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Gulf States

Gulf States

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Gulf States

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  1. Gulf States Christina Durano, Alex Lasky, Amera Ratliff, and Gabe Steinmeyer 12/4/12

  2. Executive Summary • Saudi Arabia: • Women will be permitted in the Saudi Arabian government next year separated by a screen • Legislative branch (Shura): Consultative Council • Unsure how many would be permitted • Qatar • Financing of Terrorist Organizations in the Middle East • Bahrain • Experiencing Anti-Regime Protests • UAE • A UAE Islamist group, Al-Islah, denies it has an armed wing.

  3. Saudi Arabia History: • Separation of men and women is based on Sharia (Islamic law) from the Qur’an and hadith • If the topic is not discussed in the Qur’an, many assume it is forbidden • Such as women driving • Princess Adila is a supporter of women driving and women’s rights • Current King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is a reformer • Allows women to go to US to study • Causes educated women to return to Saudi with no job • High unemployment for women • Will allow women to vote in the 2015 municipal elections (announced in 2011) • Electronic tracking on women crossing borders: SMS sent to male guardians Projection: • Women will continue to have reforms under King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud • Successor of King Abdulaziz is Mutaib bin Abdullah who is looking to reform SANG (Saudi Arabian National Guard) to allow women soldiers • Constant battle between what is part of culture and what is part of religion • Whether women having specific positions is permitted

  4. Qatar • Financing of Terrorism • Hamas – annual budget est. $70 million • Al Qaeda – annual budget est. $30 million Sources of Funding for Terrorist Organizations • Funding from Arab supporters • Contributions through Islamic charities (est. 50%) • Criminal Activity • Projections • Continued aid to Gaza and attempts to shape Arab and public opinion both publically and privately • Strained relations with the United States if visible support of Hamas continues • Possible negotiating role in talks between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority *Qatar GDP: $170.7 billion (2011 est.)

  5. Bahrain History: • Began as apart of the “Arab Spring” protests. • Movement initially called for greater political freedom and equality for the majority Shia population. • Now calls for an end to the Al Khalifa Dynasty, end of discrimination, establishment of justice and a democratically-elected government as well as freedom of detained protesters. • On October 30th the Bahraini government imposed a ban on all protest gatherings. • The Persian Gulf Cooperation Council has provided police and military aid to King Hamad • As of 11/26 the Government has revoked citizenship from 31 activists. • Saeedal-Shehabi, Ali Mushaima, Jawad and Jalal Fairooz , as well as clerics, human rights lawyers and other activists. • Dozens of people have been killed, hundreds are still missing, and thousands of protesters have been injured so far. Projections: • Expect the protests to continue and clashes against protesters to intensify. • The Government has shown willingness to quell the protests. • Don’t expect open revolt as of yet. Shia’s comprise 70% of Bahrain’s 525,000 or 367,500 March 9th, 2012 protest was attended by over 100,000 citizens

  6. United Arab Emirates Current Issue: The UAE and the Jordanian Joint Committee held their first meeting November 19. The two states discussed UAE support in Jordan. Background: • UAE is responding to protests in Jordan over 53% increase in fuel prices. • Price increase due to pipeline attacks from Egypt to Jordan. • Egypt makes up approximately 80% of Jordan’s power generation. • December 2011: 2-day summit to Riyadh, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) voted $5 billion fund over 5 years for Jordan and Morocco • Saudi Arabia refused to repeat $1.4 billion cash injection to Jordan. Projections: The UAE will offer the bulk of support to Jordan. This will help make Jordan less reliant on Egypt which will strengthen the Western-backed kingdom. By maintaining Jordan’s kingdom, emirates will retain close ties with other Arab kingdoms in order to contain pro-democratic states in the Arab world.

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