Automatic landing pad prepared by saluki engineering company team 63 sec project s11 63 icaruslp
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Automatic landing pad prepared by saluki engineering company team 63 sec project s11 63 icaruslp


The landing pad will be composed of three main system groups. A power system will be responsible for the collection of solar energy at a rate sufficient to recover 71 Wh within four to six hours, and its delivery to the vehicle at a rate sufficient to meet a one hour charge time. A control system will be responsible for accurate and timely navigation/guidance of the vehicle during the location and landing process, as well as subsequent power supply sequencing. Finally, a mechanical system will be required to house and weatherproof the other components of the landing pad and to provide the device with a practical means of transport to and from the field. Each of these systems can be conceptually composed of subsystems based on the primary roles of the system.

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Automatic Landing PadPrepared By: Saluki Engineering Company Team 63SEC Project #: S11-63-ICARUSLP

Scheduling Information

Team Members:

Cory Fulkerson (ME,PM)

John Graham (CpE)

Clayton Hooks (EE)

O’RaphaelOkoro (EE)

Tyler Wilson (ME)


An increased need has arisen for UAV technology and the support technology to increase the functionality of these devices. The ICARUS quad rotor UAV is designed to provide the ability for mobile surveillance, meteorology, and other applications. One drawback of the craft is the total flight time which decreases its effective mission capabilities. The ICARUS Landing Pad is designed to extend the range and increase the mission duration of the ICARUS UAV by providing a lightweight and mobile charging station for use in the field.

Organizational Diagram

Requirements and Progress