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Background Eight Areas Initially Addressed by the Communites in Conjunction with the Fort Housing Schools Roads Employment Opportunites Child Care Kansas Military Bill of Rights Background (Cont.) Lt. Governor’s Accommodation Task Force

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Eight Areas Initially Addressed by the Communites in Conjunction with the Fort




Employment Opportunites

Child Care

Kansas Military Bill of Rights

background cont

Lt. Governor’s Accommodation Task Force

  • Purpose: Prepare to Accommodate Incoming Soldiers, Civilians and Families in the Manner They Deserve
  • Coordinate State, Federal, On-Post and Local Communities Efforts
    • Housing
    • Schools
    • Roads
    • Employment Opportunities
    • Child Care
  • Eight Meetings Thus Far
background cont4
  • Flint Hills Regional Task Force – Focus on Collaboration
  • U.S. Department of Labor Grant - Regional Website (
housing junction city geary county
Housing(Junction City/Geary County)

[Note: Being Updated to Reflect New Format]

  • Built: 419
    • Apartments 10
    • Homes 319
  • Under Construction: 3,722
    • Apartments 2,015
    • Homes 1,707
  • Infrastructure in Place: 431
    • Apartments 206
    • Homes 225
  • In Planning Phase: 1,464
junction city geary county
Junction City/Geary County

Map Reflecting Latest Info

housing manhattan riley county
Housing(Manhattan/Riley County)
  • Recently Built Units Units

(Within the Last 6 Months): 311

    • Apartments: 180
    • Homes: 131
  • Under Construction

(Bldg. Permits issued Last 6 Months) : 746

    • Apartments: 514
    • Homes: 232
  • Infrastructure in Place with lots available: 571
    • Apartments: 24
    • Homes: 547

Lots with Infrastructure under Construction: 430

Homes 430

  • In Planning Phase: 929

Apartments: 339

Homes: 590

Total: 2,987

manhattan riley county
Manhattan/Riley County

Map Reflecting Latest Info

housing pottawatomie county
Housing(Pottawatomie County)

[Note: Being Updated to Reflect New Format]

  • Built: -
  • Under Construction: 54
  • Infrastructure in Place: 301
  • In Planning Phase: 1914
pottawatomie county
Pottawatomie County

Map Reflecting Latest Info

housing projects summary manhattan pottawatomie and junction city
Housing Projects Summary(Manhattan, Pottawatomie and Junction City)

[Being updated to Reflect New Format]

  • Built: 824
  • Under Construction: 4708
  • Infrastructure in Place: 1401
  • In Planning Phase: 4192
housing other priorities
Housing(Other Priorities)
  • USDA Rural Development – On Post Aide for Soldiers/Families Buying Homes
  • Local Banks – Military Specific Programs
schools cont
  • 16 Superintendent Coalition – Regional Collaboration
    • Curriculum/Programs
    • Facilities
    • Staffing
  • National Participation
    • Military Education Summit in D.C. – Family transition
    • Student to Student Conference in San Antonio – Student transition
    • Seven Rivers Coalition – Federal Funding Needs
schools cont16
  • Currently Over 1000 New Military Students Enrolled
  • State Legislative Supportive
    • 2nd Count Date
    • 5% Increase in Impact Aid to Local School Districts
  • Maintaining Quality – Student/Teacher Ratios
  • 2006 Will be a Year of Transition
construction projects
Construction Projects
  • [Note: Needs details on USD 475 Projects plus picture]
  • Nearly all 16 districts in the process of reviewing facilities needs
  • Geary County school district successful in passing a $33 Million bond issue to add new schools
  • Manhattan school district assessing need for different school locations and have taken one school off the school closure list
  • Expect Over 16,000 Additional Autos on the Region’s Roads Over the Next Five Years
  • $59.9 Million in Road Improvements Near Fort Riley
  • DoD Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) – May Fund Transportation/Transit Study In Near Future
jobs and education we re here to help
Jobs and Education - We’re here to help!
  • No cost
  • Comprehensive listing of all area jobs
  • Open the door to business and

