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Oracle E-Business Suite: Asset Lifecycle Management Strategy and Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle E-Business Suite: Asset Lifecycle Management Strategy and Roadmap

Oracle E-Business Suite: Asset Lifecycle Management Strategy and Roadmap

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Oracle E-Business Suite: Asset Lifecycle Management Strategy and Roadmap

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  1. September 28 –October 2, 2014San Francisco Oracle E-Business Suite: Asset Lifecycle Management Strategy and Roadmap Jennifer AllenSenior Manager Product Strategy, Oracle Sudharsan Krishnamurthy (Kris)Senior Director EBS Development, Oracle Chuck Armbruster, CMRP, Corporate Reliability Engineering Manager, The J.M. Smucker Company

  2. Program Agenda 1 2 3 Strategy Overview Asset Lifecycle Management Investment Priorities Customer Engagement

  3. Program Agenda 1 2 3 Strategy Overview Asset Lifecycle Management Investment Priorities Customer Engagement

  4. Strategy Overview 1 The Maintenance Landscape Challenges & Constraints Winning with Modern Maintenance Benefits and Customer Results Your Invitation 2 3 4 5

  5. Aging workforce, unattractiveness of plant floor workspace and the lack of skilled resources in the marketplace will be emerging as top challenges. A battle among companies to obtain and retain the best skills will be evident.” ‘’ Worldwide Manufacturing Industry 2014 Top 10 Predictions IDC Manufacturing Insights Source: Worldwide Manufacturing Industry 2014 Top 10 Predictions, IDC Manufacturing Insights

  6. Maintenance in the 21st Century What’s changed? Smart Machines Cloud Technologies Aging Workforce Mobile Technologies Analyzing Big Data Additive Manufacturing

  7. This slide was created before for a deck from SCM team. Have used the same design for consistency. Digital Value Chains of the 21st Century New challenges and opportunities How can companies modernize maintenance to leverage the digital value chain? Security Globalization Convergence Transparency Data Explosion Connectivity

  8. Why Implement an Enterprise Asset Management Strategy? 68% Reduction In Costs In maintaining and extending the life of existing assets 66% Manage and Identify Risk To respond to events before they become crises 58% Decision Support To extract data to support asset management decisions 57% 52% Optimize Processes To standardize maintenance approaches across global facilities Changing Company Culture Leverage new technology to align maintenance objectives to financial performance Source: Asset Management Practices, Investments and Challenges, 2014-2019,

  9. Technology Investments: The Future is Here New challenges & opportunities for maintenance Mobile The Internet of Things Cloud Services $1+ trillion in mobile ecommerce revenue by 2017 $200+ billion in cloud services revenue by 2015 $290+ billion in Machine-to-Machine revenue by 2017 Big Data Social Business $17+ billion in Big Data revenue by 2015 $29+ billion in social media revenue by 2015

  10. Confronting Maintenance Challenges What’s really going on? Technology is Driving Fundamental Changes for Maintenance Professionals Increased Focus on Risk, Safety and Sustainability Pressure to Reduce Maintenance Costs “Asset performance has become an increasingly important aspect of manufacturing profitability.”* Dan Miklovic, LNS Research, 2014 “World-class manufacturers understand that IoT changes the game going forward.” Dan Miklovic, LNS Research 2014 Lifecycle cost reduction and identifying and managing risk are the largest expected benefits from asset management. Asset Management Practices Investments and Challenges, 2014-2019, Source: KPMG Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014

  11. Critical Maintenance Imperatives Familiar challenges, more pressure to overcome Risk Management and Safety Technology and the Aging Workforce Costs and Productivity Sustainability “Risk management is inextricably linked to asset lifecycle management, manufacturing operations, environmental, health and safety performance and sustainability.”3 “Next-gen EH&S management includes increased integration with other software systems such as ERP to better streamline it and further incorporate it into overall sustainability management.”4 68% cite asset lifecycle cost reduction as the top reason for implementing an EAM strategy.1 “In the maintenance fields, the problem of the aging workforce is compounded by a low number of young people choosing these relatively uncoolprofessions.”2 “ “ “ “ How can we ensure consistency with our plant and equipment processes across various functions and facilities? How can we leverage new technologies available to be more efficient and responsive? How can we manage our energy consumption better in our facilities? How can we lower the cost of maintaining an asset to extend its life? Sources: 1Asset Management Practices, Investments and Challenges, 2014-2019, ;; 3LNS Research Blog; 4LNS Research Blog,

  12. Modern Maintenance Control Costs and Improve Productivity Knowledge Capture and Insight An enterprise approach to asset management can result in increased system reliability, extension of the life of current assets and lower service costs Powerful new technological capabilities give workers new visibility and insight to capture and optimize maintenance operations and processes 1 2 Value Chain 4 3 Manage Risk and Ensure Safety Promote Sustainability Reduce energy use and enhance environmental sustainability by more effectively managing real estate assets Provide visibility and control over critical assets that affect risk, compliance and business performance

