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7 day detox & colon cleanse programs PowerPoint Presentation
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7 day detox & colon cleanse programs

7 day detox & colon cleanse programs

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7 day detox & colon cleanse programs

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  2. About • After years of research in the field of detox and nutrition, OmDetox brings you the best herbal cleansing formula, for a very low price. • While providing clients with our services in Detox Centers such as Orion Healing Center in Thailand, we realized that not everybody can afford to fly to paradise and experience a detox program. • Having tried many cleanses ourselves, we were never able to find the perfect product, until we decided to make one. • We created the OmDetox program because we believe that everyone should have the chance to go through this beautiful process.

  3. Why Should We Detox? • Everybody can benefit from doing a cleanse. • For many reasons, toxic buildups have resisted your body’s attempts at elimination. • This can result in poor digestion and deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals, which can lead to more serious health problems. • Committing to our home detox program is the best gift you can give yourself. • You too can experience the benefits of detox. It is not too late for you to finally feel great!

  4. Benefits of Detox • Weight Loss • Better Digestion • Reduce Cholesterol Levels • Relieve Constipation • Eliminate Back Pain • Clearer Skin • Treat Eczema & Treat Psoriasis • Mental Clarity • Eliminate Parasites • Treat Candida Overgrowth • Better Concentration • Reduce Blood Sugar Levels • Reduce Inflammation • Heal muscle Pain • Reduce Arthritis • Better Sleep • Release Negative Thoughts • Eliminate Toxins & Heavy Metals

  5. How to Detox? • The 7 DAY DETOX & COLON CLEANSE program gives you a chance to rid the body of these toxins and finally feel awesome. • Our product contains powerful herbs that can remove the fecal buildup in the large intestines. • OmDetoxherbs also stimulate the kidneys and the liver, supporting you in the process of elimination and detoxification. • During 7 days, you will experience fasting, one of the most ancient healing techniques. • During your detox program, you will experience Colon cleansing with our enema bag. It is an excellent way for you to reclaim your health and see immediate results in your look and general well being.

  6. How to Detox for Weight Loss? • Weight loss should start with a thorough colon cleanse. Before you commit to a restrictive diet, have a look at our 7 Day Detox program and see the benefits that can result from a good detox. • Cleaning the colon with herbs and enemas will help your digestive system in many ways. • It will increase its ability to break down the food and absorb its nutrients; it will ameliorate the movement of the bowels and encourage a better elimination of waste, avoiding reabsorption of toxins that can cause weight gain.

  7. How to Detox for Weight Loss?

  8. Probiotics For the Body and Mind • Did you know that the bacteria living in your gut can affect your whole body? • They manage the good functioning of the immune system, they make vitamins and they break fiber into short-chain fatty acids. • Gut microbes can not only influence your digestion, they also affect your metabolism and even your mind.

  9. What are probiotics good for? • Yeast infections • Eczema • Acne • Depression • Anxiety • Mood swings • Low immunity • Candida overgrowth • Food allergies • Poor digestion • Weight management • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) • Leaky gut syndrome • Nutritional deficiencies • Diarrhea • Bloating • Intestinal gas • Constipation

  10. When should you take probiotics? • Supplementing in probiotics daily is a great way to reach optimal health. • Different strains of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are recommended. • Probiotics should be taken once or twice daily, preferably on an empty stomach. • OmDetoxprobiotic formula contains seven different strains of healthy bacteria to restore the natural balance of your gut. Our capsules contain no dairy, gluten, nuts, crustacean or soy, and we do not use any flow agents.

  11. What is Leaky Gut Syndrome? • The leaky gut syndrome is a disorder in which people’s intestinal wall cells have become leaky, because of inflammation. • The cells of the gut present abnormal spaces between each other, allowing toxic material to enter the bloodstream and make you sick. • Usually, toxins are eliminated in the gut, but not with a leaky gut. • Undigested protein and fat, bacteria, parasites and other toxins can now get through the leaky membrane of the gut and infiltrate the bloodstream. • The immune system does not recognize these substances so they are treated as invaders

  12. What Are the Symptoms of a Leaky Gut? • Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain • Food intolerance • Sensitivity to cigarette smoke, perfume and other chemicals • Asthma and allergies • Extreme fatigue • Mood disorders • Skin problems

  13. How Can you Heal Leaky Gut? • Watching what you eat is the first step towards healing. • A good detox program will also help get rid of unwanted guests like parasites and worms. • Bentoniteclay is a powerful absorbent that can transport the toxins produced by bacteria out of the digestive track. • Probiotics must be taken in order to restore your microbiota. • The amino-acid Glutamine is also known to be effective at reversing the damage caused by leaky gut. • OmDetoxtakes care of your gut and offers the 7 Day Detox & Colon Cleanse, your first step towards complete healing.

  14. Using Natural and organic products without chemicals and preservatives is a priority for us. We created our products because we are in search of the best Superfoods and the herbs to heal our own bodies. Sharing our natural remedies with the world is a dream come true for us.