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Speech & Language Professional Learning Community

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Speech & Language Professional Learning Community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Speech & Language Professional Learning Community. 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 11/4/2011. Meeting Outcomes. A common understanding of SLP licensure and SB-CEU opportunities A shared overview of explicit instruction, sensitive and specific assessments, and SLP “hot topics”

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speech language professional learning community

Speech & LanguageProfessional Learning Community

8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


meeting outcomes
Meeting Outcomes
  • A common understanding of SLP licensure and SB-CEU opportunities
  • A shared overview of explicit instruction, sensitive and specific assessments, and SLP “hot topics”
  • Examples of SLP appraisal systems
  • Networking- each SLP will make one new connection 
  • Working together to define this year’s PLC
2011 12 plc 1 friday november 4 th 8 30am 11 30am cacc rooms 605 606
2011-12 PLC #1: Friday, November4th8:30am-11:30am(CACC rooms 605 & 606)


  • Graduate Interns - Katie Strong, M.S.U.
  • Licensure- Ellen Gehl, Ingham ISD
  • C.E.U.s (P.L.C.s / intern supervision)
  • Assistive Technology: I.E.P.s and beyond, Phil Booth, Ingham ISD
  • Hottest CSD Topics & Fitting RtI into a Heavy Workload
  • Great ideas
  • Assessments that demonstrate sensitivity and specificity
  • SLP appraisal (evaluation) examples / individual SLP goals examples, Pam Kliewer, Okemos
  • Explicit Instruction
  • Defining our PLC journey for 2011-2012
graduate student interns
Graduate Student Interns
  • Katie Strong, M.A., CCC-SLP

ASHA Program Director

Communicative Sciences and Disorders


licensure for speech language pathologists
Licensure for Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Ellen Gehl, MSHA 2011 Co-V-P for SLP-Public Schools

(and our Ingham ISD SLP) 

    • www.michiganspeechhearing.org
sb c e u s nontraditional activities
SB-C.E.U.s: Nontraditional Activities
  • P.L.C. meetings
    • 3 hours long- sign in/sign out
    • Attend a minimum of 4 out of 6 P.L.C. meetings = 3.0 SB-CEUs
  • Supervising Graduate Interns / Mentors
    • The principal signature is a requirement of the state for the form. 
    • You cannot fax the forms - originals need to be in the state files for audit
assistive technology
Assistive Technology
  • Phil Booth, Assistive Technology Consultant, Ingham ISD
    • Technology ideas for supporting our students in reading, writing, speaking, listening
ipad support group
Ipad Support Group
  • Ellen Gehl & Phil Booth
  • Piggybacking at least 2 PLCs
year in review speech language plcs 2010 2011
Year in ReviewSpeech & Language PLCs 2010-2011
  • January 7th

1. SLP Role in the RtI Process (Example: Carmichael-Howell “The Amazing Race”

(ASHA Website Search)

  2. What is my current role in literacy?

  3. A word from our speaker, Dr. Liz Crawford, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

  • February 24th

1. Dr. Liz Crawford: Literacy skill set and potential role of the SLP within a multi-

level prevention RtI system.

  • February 25th

1. Dr. Liz Crawford: Began developing the potential role of the SLP at the building &

district levels. 2. Next steps: Literacy & data-driven instruction (resources for evidence-based practices in


  • May 16th
  • Schools who have been successful with implementing new role for SLPs, share experience, success, and process
  • What has worked, not worked with new role and being advocates?
  • How has your role changed if at all?
  • What activities have been successful?

In what ways has last year’s PLCs influenced your current thinking as a school-based SLP?

  • How has your role as an SLP evolved since last year?
  • Building and district-

level evolution?

  • Success stories & challenges?
learning walks slps learning together
Learning Walks: SLPs Learning Together
  • Handouts by Dr. Kevin Feldman (Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices)
  • Group Discussion & Report Out:
    • In what ways do these handouts apply to the role of the SLP?
    • Identify ways in which these handouts can be put into practice.
  • www.scoe.org/reading
  • www.centeroninstruction.org
  • http://www.rtinetwork.org/

Group Discussion & Report Out:

    • In what ways do these handouts apply to the role of the SLP?
    • Identify ways in which these handouts can be put into practice.

