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symbolism in the old man and the sea n.
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Symbolism in “ The Old Man and the Sea” PowerPoint Presentation
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Symbolism in “ The Old Man and the Sea”

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Symbolism in “ The Old Man and the Sea”
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Symbolism in “ The Old Man and the Sea”

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  1. Symbolism in “The Old Man and the Sea”

  2. Symbolism • Definition: Something which represents something else by analogy or association.

  3. Lions in culture • Nowadays Lions frequently appear in pop culture. They are featured in multiple blockbuster films such as “the chronicles of narnia”, “Madagascar” and of course, the Disney hit “lion King”. • In numerous cultures the lion symbolizes ferocity, great strength and royalty. • As a zodiac symbol - those with the sign of Leo likely possess some liontraits such as: • self-confidence • controlling and passionate attitude • Independent • In medieval European kingdoms, such as the tribe of the Judah, the lion was represented as the “king of beasts” on shields and flags. • In Egypt, the Sphinx is an ancient symbol, which is the guardian of pharaoh’s temple

  4. Lions in literature and art • Literature is replete with lions. A famous lion is the Cowardly Lion from the children’s novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by Frank Baum. • The lion appears in the most ancient sculptures of Babylonia. Sculptured lions stand at the entrances of some modern buildings, such as the Art Institute of Chicago.

  5. Old Man • Old Man: wise, experienced, prudent. Santiago represents the patience, humility and the good will of Christ. In order to prove that he’s not a weak and useless old man, Santiago sails out to sea to catch a giant Marlin.

  6. Young Man • Young Man: vigorous, full of dreams, inexperienced, optimistic, enthusiastic.

  7. Young Man Manolinrepresents a disciple of Jesus. He isSantiago’s apprentice; heloves Santiago and tries helping him.

  8. Sea symbolism • Amajor symbol in the novel is the sea. It stands for all that is undiscovered in life, the metaphorical sea which man must sail on. • The sea is always mysterious and spontaneous. • It can be smooth and calm or it can be aggressive, stormy and destructive.

  9. Fishing Fish Symbolic of kindness, patience, determination of Christianity.

  10. Santiago battling the Marlin

  11. Thank you for listening!