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System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

System Wide Information Management (SWIM). Segment 1 Details and Community of Interest Processes. RTCA 2007 Forum. Ahmad Usmani, SWIM Program Manager (Acting). September 18, 2007. SWIM is not : A set of avionics equipment A substitute for NAS modernization programs An FTI replacement.

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System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

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  1. System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Segment 1 Details and Community of Interest Processes RTCA 2007 Forum Ahmad Usmani, SWIM Program Manager (Acting) September 18, 2007

  2. SWIM is not: A set of avionics equipment A substitute for NAS modernization programs An FTI replacement SWIM is an information technology program that will operate in the background to provide seamless information to users who have a valid need for the data What is SWIM? SWIM will: • Lower information costs • Increase speed to establish new interfaces • Increase common situational awareness • Increase NAS agility

  3. Host ETMS WARP IDS/ERIDS ASDE FAA Systems ATOP ERAM STARS/ ARTS CIWS Inter-Agency SWIM Compliant Non-Government Systems SWIM Core Services SWIM Compliant Government Systems TMA TFM State of the System Business as Usual - More point-to-point unique interfaces - Costly development, test, maintenance, CM - New decisions linked to old data constructs - Cumbersome data access outside of NAS Today Enterprise Management - Existing point-to-point hardwired NAS - Unique interfaces, custom designs

  4. ASDE-X TFM planned to develop several unique interfaces to collect surface data With SWIM, TFM will have one interface to acquire the same data TDDS RVR EFSTS TDLS TFM TFM Communicating via SWIM: One Example


  6. Program Status • Joint Resources Council (JRC) Final Investment Decision was made on June 20 • Two-year baseline (FY09 and FY10) approved • SWIM will return to the JRC in FY09 for approval of the rest of Segment 1 (FY11-13) • A kick-off meeting with SWIM Implementing Programs (SIPs) was conducted July 17, 2007; next meeting to be held in October

  7. JRC Decision Requested (and Approved) • Approve Segment 1 baseline for FY09 – FY10 • Proceed with selection of COTS software for SWIM core services • Proceed with design of all Segment 1 capabilities • Proceed with initial deployment of the following Segment 1 capabilities: • SUA Automated Data Exchange • Flight Data Publication • CIWS Publication • In-service decisions are delegated to implementing programs • CIWS, ERAM, ITWS, AIM, TDDS, TFM, WMSCR

  8. SWIM Segment 1 COI Capabilities

  9. ARTCC ERAM ERAM ERAM NASR AIM COI FAA HQ Current SUA Status and SUA updates SUA updates ATCSCC FTI SAMS SUA updates

  10. F&FM: ERAM and Terminal SWIM ZDC WJHTC ATCSCC TFMS SAMS NORAD SUA Data Flight Data ICE Gateway (FTI) FTI Flight Data Flight Data ERAM TDDS TDLS EFSTS ARTCC ASDE-X RVR Terminal Cluster (TRACON & TOWER)

  11. WJHTC TFMS TPC F&FM: TFMS and Terminal SWIM ARTCC ERAM ZDC TFMS DRC Flow Data, Reroute Data Flow Information, Surface, & Reroute Data (Backup Data) FTI Surface Data TDDS Flow Information, RVR, and Reroute Data TDLS EFSTS AOCs AOCs ASDE-X RVR Terminal Cluster (TRACON & TOWER)

  12. FTI Gateway Weather COI VOLPE WJHTC ITWS ARTCC CIWS ITWS products ERAM CIWS Products NWS PIREPs ITWS, CIWS, WMSCR products FTI ITWS, CIWS, WMSCR products PIREPs & Altimeter data NNCC AOCs WMSCR

  13. SWIM High-Level Program Schedule Note: This schedule does not show risk-adjusted dates.

  14. FY08 Goals • Complete SWIM Service Specification Document (SvSD) • Validate current Segment 1 approach via prototyping at WJHTC and select commercial product(s) to provide required SWIM Core Services capabilities • Begin Segment 2 Definitization • Prepare for FY09 return to JRC for Segment 1 Baseline FY11-FY13

  15. Community of Interest Process

  16. COI Concept • Guidance for Implementing Net-Centric Data Sharing: • DoD 8320.02-G, 12 Apr 06 • Definition of COI “a collaborative group of users who must exchange information in pursuit of their shared goals, interests, missions or business processes and who therefore must have [a] shared vocabulary for the information they exchange”

  17. COI Definition • Community of Interest = core community of processing systems plus the stakeholders that require access to the derived product information • Based on information needs, not systems • To support SWIM Segment 1, three COIs were identified: • Aeronautical Information Management • Flight and Flow Management • Weather

  18. COI Participants • COI Leadership • Leads are domain system engineers • COI Membership • Producers of Information • Consumers of Information • Stakeholders • Advisory Members • SMEs, as needed

  19. COI Process 4. Fiscal Year funding is appropriated to the SWIM Program Office 3. SWIM Program Office performs budget formulation function 5. SWIM Program Office establishes Service Level Agreements with performing Directorates and/or Service Units w/cost, schedule, funding, metrics, and oversight mechanisms SWIM Program Office 2. COI Leads provide cost, schedule, and technical requirements to the SWIM Program Office 1. SWIM Program Office establishes and supports COI teams to develop Concept of Use, requirements, and planning activities. COI teams staffed by front line service units COI-1 COI-2 COI-3 COI-4 COI-5 ATO-T ATO-W ATO-E ATO-R

  20. Cross COI Objectives • Address Cross COI/Cross Domain Issues • Exchange “lessons learned” • Work scheduling issues • Introduce SWIM Technical/Policy Guidance and receive COI feedback • Interface with FAA Enterprise Architecture Board (EAB), Chief Systems Engineers, and JPDO • Align SWIM Implementation with NextGen goals • Provide responses to JPDO and EAB requests for information

  21. COI Plans Beyond SWIM Segment 1 • Possible Future COIs • Surveillance • NAS Management • Future SWIM Segment Development • Identify candidate functions for future SWIM segments • Help develop business cases for new functions

  22. Reminder • COIs are bigger than SWIM • SWIM was the first program to benefit from the COI process • Many other programs and activities can benefit from the COI process and from the COIs that have already been established

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