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Welcome to Aix en Provence IUT Before you arrive Read this guide through carefully; it contains a lot of important information. We have specially asked former exchange students to help us build this guide to make sure everything you need is included.

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  1. Welcome to Aix en Provence IUT

  2. Before you arrive Read this guide through carefully; it contains a lot of important information. We have specially asked former exchange students to help us build this guide to make sure everything you need is included. The academic year will commence on 15th September for the First Year and on 8th September for the Second Year. It is strongly recommended to arrive one week before the college starts order to get settled and to ensure you access your room at “Cité Universitaire”, (CROUS). August is still a vacation period and the opening dates are: As soon as you know your arrival date please inform and book an appointment with: Ms Garcia (responsible of foreign students IUT): (garcia@univmed.fr) Richard COMTE (responsible of foreign students GEA ): (richard.comte@univmed.fr) We also recommend to prepare a list of all your questions before the meeting to cover all the topics you want to address. Guidelines for arrival

  3. Guidelines for arrival IUT plan

  4. What to do upon arrival : If you arrive during the opening hours of CROUS office. See map. get your room keys, go to the IUT the next day to go through all of the inscription formalities, in order to do all that on the day of your arrival, otherwise you have to stay at the youth hostel for the first night, and go to the office the next day. At IUT Mr Comte office is on the second floor on the right, room number 213. Ms Garcia office is on the bottom floor in the corridor on the left side of the lounge. Guidelines for arrival

  5. Guidelines for arrival Crous plan: IUT http://www.crous-aix-marseille.com

  6. INSTITUT UNIVERSITAIRE TECHNOLOGIQUE Avenue Gaston Berger 13621 Aix en Provence Cedex 1 Tel: (from abroad: + Fax: 04.42. 93.90.90 (from abroad: + Web site: www.iut.univ-aix.fr Scolarity : IUT presentation

  7. Département Gestion des Entreprises et Administrations (GEA) Department of Business Administration Head of department : Richard Comte Secrétariat : Isabelle MARIET: 04 42 93 90 27 (I) Département Informatique Head of department : Marc Laporte Secrétariat : Sylvia Negrier: 04 42 93 90 43 (TC) Département Techniques de commercialisation Head of department : Agnes Deleaval Secrétariat : Sylvie Konan: 04 42 93 90 57 IUT presentation

  8. (GMP) Département Génie mécanique et Productique Head of department : Gilles Corneloup Secrétariat : Nicole Ferre : 04 42 93 90 38 (GLT) Département Gestion Logistique et Transport Head of department : Laurent Livolsi Secrétariat : Christine Cano : 04 42 93 90 16 IUT presentation

  9. Adresse : 5 Bis, Avenue Albert Schweitzer-Encagnane 13090 Aix-en-Provence (GU) Département Gestion Urbaine (iutgesur@romarin.univ-aix.fr) Secrétariat : Roselyne Albert : 04 42 64 56 63 Adresse : Cité du Livre 8 Rue des Allummettes 13098 Aix-en-Provence cedex 2 (ML) Département Métier du livre (iutmld@univ-aix.fr) Secrétariat : Mireille Boullay : 04 42 93 18 18 IUT presentation

  10. Timetables It is possible to pick courses from different departments, but sometimes you will have to ask for a special permission. You can also pick courses from both, first and second year schedule. Dealthrough Ms Vasse in all these matters, because people are quite sensitive about skipping steps in hierarchy. The major problem with combining your timetable is that the classes start at a different time on each department, and the first years start later that the second years, so be prepared that it will most probably take few weeks to combine your final timetable. The timetables for each class come out on the Friday before the courses start, and you can get all of the timetables from the Secretariat of each department, if you explain that you are an exchange student. You can negotiate about exams with your teachers, and inmost cases it’s possible to replace the exams with written reports and/or presentations, or at least to have the right to have a dictionary with you at the test. IUT presentation

