and Leisure
  • The Academy of Fashion and Design

April 2008

national development
National Development
  • Education and Training at all Levels
  • Development Oriented Research and its Commercial Implementation
  • Service to Industry

April 2008

current board
Mr. Robert Riley Chairman and CEO, bpTT

Dr. René Monteil Executive Director, UTT

Mr. Frank Look Kin President, NGC

Mr. Ian Welch Managing Director, PCS Nitrogen

Mr. Lincoln Warner THA Representative, Tobago

Professor Dyer Narinesingh Dean, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, UWI

Mr. Scott Hilton-Clarke Consultant/Entrepreneur

Mr. RavindraNathMaharaj Religious Leader

Mr. Errol Pilgrim Advisor, Ministry of Works and Transport

Current Board

April 2008

development model
Development Model
  • Existing national training entities offered disparate training programmes at several levels – Certificates, Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees and Master Degrees
  • Articulation between programmes not clearly defined
  • Infrastructure at the existing institutions were inadequate
  • Industry input for alignment of the programmes, and the cadre of graduates being produced
  • Fragmented R&D

April 2008

development model6
Development Model
  • Strategy for expanding access and enhancing quality was to integrate existing institutions and/or functions under UTT umbrella
  • Development of relevant teaching curricula identified as a key factor
  • Development of R&D capacity also identified as an important requirement
  • TTIT is the first integrated institution (2004)
  • Teachers Colleges at Corinth and Valsayn and Technical Institutes at San Fernando and Port of Spain followed

April 2008

development model7
Development Model
  • Additional Institutions identified for integration:
    • Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry
    • Caribbean Industrial Research Institute
    • Institute of Marine Affairs
    • Elements of Metal Industries Company
    • National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology
    • Sugarcane Feed Centre
    • Research Division of the Centeno Experimental Station
    • Aripo Livestock Station
    • Caroni Research Station

April 2008

  • The Academic Body

Incorporates functions for all educational affairs and activities, research and development, determination of criteria for appointing academic personnel, academic support functions and student affairs and services

  • The Corporate Body

Services which create an enabling environment for academic pursuits, and for expanding the visibility of the institution

April 2008

  • Three Schools
    • School of Science, Engineering and Technology
    • School of Learning, Cognition and Education
    • School of Postgraduate Studies, Research and Development
  • Four Academies
    • Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs
    • The Performing Arts
    • Sports and Leisure Studies
    • Fashion and Design
  • Several Institutes

April 2008

programme focus
Programme Focus
  • Focal Areas
    • Upstream Technologies
    • Process and Utilities Engineering
    • Construction Studies
    • Maritime Industry
    • Information, Communications Technology
    • Industrial Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing
    • Teacher Education
    • Biosciences, Agriculture and Food Technology
    • Marine and Environmental Sciences
    • Health Sciences

April 2008

programme overview
Programme Overview
  • PUP
  • Certificates
    • Sports Studies
    • Process Operations
  • Diplomas
    • National Engineering Technician’s Diploma
      • Automotive Engineering
      • Chemical Engineering
      • Civil Engineering
      • Communications Engineering
      • Computer Engineering
      • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
      • Instrumentation Engineering
      • Manufacturing Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Petroleum Engineering
  • Agriculture (ECIAF)
  • Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Management
  • Maritime Operations, Navigation and Engineering Options
  • Ornamental Horticulture (ECIAF)
  • Forestry (ECIAF)
  • Visual Communication Design

April 2008

programme overview13
Programme Overview
  • BASc. and MEng. Degrees

(Bachelor of Applied Science/Masters in Engineering)

      • Biomedical Engineering
      •  Civil and Construction Systems
      • Information and Communications Technology
      • Manufacturing
      • Petroleum
      •  Process                          
      •  Utilities  
  • Bachelor’s Degree
      • Education
      • Fashion Design
      • Sport Studies

April 2008

graduate programmes
Graduate Programmes
  • Ph. D. Programmes
      • Information and Communications Technology
      • Manufacturing
      • Petroleum
      • Process & Utilities
    • Research Groupings
      • Natural Gas Institute of the Americas
      • Bioengineering
      • Mechatronics
      • Health, Safety and the Environment
      • Energy Systems
      • Biomedical Engineering
      • Academy for Arts, Culture and Public Affairs
  • M.Sc. Programmes
    • Environmental Science & Management
    • Health Administration
    • Industrial Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management
    • Information and Communications Technology
    • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
    • Petroleum
    • Process & Utilities
    • Sport for Development
    • Sport Management

April 2008

co op programme
  • The Structure of an Engineering Operation
  • Engineering Practice in an Industrial Environment
  • Interfacing with other departments
      • Marketing
      • Finance
      • Human Resources
      • HSE