  13. Control Costs and Improve Productivity Optimize asset usage with improved business processes Increase the Return on Assets and Enhance Operational Efficiency Insightful Visible Integrated • Gather and analyze data about asset operations to move from corrective to preventative to predictive maintenance Reduce cost & risk to improve margins with integrated facilities Fully integratedata, processes, resources and schedules to improve plant and service productivity

  14. Knowledge Capture and Insight Empower facility workers with the latest technology to capture best practices and processes Capture Institutional Knowledge and Standardize Processes Across Global Facilities Improved Continuously Actionable Prioritizing • Empower workers at all levels with live performance analytics and reports • Give executives insightful dashboardsof data to steer business decisions across global facilities • Optimize resource utilization and control costs with a prioritized view of operations • Continuously drive excellence & growth with the latest toolsto monitor, measure, and improve decision-making and performance management

  15. Manage Risk and Ensure Safety Comply with regulations and ensure a safe yet efficient work environment Integrate and Standardize Health and Safety Practices and Proactively Manage Risk Identify Assess Strategic • Evaluate the likelihood and impact of adverse events occurring so that organizations can respond quickly and efficiently to disruptions • Identify and track hazards across people, processes, assets, suppliers and products • Greater asset reliability has a direct impact on profitability and on operational costs

  16. Promote Sustainability Save energy and manage risk with predictive maintenance strategies Improve Facility Uptime and Responsiveness Which Impacts Sustainability Governed Accurate Timely • Obtain accurate and comprehensive reports on energy consumption throughout global sites • Achieve complianceby enforcinggovernance & business policies across the global facilities • React quickly and decisively to plant disruptions with alerts and dashboards with real-time information

  17. Modern Deployments Enabling a phased approach to fit your business Cloud On-Premise • Rapid • Complete • Configurable • Low TCO • Secure • Simple • Fast • Personalized • Predictable Cost • Secure

  18. Value of Oracle Maintenance Growth 30% 156% $81M 33% 5% 30% Increased Productivity (E&C) ROI Through Better Cost Management and Manufacturing Efficiency (Oil & Gas) Increase in Asset Availability (Mining) Savings Projected Over Seven Years (Steel) Improved Maintenance Repair Time (Utilities) Extended the Life of Assets (E&C) Cost Reduction 30% Reduced Maintenance Cost (Natural Resources) 40% Reduced TCO (E&C) 40% Reduction in Equipment Breakdowns (E&C) 2.4% Reduction in Overall Operating Costs (E&C) $5M Savings In Hardware and Facility Expenses (High Tech) Savings in Facility Management Costs (Steel) $11M

  19. Why Choose Oracle We help companies succeed GartnerTop 25 Supply Chains of 2014 Gartner Top 25 Supply Chains of 2014 Oracle wins Interbrand’sBest Global Brands 2013 Ranking 2014 Fast Company’sMost Innovative Companies 2014 MIT Technology Review– 50 Smartest Companies 2014 Gartner Top 25 Supply Chains of ‘14 Oracle wins 2014 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Leadership Award 2014 Customer Leadership Award 2014 GartnerTop 25 Supply Chains of 2014 Forbes 2013 World’s Most Innovative Companies

  20. Oracle Maintenance Customer Success Knowledge Capture and Insight Control Costs and Improve Productivity Risk Management and Safety Sustainability “Over the next 8 to 10 years, averda intends to move into 50 new cities, and we see Oracle Enterprise Asset Management as the most flexible, scalable maintenance strategy framework to improve preventive and contracted maintenance integration, responsiveness, and accuracy in those new locations.” Saves up to $5M in capital expenditure spend and facility costs "With Oracle Enterprise Asset Management, we have standardized our processes and increased confidence in the data our employees use to make daily manufacturing and maintenance decisions." Oracle Enterprise Asset Management contributes to OSHU’s sustainability efforts by helping to monitor its energy usage and consumption so it can find ways to reduce its overall energy spend. 156% ROI due to cost management and improved worker productivity.

  21. Key Takeaways: Winning with Modern Maintenance Core strategies to drive transformation Empower Drive profitability by controlling costs and improving productivity 1 Control Empower workers with the latest technology to capture best practices and processes 2 3 Proactively manage risk and ensure safety and compliance 4 Promote and align maintenance processes with corporate sustainability initiatives Align Proactive

  22. Your Invitation What’s possible with modern maintenance? Let’s get started. 1 Visit 2 Meet with customers at the next Oracle Value Chain Summit 3 Talk to us about a demo 4 A value assessment with our business consultants