  11. All departements their courses (names of courses in French) GEA(Gestion des administrations et entreprise) GMP (Génie mécanique et productique) ML (Métiers du Livre) TC (Technique de commercialisation) GU (Gestion Urbaine) I (Informatique) IUT presentation

  12. Tutor students In about 3-4 weeks after school starts you will get a tutor student (Parrain / Marrain) to help you with all the problems you have with your studies. You can ask them for their notes, to help you revising for exams. They are usually students who will do their exchange the next year, or who are otherwise internationally focused. There is also a student representative called “Délegué”, who works as the link between students and teachers. It is possible to subscribe on a mailing list about happenings at the school. The “Délegué”can also help you with your problems considering your studies. Notice boards Every department and every class on each has their own notice board. Read these because they contain all important information about all modifications on timetables, cancelled classes, test dates etc. IUT presentation

  13. French courses If you want to take French courses, you have to contact Mme Garcia, Tourist Office or Faculte des Lettres. WARN!!! courses starts from september so don’t forget your inscription when you going to arrive. IUT presentation

  14. Internet Internet coffeecost about 3€/hour, there are several in Aix. There are many computers at the school, but you have to find Mr Pierre Cépi (office in second floor on the left side) to get your login name and password. It’s possible to print in the computer lab or in the library, but you need to bring your own paper. GEA computer class in the second floor is open until 19.30. There are 4 computers a scanner and a printer (you have to bring your own paper) in GEA library, including one where you don’t need a password. Computers at Gazellescost 50€ / semester, contact Students in Aixfor more information. IUT presentation

  15. Library IUT departments’ libraries You have access to several libraries. You can only borrow home from your own department’s library, in other libraries you have to study in place. In GEA library you can take photocopies, but you need to buy a copy card, which is useful but quite expensive at the GEA library. (There is a copy shop two blocks away where it is cheaper to take copies). There are also computers, a scanner and a printer at the library. You have to bring your own paper to print. Others Library The library of the “Faculté des Sciences Economiques” (in Aix and in Marseille). 2 other university libraries: Section Law and Economics ( Droit et Economique, 3 Avenue Robert Schuman) Section Humanities (Lettre, 29 Avenue Robert Schuman) The libraries of the different research centres. IUT presentation

  16. HOLIDAYS FIRST SEMESTER All saints’Day = 1er Novembre Armistice Day 1918 = 11 Novembre Christmas holidays (2 weeks) Exams 1er semester February Holidays (2 weeks) SECOND SEMESTER Easter Holidays (2 weeks) Labour day = 1st of May Thursday Ascension Day = mobile en Mai Armistice Day 1945 = 8 Mai Whitsuntide Monday Exams 2nd semester Summer Holidays (2 months) IUT presentation

  17. Student associations There are many students’ associations in Aix. AEGEE, Students in Aix, Asso GEA, Asso TC, Asso GLT and many more. They all organise activities from the beginning of the academic year in early October. In GEA the Asso GEA organises “soirees”, an integration week-end and other happenings. Find the Asso GEA representative and ask what kind of different activities there are going on, because they go to lessons to tell about happenings, and as you won’t most probably be attending all of the courses, you might not get the information otherwise. IUT presentation

  18. IUT presentation

  19. Official documents A valid passport / EU identity card for EU citizens, from outside EU, contact your consulate or embassy for further information Photocopies of your passport (around 5 copies, you will need these at the bank, for the CAF etc, so you don’t have to carry your actual passport with you all the time, it also makes things quicker to have ready photocopies) 10-16 face identity pictures ( bring a lot, because at the beginning everyone is asking you for photos, you need 4 for C.R.O.U.S, 1 for school, 2 for University sports card, 1 for bus...) A paper stating your studies abroad ( ECTS formulary for Europeans) Entering

