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  1. Welcome to Oral hygiene for the pet professional

  2. Sponsored by Perris Valley Veterinary Clinic Hosted by Debbie Hopeck and Lynne Vachon RVT

  3. Factors that contribute Periodontal disease • Poor oral hygiene: not paying attention to the condition • of your pets mouth • Breed: periodontal disease is more common in small breed dogs and pure bread cats • Age: Older pets are more likely to have periodontal disease • Foreign Bodies caught in teeth can go unnoticed for months Causes of periodontal Disease Plaque: a colorless film that contains large amounts of Bacteria If left unchecked it will mineralize into tarter that will destroy the gums And result in tissue and bone loss that support the teeth And Jaw During this time, the bacteria can gain entrance to the animals blood stream and become systemic spreading to numerous organs such as the liver,kidney , heart and lungs.

  4. The teeth and Mouth make up the first 3 parts of the digestive system Also known as the alimentary canal • Prehension ( grasping) of food with the lips or mouth • Mastication ( chewing) breaking down of food • Chemical digestion of food Via the salivary glands It is important to remember the Oral cavity as a whole, is part of a major organ system, thus requiring equal attention just as the reproductive and cardiovascular systems

  5. Dental formulas for canine and feline species Canine puppy i/3 c/1 p/3 total teeth = 28 Canine adult I /3 C/1 P/4 M2/3 total teeth 42 Feline kitten i/3 c/1 p/3 total teeth = 26 Feline adult I3/3 C1/1 P3/2 M1/1 total teeth 30 The number of each type of tooth is found in the dental formula The dental formula uses I/i for incisor C/C for canine P/p for premolar M/m for molar Followed by 2 numbers separated by a slash mark (expressed as a fraction) The first number represents the number of teeth found in half of the upper arcade (right or left) The second number represents the number of teeth in the lower arcade. The letters are capitalized to represent permanent teeth the lower case letters represent The deciduous teeth. The total number of teeth would be determined by adding all of the numbers and multiplying by 2

  6. Canine Skull

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  8. How we can prevent Periodontal Disease? Oxyfresh oral hygiene products that’s how!

  9. What we know about Dental health ? • Brushing teeth can aid in the build up of plaque and tarter • Some dogs will tolerate teeth brushing • Most cats will not tolerate it • Client compliance ( as well as our own is low) • Good products are limited and time consuming • What we know about Oxyfresh • Owner compliance is 95% • Dogs and cats tolerate the products and they like them ( mostly because they do not know they are using them) • There is no competition in this area • Oxyfresh pays us to use their products