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Final Project

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Final Project. By: Kayla Clay. Description.

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final project

Final Project

By: Kayla Clay

  • My project will reflect a goal of mine as well as a few things I like. I’m placing a few of my favorite video game characters on a George Mason backdrop. The characters represent what I want to do as a career, which is create video games while the George Mason background represents how that goal will be accomplished since my major is computer game design. At first I was going to create a whole new piece but after the thought process and the description it sounds like I’m redoing the montage project because I’m putting together a lot of different things in one project. I’m searching the internet for images of the characters and I walked around campus at various times of the day for the perfect scene for the characters. I know most people won’t recognize and know which game the characters are from so I will try to find the most important character. For the Pokémon series Pikachu is the mascot. Assassin’s Creed series the trademark “hooded character/assassin”. Saint’s Row trilogy is harder to pick up because it’s a game about a gang and their color is purple so I will just use the logo that can be tagged during the game placed on a building or something. I will use the main character, Master Chief, from the Halo series. A farmer from the farm simulation role-playing game Harvest Moon. For The Sims I will use the signature “plumbob”. Last but not least the raccoon thief Sly Cooper from the Sly Cooper series. I will have each character or trademark doing what they do best and placed strategically in the picture, kind of like a where’s Waldo. I’m thinking of having the background be in black and white while the characters are in color so they stand out.
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