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- Parempaan huomiseen -. Welcome to. Rehabilitation Center Petrea. www.petrea.fi. Kuntoutuskeskus Petrea. A short history. 1972-1992 Center for Rehabilitation Assessment and Studies. Founded by the KELA, the Social Insurance institution of Finland - science and practice hand in hand

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  1. - Parempaan huomiseen - Welcome to Rehabilitation CenterPetrea www.petrea.fi

  2. Kuntoutuskeskus Petrea A short history • 1972-1992Center for Rehabilitation Assessment and Studies. Founded by the KELA, the Social Insurance institution of Finland- science and practice hand in hand • 1992Scientific unit becomes part of KELA, the rest becomes KELA´s rehabilitation service unit • 2003KELA´s Rehabilitation Company Petrea • 2007 Rehabilitation Center Petrea, owned by the Petrea Foundation - parempaan huomiseen -

  3. Rehabilitation Center Petrea 1972/1980 Kelan tutkimusosasto Kelan Turun atk-ryhmä Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos

  4. Petrea today Services - Focus on adults in working life - 3000 clients yearly- 40 000 rehabilitation days / year Resources - 144 beds - Staff 116 Economy - Turnover ca. 7 M€

  5. Personel Doctors 11 Psychologists 10 Social workers 16 Nurses 9 Vocational rehabilitation coaches 13 Nutritionists 2 Fysical therapists 15 Occupational therapists 3 Client services 16Kitchen staff 14 Administration 7 Total 116

  6. Rehabilitation courses Assessments JYRI Work welfare services ASLAK, Tyk Meetings and conferences Vocational rehabilitation within the earnings-related pension scheme Vocational training for mental health patients Vocational training

  7. etrea Rehabilitation courses 2010 Mental health courses 17 Musculosceletal courses 32 Vocational courses 6 Courses for heart patients 4 Dystonia patients 2 Epilepsy patients 1

  8. MODEL FOR SUPPORTING WORK ABILITY WORKPLACE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH CARE • Detection of problems: • symptoms • sickness absence • work related health problems Workplace related problems Detection of problems with work ability Discussing the situation: employee - supervisor Possible health problem? Assessment of situation and underlying factors • Planning solutions and implementation: • Work assingnments, requirements, training, working hours, team related factors etc. • Informing other workers, support and participation • Use of expert help when needed Health care meeting: doctor – supervisor - employee Medical treatment Rehabilitation Rehabilitation in the workplace - Vocational rehabilitation Follow up, assessment and support -Follow up discussions -Self monitoring -Use of expert help if necessery Follow up and support: - Health checkups

  9. Tyk Workplace health promotion • 4 periods in 1-2 years time • Orientation period 12 days • and 2. training period 5 days • and 3. training period 11 days

  10. Collaboration Petrea Occupational healt care Client Workplace KELA

  11. Goals in Tyk-rehabilitation • Continue working in the same workplace throug learning and trying new ways of taking care of oneself. • To promote working ability and wellbeing throug setting of personal goals. • Identification of necessary changes • Setting in motion a process of health behaviour changes

  12. To reassess and develop work methods in the workplace • Development on working conditions and methods both individually and in the work community • Integration of the clients rehabilitation process in the workplace and occupational health care • Take advantage of existing communal resources through home assingments • Support a generall process of development in relation to work and the workplace

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