April 2008

alliances and partnerships
University of Texas

University of Cambridge - Manufacturing Industry Links Limited

Johns Hopkins Medicine International

The Technical University of Denmark

SIRIM Berhad of Malaysia

IBM Corporation

Suez LNG (T&T) Limited and Exmar NV (Belgium)

Carnegie Mellon University

School of Sport, Exercise Sciences and Sports Development (Longhborough University – UK)

University of British Colombia (UBC)

Institute of Technology PetronasSdn. Bhd

Alliances and Partnerships

April 2008

proposed programmes 2008 9
Proposed Programmes 2008-9
  • Marine Sciences
  • Biosciences, Agriculture and Food Technology
  • Fashion and Design
  • Performing Arts
  • Commerce
  • Construction Systems
  • Sport and Leisure (BSc)
  • Maritime Studies (BSc)
  • Engineering (Additional programmes)
  • Criminology and Public Safety
  • Herbal Institute (Research)
  • Health Administration

April 2008

the student body
The Student Body
  • 1,189 graduates between 2005 and 2007
  • 5,423 students presently registered for all University programmes
  • Projections for the next three years:

2008/2009 - 7,922

2009/2010 - 8,124

2010/2011 - 9,550

April 2008


The Student Body

CERTIFICATE, DIPLOMA, DEGREES (undergraduate and post-graduate Total # - 4547


Total # - 876

April 2008



Composition of Staff

Academic – 78% nationals; 22% non-nationals

Corporate – 96 % nationals; 4% non-nationals

April 2008


Supply and Demand

  • UTT received 4637 applications for 2667 spaces (57%)
  • B.Ed applications reached 1262 for 400 spaces (32%)

April 2008


Status of Integration Process

  • GORTT mandate – Integration into UTT
    • Corinth Teachers College
    • Valsayn Teachers College
    • San Fernando Technical Institute
    • John Donaldson Technical Institute
    • CARIRI
    • ECIAF
    • RSS
    • MIC

April 2008


Status of Integration Process

  • The dynamics of meaningful integration – exit & restart
  • Teachers Colleges
  • CARIRI & MIC and the establishment of CISL
  • IMA and the Centre for Marine and Environmental Sciences
  • NIHERST – Science Popularisation and PUP
  • ECIAF & RSS and the Centre for Biosciences, Agriculture and Food Technology

April 2008

Centre for Digital Media

Professor Michael Smith

Program Professor, ICT

Vice President, Digital Media Studies

April 2008

centre for digital media
Centre for Digital Media
  • Media Production
  • Animation
  • Music and Video
  • Media Processing
  • 2D & 3D Graphics
  • Content Analysis
  • Visualization


Information Communications Technology, Arts and Culture, Sports, Bioengineering, Marine Studies

April 2008

interdisciplinary focus
Interdisciplinary Focus

Arizona State University, Arts Media and Engineering Program

April 2008

local content
Local Content

Develop content creation expertise

New Broadcast and Commercial Content

Promotion of consumers as creators of content

April 2008

industrial automation
Industrial Automation

Virtual Environments

Collaborative Work

Distance Education

April 2008

projects virtual museum academy of arts letters culture and public affairs
Projects: Virtual MuseumAcademy of Arts, Letters, Culture and Public Affairs

Physical Displays




Steelband - The Beginning

"Pan as an item was not invented b

y any person. It evolved and there

are a number of people, including

myself, who advanced it through

certain stages of that evolution."

(Elliott Mannette, October 25, 2000)

Between 1838 and 1883, the beating of skin drums was an integral part of Carnival celebrations. When a ban on all drum-beating was imposed in 1884, Carnival celebrants had to look for an alternative to the skin drum. They turned to bamboo after they discovered that dried bamboo of various diameters produced different sounds, when cut to differing lengths and struck with wooden sticks. Bands that used bamboo to produce music were called Tamboo Bamboo bands and the first report of such a band taking part in Carnival was in 1891. With the passage of time, Tamboo Bamboo bands were integrated into Carnival and flourished until the 1930s.

April 2008

projects animation
Projects: Animation

Diploma Program and Community

Workshops, Entertainment, 3D Modeling and Commercial Industries

Trinidad Content, Pilots and “AnimaeCaribe” Festival

April 2008

interdisciplinary research
Interdisciplinary Research
  • Marine Surveillance
  • Bioengineering
  • Sports Video

April 2008

utt multimedia course
UTT Multimedia Course

Multimedia, Computer Vision

Image and Video Processing

Community and commercial applications

Project Course

Proof of Concept design

Emphasis on Trinidad and Tobago

April 2008

The Academy of the Performing Arts
  • The Academy of Sports and Leisure
  • The Academy of Fashion and Design

April 2008

thank you

Thank You……

April 2008