  23. Oracle Applications: Current Release and Roadmap Oracle E-Business Suite Asset Lifecycle Management • Usability Improvements • PM Generation now available in OAF/HTML • eAM Reports now available in OAF/HTML • Improved UI Components • Linear Asset Management (LAM) Support • Asset Definition & WO Enhancements • Capture & Manage Linear Properties • Asset Route & Costing Enhancements • Enhanced Spatial Integration • Customer Driven Enhancements • Construction Estimates Improvements • eAM Extensions for Endeca V5 • Mobile(Smart Phone/Tablet) Apps • ADF Mobile Applications • Support for Connected Mode • Maintenance Technician App • Maintenance Supervisor App • Support for Collection Plans • Usability Improvements • Selective conversion of Forms to OAF/HTML • Improved UI components/simplified navigation • Linear Asset Management (LAM) Support • API/Interfaces Enhancements • Support for Express Work Order • Map Stabilization • Customer Driven Enhancements • Work Request Enhancements • Support for Attachment Printing • eAM Extensions for Endeca V6 • Overall Functional Enhancements • Google Glass App for Maintenance • Scheduler Modifications • Rebuildables Improvements • PM Definition Enhancements • Enhanced Fleet Support • Enhanced Primavera Integration • Shared Services Maintenance • Customer Driven Enhancements • Mobile(Smart Phone/Tablet) Apps • ADF Mobile Applications • Support for Disconnected Mode • Usability Improvements • Selective conversion of Forms to OAF/HTML • Improved UI components/simplified navigation • eAM Extensions for Endeca Enhancements • Oracle EAM Analytics Enhancements Release 12.2.4August 2014 What’s Next 0-12 month planning cycle Future DirectionsPost 12 month planning cycle Restricted to event use only.

  24. Program Agenda 1 2 3 Strategy Overview Asset Lifecycle Management Investment Priorities Customer Engagement

  25. Oracle E-Business Suite Asset Lifecycle Management Investment Priorities • User Experience Innovation • Functional Innovation • Operational Efficiency

  26. User Experience Innovation EBS Extensions for Oracle Endeca Smartphone Apps UX Strategy Simplified User Interfaces Tablet Optimization

  27. Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca

  28. The Quest for Information Order Fulfillment Manager I want quickly act on the issues that impact timely and accurate fulfillment of customer orders Project Manager I want to identify late tasks before they affect project deadlines and budgets Receivables Manager I want to know and act on automated processing issues sooner to speed invoicing and collections Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  29. Oracle E-Business Suite Endeca Server Handling More Data Much Faster $ WO PO SO $ PO EBS Database EBS ENDECA EBS Applications

  30. Out-of-the-box Security and UI Integration Utilizes E-Business Suite Security Org ID Security E-business suite extensions for endeca Seamless Navigation

  31. Transforming Business To … REQUIREMENTS RESOLVE MEASURE Information- Driven Business PRIORITIZE IDENTIFY

  32. eAM Home Page

  33. Information Driven Navigation

  34. Familiar Consumer Search Experience

  35. A Conversation with Your DataEach Answer Informs the Next Question You Ask

  36. A Conversation with Your DataEach Answer Informs the Next Question You Ask

  37. View Transactions Details

  38. Smartphone Applications

  39. Oracle Mobile Maintenance for Oracle E-Business Suite Maintenance for EBSOracle America, Inc. • Technicians can view and execute maintenance work on the go • iOS and Android • EBS 12.1.3 and 12.2.3 and above • No additional costs for users of existing base licensed product: Oracle Enterprise Asset Management For app availability, check MOS Doc 1641772.1or search ‘Oracle America EBS’ on app store. Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  40. Mobile Maintenance View and Execute Work on the Go View and complete assigned work, including issuing material and charging time View and search work orders and assets Complete operations and work orders View asset summary including work history, failures, meter readings, and location Record asset meter readings Create simple work orders and work requests

  41. Springboard Current user name displayed at top of the springboard page. Springboard icon opens springboard for user to navigate to other page flows. Click Springboard icon to choose different flow Click on work order or asset option

  42. Operations and Materials Easily view operations assigned and take action View details, charge time and complete operation View material requirements Issue allocated materials

  43. Work Order Details and Actions View list of work based on status, name, description or asset number Add failure details and meter readings View over due work for your department View work order details and complete work Quickly fill out work completion details

  44. Asset Details and Actions View asset details and work history Quickly take actions on assets Create simple work orders Record meter readings

  45. Work Order and Assets Search Search work orders based on key words or by scanning asset number Search assets based on key words or by scanning asset number Use predefined criteria to find work orders View search results Find assets by using barcode

  46. Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted Barcode Scanner for Asset and Work search Scan assets for search In work order search page to view work orders for that asset Asset search page to view details of assets

  47. Tablet Optimization

  48. Oracle E-Business Suite on iPad OA Framework Certified on iOS Safari Browser Key Benefits • All OA Framework Applications are certified with Apple iPad • Enterprise Asset Management • HR Self-Service • Projects time entry • iProcurement • Order Information Portal • Etc... • All EBS Extensions for Oracle Endeca on iPad