  20. Inscription formalities When you go to the I.U.T to meet Ms Garcia and MsVasse. You will be able to find ms VASSE in its office on the 2ième floor and if need be ms Garcia or the schooling which is in the hall while entering on the left. Get an inscription form to give back to the “Service de la scolarité”(Get an inscription form for the student rooms accommodation) Get a form for the police office for foreigners Get your Student card (for this you need a passport photo) Fill in your inscription forms of the University Go through your study plan and start preparing your timetable The University Office for foreign students (Strangers students office of university) handles the first steps of police formalities for students who stay longer than 3 months in France (Residence permit). Entering

  21. There are two main possibilities of housing. You either stay at, city universities which is a student dorm, or you try to find yourself an apartment from the private market. Cité U is by far the easiest and cheapest option. Staying in student dorms is very cheap compared to private housing (100-300 € cheaper/month). It might also be a bit difficult to find yourself an apartment in September, because there are so many other students looking for housing as well. In any case, make your decision about the housing early enough, because you have to inform Mme Garcia : (garcia@univmed.fr) as soon as possible if you don’t want to live in the student dorms, and you also have to have more money if you want to live in the town centre. University cities ouPrivate accommodation Proposal for a housing with virtual visits http://www.adele.org/public/residence/residence_liste.php?ville_mere=AIX-EN-PROVENCE Accommodation

  22. Caisse d’allocation Familiale (CAF) CAF is a state institution who gives housing aid. So make sure you hand in the form in time, because it takes about two months before you can get your aid. There is CAF information point at MADE, and you can get the application forms from there. You can get 50-150€ / month, depending on how you live, is it a studio, dorm room or an apartment. You can find more info on www.caf.fr. The website is very good, but unfortunately only in French. Later on when your application has gone through, you can also check the date of the next payment there. All to obtain accommodation subventions : To be titular of a leasing agreement To occupy housing with principal document of title http://www.caf.fr/ Accommodation

  23. WARN! You also have to ask your landlady/lord to fill in a form for the CAF. If they were not planning to rent the apartment the official way i.e. pay the tax for letting the apartment, you will have problems with this, and without the form filled by the landlord/lady, it will be impossible to get housing aid. So bear this in mind before renting your apartment, and make sure to check with the person who’s letting it if it is possible to get CAF for the apartment. Example: You are renting a studio for 500€, if you get the CAF, you can get about 150 € of aid every month, if your landlady/lord refuses to fill in the form for you, you will end up paying it all by yourself. To quicker things a bit, pick up your forms right away, and get your landlady/lord to fill them in right on the spot when you are writing your rent contract. If you live in the student dorms, you have to go to the CROUS office or ask Ms Garcia how to get this part of your form filled. You need to get subvention : Form filled in by you Photocopy of your rent contract RIB code from your bank A photocopy of your passport Form filled by your landlord/lady Accommodation

  24. LAUNDRY : You have to wash your clothes in Laundrettes. There is one opposite Arc de Meyran, and plenty in the town centre. Washing costs about 3€/machine, and drying 30c/5 min. Arc de Meyran also has a Laundrette room on the first floor. Accommodation

  25. Meals There are 4 university refectories in Aix: Gazelles, Cuques, Fenouillères and Arts et Métiers. They provide meals at low prices (about 2.80€ or 26€ for 10 tickets) at lunch time and at dinnertime. One meal consists of 4 items, and you can choose between few possibilities. Items are: vegetables, meat, salad, dessert and soft drinks, so you have to pick 4 out or 5, depending on what you want. University refectory

  26. Marseille airport An association called Students in Aix offers a service to pick you up from Marseille airport. See their website fore more info www.studentsinaix.org and to book someone to meet you there. This is a good association who organises lots of activities, parties and trips for exchange students, and you can meet lots of people there. There are also shuttle buses (bus, navette) from Marseille airport to Aix bus station (Gare Routière) about every 30 min. You can either buy tickets from the ticket office outside the airport, or from the driver (7.5€ in 2003). To find the bus stop, follow the bus signs at the airport. Aix centre is about 40min from the Airport. The bus makes one stop at Aix Gare TGV, the bus stop is under the TGV station, make sure you don’t get off at this stop, because it’s only half way to town centre! Get off at Aix Gare Routière!! From Aix centre you need to go to : - the bus Mini 2 Quques for CROUS office - Bus nr 6 Val de L’arc for IUT - Bus nr 4 Jas de Bouffan for Auberge de Jeunesse, the youth hostel. - Ask the driver to tell you where to get off the bus Public transport