HR directors

  • Helpful information on the region

jobs training start now register www kansasjoblink com email us junctioncityjobs@kansascommerce com
Jobs & Training… Start Now:Register www.kansasjoblink.comEmail us:


jobs training help with
Jobs & TrainingHelp with…..
  • Discovering your strengths and finding a job you Want
  • Enhancing your skills
  • Earning Certifications
  • Paying for Child Care

and Transportation

child care
Child Care
  • Current capacity and vacancies

– infant to 4-year-old

child care24
Child Care
  • Future expansions
    • May 2006 – additional 180 vacancies at Ft. Riley
    • June 2006 – additional 41 vacancies at Neighborhood Childcare in Junction City
    • Some centers expanding to include night shifts and expanded day shifts
  • Proposed expansions
    • 2008 – additional 198 vacancies at Ft. Riley
    • 2008 – additional 40 to 50 vacancies at Kansas State University
child care25
Child Care
  • General Contacts in Kansas
  • Contact for Manhattan and Clay Center
    • Flint Hills Resource and Referral


  • Contacts for Junction City
    • Flint Hills Resource and Referral


  • Contact for Abilene, Chapman, and Salina
    • YMCA Resource and Referral


area amenities
Area Amenities
  • Sam to Prepare New Slides
Retirement Pay- Kansas does not tax retired military pay

License plates- Veteran, POW, Purple Heart (combat wounded), Pearl Harbor, Disabled Veteran, and National Guard license plates

Distinctive decal for any person who has been awarded a Bronze Star or a Silver Star

Car Registration- enlisted military personnel that are Kansas residents but residing in another state register their vehicles and pay only the annual registration fee. No personal property tax is assessed

Registration grace period- returning deployed military personnel with an expired registration not to exceed seven days to properly register their vehicle in their home county

Car Tax Limit- tax shall be levied upon not more than two motor vehicles which are owned by a resident fulltime regular military service who is mobilized and deployed on the date of that individual’s application for registration

State Hiring- any veteran who is eligible for veteran’s preference and who meets the minimum requirements for a posted vacant state position is offered an interview

