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The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea. The Code Hero. In the face of. Definition. In the face of. Examples of Courage. in a life of hardship lonely: wife is dead, but he keeps on living  he is not afraid to be alone takes his small skiff miles from shore by himself. Examples of Honor.

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The Old Man and the Sea

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  1. The Old Man and the Sea The Code Hero

  2. In the face of Definition In the face of

  3. Examples of Courage • in a life of hardship • lonely: wife is dead, but he keeps on living  he is not afraid to be alone • takes his small skiff miles from shore by himself

  4. Examples of Honor • in the face of misfortune • when he and Manolin discuss the imaginary meal, he always refuses charity  he says he has yellow rice and fish because of his honor • mandolin wanted to give 4 fresh sardines, but Santiago could accept only 2

  5. Examples of Endurance • In the face of pain • The rope cut Santiago’s right hand in the crease of his hand • The line cut Santiago’s face • The line cut Santiago’s left hand when the fish made a run

  6. Examples of Endurance • In the face of pain • The pull of the line made Santiago’s back stiff • Holding the line constantly caused his left hand to cramp

  7. Endurance • In the face of pain • Santiago endures this ‘suffering’ without giving in • The fish pulls for 2 ½ days, yet Santiago stays with him

  8. Honor • In a life full of stress • Santiago’s pride keeps him from giving up on the fish • Santiago attributes the fish’s fight to pride • The fish is more ‘honorable’ than other people

  9. Strength • In a life of stress • The arm wrestling match • The blood from the fingernails • Santiago’s ‘steady’ pushing down of his opponents arm

  10. Strength • In a the face of danger • As Santiago pulls in the line • The fish could easily cut the line • The fish jumps, but Santiago’s strength never weakens

  11. Strength • In a life of stress • Santiago physically seemed defeated when the marlin circled • Santiago ‘moved’ the fish with each pull • Santiago pushed the harpoon into the marlin’s heart ‘with all his remaining strength’

  12. Courage • In the face of misfortune and life of stress • The mako shark: Santiago fought managed to push the harpoon into the sharks head as it came up to bite chunks from the marlin • Santiago lashed his knife to an oar and used it on the shovel-noses after he lost his harpoon • Santiago used an oar as a club when his knife broke

  13. Honor • In a life of stress • Santiago’s pride shows when he walks up the hill • Just like always, Santiago went into his hut and dreamt of the lions—a major symbol of pride in this novel • The other fishermen commented on how great a fish it was, and transfer that respect to Santiago

  14. Themes: Nature • Santiago’s journey shows how harsh and unforgiving the natural world can be • Antagonists: • Jellyfish • Storms (from hurricane weather) • The sun • The marlin (the ultimate struggle in the novel)

  15. Nature • Santiago succeeds in the struggle against the marlin, but Nature doesn’t give up • Sharks continually attack the marlin after Santiago ‘won’ the battle • Nature continues to battle against Santiago • Ultimately, Santiago loses his battle with nature—he returns to shore with just the skeleton of the fish

  16. Old Age: Loneliness • The man must fish alone throughout the novel • Many times he wishes for the boy • He can count only on the natural world to provide companionship

  17. Old Age: Weakness • The old man struggles with his declining weakness throughout the novel • His first pulls on the rope do nothing to move the fish • When the fish circles, still it takes hours to haul in the massive bulk

  18. Old Age: Weakness • Santiago’s strength is evident in his younger days (the hand game) • That same strength is not entirely gone • His remaining strength is primarily what keeps him independent in his old age

  19. Pride • Santiago’s pride is restored at the end of the novel • Santiago remained proud despite the destruction of the fish by the sharks • Santiago refused to look at the fish after it had been mutilated—he preferred to remember the fish in all its glory

  20. Symbols • The marlin: represents Santiago • Santiago refers to the fish repeatedly as his brother or friend • The fish has ‘great dignity’ • No one is ‘worthy’ of eating the fish • Santiago realizes this is the greatest fish he has ever caught • The marlin contains all the traits of the code hero

  21. Symbols • Santiago: represents everyone who chooses to live independently • The characteristics of the code hero separate the old man from the other fishermen • Contrast Santiago with the old man Manolin has to fish with • Santiago does not have bad eyes • Santiago is kind • Santiago is trusting • Santiago wishes for help, but does not really need it

  22. Symbols • The bloody hands • Represent suffering • Every hero must endure suffering without complaint

  23. Symbols • The sail and mast • Upside down, they are the burden Santiago must carry everyday of his life • The code hero shoulders his ‘cross’ without complaint • Notice how Santiago even stumbles on the hill leading up to his hut

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