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Truman Foreign Policy – Part II

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Truman Foreign Policy – Part II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Truman Foreign Policy – Part II. Republicans come to power on demobilization, business as usual, a cutback in the role of spending, and lower taxes Hamstrings Truman’s ability to fight the cold war US has only 1.3 divisions to deal with the 2 60 divisions of the Soviet Union.

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truman foreign policy part ii
Truman Foreign Policy – Part II
  • Republicans come to power on demobilization, business as usual, a cutback in the role of spending, and lower taxes
  • Hamstrings Truman’s ability to fight the cold war
  • US has only 1.3 divisions to deal with the 260 divisions of the Soviet Union
1946 dealing with the soviet union
1946 – Dealing with the Soviet Union
  • US believed that Communism thrived on chaos and poverty, the way to respond to it was to promote stability and prosperity through economic aid
  • 3 Possibilities to deal with it
  • build up military
  • Send military aid to threatened countries
  • Give economic aid to needy peoples
feb 1947 greece and turkey
Feb. 1947, Greece and Turkey
  • Great Britain pulls aid from Greece and Turkey with the communist in Greece preparing to take over
  • Undersecretary of State Acheson argues that if they fall a “domino” effect will incur and in Europe. First articulation of “domino theory”
  • Leads to the Truman Doctrine
truman doctrine
Truman Doctrine
  • “I believe that it must be the policy of the US to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.”
  • Sent $400 million for Greece and Turkey
  • For the first time the US had chosen to intervene during a period of general peace in the affairs of peoples outside North and South America
marshall plan
Marshall Plan
  • Truman Doctrine leads to Marshall Plan
  • A massive American aid program to Europe
  • Wanted to revive the European economy for both economic (buy US exports) and military reasons
  • Only a healthy economy would support European troops necessary to stop the Red Army
  • Economic for Western Europe and military for Greece and Turkey
more in 1947
More in 1947
  • In Greece, guerilla warfare rage on
  • Chiang was being pushed back in China
  • Anti-communist in Hungary were destroyed and the election was rigged for the left wing party
  • The draft was stopped in the US
national security act july 1947
National Security Act – July, 1947
  • Provided a single Department of Defense
  • National Security Council
  • CIA – to gather information and evaluate intelligence activities around the world
1948 communist coup in czechoslovakia
1948 – Communist Coup in Czechoslovakia
  • Soviets flew to Prague and forced President Benes to resign and the foreign minister was assassinated. Communist assumed control.
  • Coup did two things for the adoption of the containment policy
  • Sent a shockwave throughout the civilized world
  • Showed limitations of current American policy because they did nothing to stop it
  • Got the Marshal Plan passed
expansion of the cia june 1948
Expansion of the CIA – June 1948
  • They would now do covert operations for economic and military warfare and paramilitary activities
  • Communist were gaining strength in the upcoming Italian elections. The CIA funneled money to the Christian Democrats and they defeated the Communists.
  • This was cheap and kept the communist out of control of Italy.
  • The CIA was off and running with covert activities
election of 1948
Election of 1948

Thomas Dewey-


Harry Truman –


Strom Thurmond

Dixiecrat or state-rights