Kansas Values its Military Service Men and Women

kansas builds new veterans cemeteries commission and homes
Kansas Builds New Veterans’ Cemeteries, Commission, and Homes
  • Kansas Veterans’ Cemetery at Fort Dodge - total project cost $3,595,000
  • Kansas Veterans’ Cemetery at Fort Riley - 82 acres total project cost of $6,000,000
  • Kansas Veterans’ Cemetery at Winfield - total project cost of $5,864,000
  • Kansas Veterans’ Cemetery at WaKeeney - 24 acres total project cost of $3,329,226
  • Kansas Commission on Veterans’ Affairs Services provided by the agency include long-term nursing care and assisted living care to eligible veterans, completion and maintenance of four state veterans’ cemeteries, and coordination with federal agencies to provide financial assistance to Kansas veterans’ for health care and disability income
  • Veterans Services Services provided by the program include assistance with obtaining services in the areas of education, health, vocational guidance, and economic security. The Kansas Commission on Veterans' Affairs is the State Approving Agency (SAA) for the federal GI Bill Education program
  • Kansas Soldiers’ Home in Fort Dodge provides quality long-term health care and to enhance the overall well being of honorably discharged veterans and their dependents in an environment that supports the individual's biological, sociological, and psychological needs. The campus consists of 769 acres of land and 106 buildings, with a daytime population of 350
  • Kansas Veterans' Home in Winfield provides three levels of nursing care to veterans and their dependents. The Kansas Veterans' Home officially opened May 1, 2000. Additions have been opened to expand skilled nursing care and residents in need of care related to Alzheimer's disease
  • Grants to Veteran Service Organizations to provide veterans services through organizations such as the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign War
kansas support for spouse employment and lottery funds for veterans scholarships
Kansas Support for Spouse employment and lottery funds for veterans/scholarships
  • Kansas Lottery launched two instant games, $2 Sunflower Salute and $1 Veterans Cash. All net profits were used for:
    • Fifty percent to Kansas National Guard Education Assistance Act scholarships ($330,000)
    • Fifty percent for the Kansas Soldiers’ Home, the Kansas Veterans’ Home, and the state veterans cemetery system ($307,000)
  • Spouse Employment – Kansas statue considers military spouses who are forced to leave their position due to their spouse's military orders as an involuntary separation from work and therefore eligible for unemployment insurance
kansas wildlife and parks supports our military
Kansas Wildlife and Parks Supports our Military
  • Annual Hunting License- Active duty military stationed in Kansas can purchase all annual resident licenses, permits, and stamps
    • Active duty military who were Kansas residents at the time of entering the military, and immediate family members domiciled with them may purchase resident licenses, permits, and stamps, except lifetime licenses
  • Permit Refund - for a big game permit may be issued to any armed forces personnel experiencing a change of duty prior to the first day of season, preventing the use of the permit
  • Elk Draw - Fort Riley soldiers are considered successful in the first elk draw, giving them a high success rate for the final draw in drawing Fort Riley permits
  • Veterans Reunion- held at El Dorado State Park receives a special event permit and an average 25 percent discount on camping fees
  • Deployment Refund - the Department of Wildlife and Parks can reissue big game or turkey limited draw permits to military personnel forced to forfeit their limited draw permit due to deployment
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses - Kansas Guard Members can receive a free hunting and fishing license in FY05
  • State Parks - Kansas Guard Members and their families can receive free admission to all state parks in FY05
e ducation system supports the kansas military
Education System Supports the Kansas Military
  • National Guard Educational Assistance Program- designed to help with tuition assistance for National Guard members in FY 2005 the total is $925,810
  • In State Residence Status - Active military personnel and their dependent spouses and children shall be accorded the resident fee privilege while enrolled in any institution if such personnel are assigned to a duty station and are living in Kansas
  • Maintaining Tuition Status - Clarifying in-state Tuition for Military Family members whichwill allow any dependent of a member of the armed forces of the United States and a Kansas resident to qualify for in state tuition and their tuition status will not change to out of state even if their sponsor’s status changes.
  • Refund or Credit for Tuition - for a member of the armed forces who is a student in a Kansas regent institution and who is activated under title 10 united states code and who must leave school will be given a refund or credit for the tuition paid unless the student is able to complete the semester work without additional tuition.
  • Tuition Assistance - for dependents of Kansas residents who are killed in the line of duty while in the armed forces of the United States or Kansas National Guard or returned prisoners of war to cover the costs of attending state universities, community college, or vocational technical college.
military friendly professional licensing and records
Military Friendly Professional Licensing and Records
  • Free Vital Statistics Records -Active military and veterans can get copies of vital statistics records at no cost
  • Open Records- Kansas Open Records Act exempts military discharge papers to openness requirements
  • Professional License - shall continue to be valid while an individual is in military service and for six months following their release. No licensee shall be required to pay a renewal fee, submit a renewal application, obtain continuing education or meet other conditions while on duty. Also, no license shall expire, lapse or be canceled, revoked or suspended while an individual is on military service. Within six months after their release from active duty or within two weeks of engaging in activities that require a license, the licensee must file the completed application and renewal fee to maintain licensure.  They have one year to complete required continuing education requirements
recent activities
Recent Activities
  • Re-charter the Governor’s Military Council - which will protect and grown the military in Kansas as well as advocate for the quality of life of military personnel in Kansas
  • Kansas Military Emergency Relief Fund - available to members of the Kansas National Guard, Reserve forces of the United States, any Kansas resident on military active duty and their families
  • State Income Tax Filing - Review and ensure full compliance with federal law extending tax returns filing dates and other required payments and reports for military personnel serving in combat zone
open issues
Open Issues
  • Teacher Certification and Licensure
  • HUD Waiver of BAH for Tax Credit Housing
  • ????