  27. Bus information Main information point and ticket sale for local buses is at the Tourist Office at La Rotonde. You can buy tickets and get all timetable information there. One trip costs 1.10 €, and you can change bus once within an hour. Monthly and weekly tickets are only for sale for full weeks/months. So if, for instance, you want a ticket for November, go to the tourist office to buy it on the last Friday of October, to get the full advantage of the ticket. You can get student discount of monthly and weekly tickets, so remember to take your student card with you. You also need a piece of identification and a photo for the weekly and monthly tickets. There are also 10 journey tickets you have to stamp your ticket when you get in a bus, and there are regular checks on this, so be careful and stamp every time. Informations and sale.2, place du Général de Gaulle Office du Tourisme Tél. Site : www.aixenbus.com Rates: Single Ticket fare (1.10€), 10 trips (7.70€), Weekly cards(7.70€), Montly cards (20€), Season tickets 12 months (130€). Public transport

  28. Trains National trains are called SNCF. People between 12-25 years of age can get -25% reductions on blue hours, but no reduction on white hours. With card 12-25 you can get -50% on blue hours and -25% on white hours. Collect a little guide from train station about blue and white hours. Card 12-25 costs about 50€ and is valid a full year from the date of purchase. For example if you go twice to Paris by TGV it’s already worth buying. In TGV there are no blue or white hours, only certain number of cheaper places in each train, so you have to book early! Train is the best way to go to Paris, it’s the quickest and cheapest; it only takes 3 hours by TGV. Informations et reservation Tél. www.sncf.fr Public transport

  29. Taxi Taxi radio aixois Tel : 04 42 27 71 11 www.taxisradioaixois.com The transport of the disabled 60, bd la Pomme 13011 MarseilleTél. Public transport

  30. Banks are expensive, check the prices for various operations before opening your account, normally it’s only free to withdraw money from the cash points that belong to the same bank where you have your account. There are several campaigns in the beginning of September, because there are many new students moving in, so remember to ask for freebies when you open your account. Normally you have to book an appointment at the bank to open your account. It may take weeks to get your credit/debit card and chequebook, and it’s quite likely, that there will be problems; you just have to be patient and go to the bank to complain every time something comes up. Banks

  31. Open a bank account ( necessary for opening a fixed telephone line, and/or internet connection and for renting subvention ). So take care of opening your bank account in time, because otherwise it postpones other things you need to have done. The main thing you need from your bank is this little piece of paper called the RIB-code. It states your account number and 2-3 digit code called RIB Clé. This is the paper you need to have for France Télécom and for CAF. Be prepared that it might take a week to get the RIB-code after opening your account. Also make sure that you deposit money on your account right away, because your account does not activate before you have made a deposit. This means that they will only order your credit card and chequebook after your first deposit. To open an account you need : a deposit sum a passport or an identity card, or a photocopy of either a student card or an inscription form of the university a proof of domicile Banks

  32. The affiliation to the student social Securiy system (reserved for students less than 28 years old) give access to services from 1st October to next 30th September and costs around €186. It covers : 70% of medical expenses 35 to 65% of medicine Dental and eye care are only partially covered and reimbursement depends on prior agreement with social security sevices. Complementary social security cover: Student mutual insurance company For a relatively low fee the complementary student insurance scheme “mutuelles” offer extra health cover. They also cover for third party liability risks and are an accident and death insurance. For international students more than 28 years old: universal health coverage (CMU) free or not, depending on income. Health

