american isolationism by greg v n.
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American Isolationism By: Greg V.

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American Isolationism By: Greg V. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American Isolationism By: Greg V. What was it?. American Isolationism was when the United States did not want to get involved in European conflicts.

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what was it
What was it?
  • American Isolationism was when the United States did not want to get involved in European conflicts.
  • The anti-war sentiment in America and the memories of the men lost during WWI convinced many Americans that America must not get involved in any future war.
why did it happen
Why did it happen?
  • No involvement in Europe
  • Keep United States free and at peace
  • No reason or interest to get involved
who was involved
Who was involved?
  • Franklin Roosevelt was an important figure in American Isolationism. He was against the idea, and was ready to go to war in Europe to stop the Nazis.
  • Neutrality Act of 1939 eliminated the ban on arms sales to nations at war.
america first committee
America First Committee
  • A committee made up of 80,000 Americans that were for Isolationism and against the war.
charles lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh
  • Argued that the only way to save the country was to stay out of a hopeless battle in Europe and concentrate on defending the American way of life at home.
the end of isolationism
The end of Isolationism
  • December 7th, 1941 was the turning point in Isolationism. After a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans realized sending troops to Europe would be necessary.
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