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The Old Man and the Sea Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The Old Man and the Sea Project

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The Old Man and the Sea Project
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The Old Man and the Sea Project

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  1. The Old Man and the Sea Project By: Elyssa Creef

  2. Romanticism • The old man states that the sea is his friend and cares for “her” and that “she” cannot help the bad things that she sometimes does. • Old man thinks that the sea will not harm him if he does well to “her”. • He does not want to think that the sea might take his life one day • The old man tells himself these things because he does not want to face reality with certain aspects of his life.

  3. Romanticism Quotes • “But the old man always thought of her as a feminine and as something that gave or withheld great favours, and if she did wild or wicked things it was because she could not help them.” Pg. 30. • “He always thought of the sea as la mar which is what the people call her is Spanish when they love her.”Pg. 29. • “The moon affects her as it does a woman, he thought.” Pg. 30.

  4. Romanticism Details • The old man wants to see some aspects in his life in his own way and in a “sugar coated” way rather than seeing these aspects for what they really are.

  5. Realism • The old man when he criticizes himself constantly by stating bad things. • He tells himself that he is stupid and a thoughtless old man. • He tells himself that the strength of his old body is weak. • He tells himself his hands are weak. • Wishes and realizes he needs the boy.

  6. Realism Quotes • “I wish I had the boy,” the old man said aloud. “I’m being towed by a fish and I’m the towing bitt.”Pg.45. • “Why was I not born with good hands? he thought. Perhaps it was my fault in not training that one properly.” Pg. 85. • You’re stupid.” he told himself.” Pg.85 • “If I had brains I would have splashed water on the bow all day and drying, it would have made salt, he thought” Pg. 80.

  7. Realism Details • Santiago finally realizes when he is out on the sea that he is alone and to weak to caught large fish anymore without the boy.