  33. Compulsory health insurance : In France, health coverage is compulsory for all students. 1- It can be a health schema subscribed in the country of origin. European Economic Space citizens (European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Island, Liechtenstein) Reimbursement of medical costs can be claimed from the International Relations Office of the State Health Insurance Office(23 Rue Mathieu Stilatti 13301 Marseille cedex 3 / Tél : 04 91 11 50 70 ) enclosing the prescriptions, the “feuille de maladie” (from given by doctor to patient for forwarding to the social security) with “vignette de medicaments” (the price label on medicines for reimbursements by social security), as well as copy of the European Health Insurance Card and SE 401 Q 106 or SE 401 Q 104 printed forms, plus particulars of your bank account and proof of residence in France. Health

  34. 2 - French Social Security system affiliation for other nationalities, students under 28 years old : This procedure must be carried out on registration. www.ameli.fr Students have to choose between two student mutual insurance companies which will be their reimbursement centre. Student mutual insurance company (LMDE in French): www.lmde.com Tel : 3260 Address : 5 Rue des Allumettes, Aix en Provence Provence student mutual insurance company (MEP In French) : www.mep.fr Tel :0825 081 881 Adress : 2 Rue Reine Jeanne,Aix en Provence Health

  35. Preventive Medical service A medical examination and a conversation in order to find existing health problems which may trouble the student’s life. Vaccination checks Medical information centre in co-operation with other institutes (hospitals, etc...). Maladies Address : Centre de Medecine préventive, Les fenouillères (à côté du Restau U), Avenue Gaston Berger 13625 Aix en Provence Tél : 04 42 26 13 57 Listening to young people If you want to talk about your problems or if you have psychological concerns, there will be people to listen to you and to comfort you. Address : 37 Bis, boulevard Aristide Briand 13100 Aix en Provence Tél : 04 42 96 17 39 Health

  36. University sport and physical activities service This service offers : Dance– expression: modern dance, body voice and expression, society dances, dances world folklore, modern jazz, hip hop Gymnastics – relaxation: body and harmony, music and soft gym, stretching, aerobics Individual sports badminton, archery, tennis, ping pong, triathlon, squash Combat sports aikido, English and French boxing, fencing, judo, karate Outdoor sports athletics, cycling, orienteering, escalating, hiking, golf, mountain cycling Team sports baseball, basketball, football, handball, volleyball, rugby Water sports aqua gym, swimming, sport swimming, synchronized swimming, and water-polo. Sport

  37. Sports office is next to Amphi Est. Opening hours are on the door. Remember to subscribe in time, and ask for info booklet about all the timetables. For possibilities and timetables you can also look on the notice board in the corridor where amphitheatres are. You have first to subscribe at the office to get a sports card, and then go to the lesson with the card. You can do a maximum 2 sports / semester. The sports service is common for all the 3 universities in Aix, so there are lot of people to do sports, and the groups may be full. Some students have to get sports credits, so they have priority for the courses. Erasmus- students don’t get credits for sports. Some sports cost more, for instance golf, diving, and swimming. To do university sports you need : A medical certificate 2€ 2 passport photos Sport

  38. Les calanques La Sainte Victoire Going out Shopping Leisure

  39. O.T.U. (Organisation du Tourisme Universitaire) Student travel agency at “Cité des Gazelles” next to CROUS office This service offers tickets, travel insurances and car rentals for a cheap price for students. Site : www.otu.fr Leisure

  40. Visites dans les alentours Le « zoo de la Barben » : in Salon de Provence ( à 20km d’Aix en Provence) Le « château d’If » : in Marseille Le « parc naturel régional » in Camargue (Arles) Excursions en Provence Les villages (Luberon) Les Baux de Provence Saint Rémy de Provence/ la route des lavandes Marseille Marché de Lourmarin/Roussillon/Abbaye de Sénanque/Gordes La Montagne Sainte Victoire/la côte Bleue ( Les Calanques de Niolon, l’Estaque, Carry le Rouet) La sainte Baume/ Les Massifs de Provence/les Gorges du Verdon www.aixenprovencetourism.com Leisure

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