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Activity 1: My skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Activity 1: My skills

Activity 1: My skills

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Activity 1: My skills

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  1. Activity 1: My skills

  2. Personal, learning and thinking skills • How would you describe these kinds of people? • What do you think they would be good at? • Independent enquirers • Creative thinkers • Reflective learners • Team works • Self-managers • Effective participators

  3. I can plan and carry out research I can explore and solve problems Independent enquirers I can make reasoned decisions and present arguments I can analyse and evaluate information

  4. I can come up with ideas I can try out new ideas and adapt them as things change Creative thinkers I can challenge and question my own and other’s ideas I can explore new ideas and possibilities

  5. I can assess myself and others I can review my progress Reflective learners I can deal with constructive criticism I can set goals to work towards

  6. I can work with others towards a shared goal I can provide constructive feedback to others Team workers I can adapt to different roles, including leadership I can manage discussion

  7. I can work towards goals independently I can deal with pressure and adapt to change Self-managers I can prioritise actions I can organise my time

  8. I can suggest practical steps to move things forward I can discuss issues Effective participators I can negotiate and try to influence others I can present a case for action

  9. Personal, learning and thinking skills • Personal, learning and thinking skills are the skills and qualities that will help young people to succeed in work. • They are things that employers will look for in their employees. • When applying for jobs, it is good to demonstrate that you have these skills and this can be shown through your experience.

  10. PLTS skills map Problem solving Research Confidence Analysis Data handling Negotiation Creativity Independent enquirers Discussion Innovation Risk taking Effective participators Creative thinkers Experimentation Organised Giving / accepting criticism Self-managers Reflective learners Time management Team workers Initiative Evaluation Cooperating Motivation Communication Leading

  11. Your experience • Use the skills map template. • Against each personal, learning and thinking skill, try to think of a time that you have used those skills. • For example: Completed a science project Designed my own website Worked on the school council Independent enquirers Effective participators Creative thinkers Self-managers Reflective learners Produced a personal development plan Team workers Organised a fundraising event Team leader for the enterprise challenge