-Learning walk observation

-Sharing our tools with other SLPs

-Sharing this information with staff to utilize SLPs more strategically

-How are SLPs collaborating with classroom teachers on same goals as core reading programs- East Lansing

-Active engagement- Anita Archer- www.explicitinstruction.org video clips to encourage active engagement in therapy sessions


hottest csd topics
Hottest CSD Topics
  • The ASHA Leader, March 15, 2011
how to fit rti into a heavy workload
How to Fit RtI into a Heavy Workload
  • The ASHA Leader, August 30, 2011
great ideas
Great Ideas
  • Group Discussion

Generate at least 3 “great ideas” to report out…(i.e. service delivery,

data collection, scheduling, team process, intervention,

organizational or time-saving tips, etc.)

-Scheduling (block schedule arranged in June with principal- grade levels not in specials during a block of time. Service delivery-Reading Street- pull out. Vs. push-in…teacher/principal influence). Start small- K scheduling success)

  • Targeting vocabulary-6 minute solution, students unable to read words they don’t know. Vocab exercises targeting specific words.
  • -Reading Street- vocabulary targeted during intervention
  • -Increasing active engagement-students graphing progress on graphs in speech folders. Where am I now..want to be next month…
assessments sensitivity specificity
Assessments: Sensitivity & Specificity

--CELF-4 Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-4

--CELF-P Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-P

--PLS-4 Preschool Language Scales-4

--TEGI Test of Early Grammatical Impairment

--TELC-E Test of Language Competence- Expanded

--TNL Test of Narrative Language

--PEST Patterned Elicitation Syntax Test

--SPELT-3 Structured Photographic Expressive Language Test-3

--SPELT-P Structured Photographic Expressive Language Test-P

--TEEM Test of Examining Expressive Morphology


“Eligibility Criteria for Language Impairment: Is the Low End of Normal Always Appropriate?” Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, Tammie J. Spaulding,ElanaPlante, & Kimberly A. Farinella

slp appraisal and individual slp goals examples
SLP Appraisal and Individual SLP Goals Examples
  • Okemos PLC & Evaluation SMART Goal Example – Pam Kliewer, Okemos
  • Ingham ISD SLP Appraisal Example – Lori Torres
    • Rubric
    • Student Growth Plan
bite sized hit runs
Bite-Sized “Hit & Runs”
  • Walking the talk…and talking the walk…
  • Defining the Role of the SLP

Group Discussion:

    • List ideas and explicit statements that can be shared with others

(staff, administration, parents, etc.)

    • These statements/ideas should be concise and designed to capture the interest and intrigue of others
    • The focus should be on ways in which to describe, define, expand our roles and demonstrate areas of SLP skill sets
explicit instruction effective and efficient teaching anita l archer and charles a hughes
Explicit InstructionEffective and Efficient TeachingAnita L. Archer and Charles A. Hughes
  • Explicit instruction & identify possible concerns (p.1, 17-21)
  • Elements of explicit instruction 1-8 vs. The 6 teaching functions
  • Elements of explicit instruction 9-16 vs. The 6 teaching functions
  • The underlying principles of effective instruction & ways of optimizing instructional time
  • How to use the 6 principles & Research in general ed.
  • Research in special ed. & Recent government reports

Dr. Anita Archer’s structured literacy instruction video series

progress monitoring tool for listening comprehension and oral expression
Progress Monitoring Tool for Listening Comprehension and Oral Expression
  • Wendy Robinson, Assistant Director of Professional Development, Heartland AEA 11, “Response to Intervention for Curriculum-Based Language Concerns”
  • Rationale for curriculum based evaluation (Language)
    • Assessment should include language beyond the sentence level
    • Assessment should focus on what to teach and how to teach to improve academic outcomes for students
    • Assessment should link to successful strategies or teaching recommendations
    • Assessment should be as close to student’s age/grade and current curriculum level as possible
why is it important
Why is it important
  • Oral language skills are the foundation of literacy skills. The competency of a student’s language skills typically determine the competency of a student’s reading and writing skills…Wendy Robinson
  • The attainment of literacy skills is critical for academic and life success
  • 60-70% of preschool children with communication concerns are at-risk for literacy failure by grade two
  • Language and communication skills are considered the “hidden curriculum” in most schools (the common core has speaking and listening standards)

…Wendy Robinson



  • Sign Out
  • Next Steps
  • Future PLC Website

See you in December…

Happy Thanksgiving!