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Introduction to GSA’s State and Local Programs

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Introduction to GSA’s State and Local Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to GSA’s State and Local Programs May 2010. Course Information. Snapshot of GSA S&L Programs Schedules Programs 1122 Cooperative Purchasing Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program

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Introduction to GSA’s State and Local Programs

May 2010

course information
Course Information
  • Snapshot of GSA S&L Programs
  • Schedules Programs
    • 1122
    • Cooperative Purchasing
    • Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program
    • Federal Grantee Access to Schedules in Response to Declared Public Health Emergencies
  • Non-Schedules Programs
    • Wildland Fire Program
    • Computers for Learning
    • Surplus Personal Property Donation Program
the basics
The Basics
  • What is a Schedule?
  • How is a Schedule awarded?
  • How does it become a “competitive vehicle”?
  • Current Authority

The National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 1994 contained Section 1122, which allows State and local governments to purchase new law enforcement equipment for counterdrug activities through the Federal Government.

  • Future Expansion

Authorized under the 2009 National Defense Authorization Act, effective 10-22-2008, the language of Title 10, Section 381, of the United States Code (USC) was amended to allow:

    • "...States and units of local government to purchase equipment suitable for counter-drug, homeland security, and emergency response activities through the Department of Defense." This expansion has not been implemented by the Army, the Executive Agent of the Program, yet.
how does the program work
How Does the Program Work?


  • Appointed by the Governor of the State
  • The State Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • Receives all requisitions from state and local law enforcement entities and ensure availability of funds
  • Determine that the items will be used for counter-drug activities
how does the program work8
How Does the Program Work?


  • DA or DLA stocked items – to the appropriate supply center
  • Commercial items directly with the Multiple Award Schedule Contractor (GSA)
  • Vehicles – ordered through GSA
what is the contractor s responsibility when selling products under the 1122 program
What is the contractor’s responsibility when selling products under the 1122 Program?
  • The product is on one of the Schedules/SINs approved by GSA for the 1122 Program
  • Verify if the state in which the purchasing agency is located has an appointed State Coordinator and identify them
  • All orders being placed through the 1122 Program are to include the statement, “This order is placed pursuant to the State and Local Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program (“1122 Program”) in support of counterdrug activities, under the authority of the State Point of Contact (SPOC) for the State of __________________.”
about the program
About the Program

The Law Enforcement Program provides items to its customers through three separate federal sources working in conjunction with the Department of Justice.

  • Department of the Army (DA): For more info contact Mr. Alphonzo Horton at (703) 695-7964
  • General Services Administration (GSA): For more info contact Ms. Elaine Sauer at (703) 605-9451
example schedules included in the program
Example Schedules Included in the Program
  • Schedule 56 – Building and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies
  • Schedule 84 – Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facility Management Systems, Fire, Rescue, Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft, and Emergency/Disaster Response
example schedules included in the program12
Example Schedules Included in the Program
  • Schedule 56 – Building and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies
    • Power Distribution Equipment, Generators, and Batteries
    • Some items included are portable generators, rechargeable batteries, telecommunications surge protection, DC regulated power supply, etc.
example schedules included in the program cont
Example Schedules Included in the Program(Cont.)
  • Schedule 84 – Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facility Management Systems, Fire, Rescue, Special Purpose Clothing, Marine Craft, and Emergency/Disaster Response
    • Law Enforcement Equipment and Security Equipment
    • Some items included are miscellaneous personal law enforcement equipment, body armor, helmets, canine training and handling equipment, in-vehicle protection and restraint systems, police bicycles, etc.
website for list of state points of contact
Website For List of State Points of Contact
  • Through GSA:

in summary
1122 courses this week
1122 Courses This Week

1122 Program


Tuesday, May 4

1122 Expansion Program Overview and State Point of Contact (SPOC) Training (2 Hours)


Thursday, May 6


Cooperative Purchasing Program

what are the authorities that allow for cooperative purchasing
What are the Authorities that allow for Cooperative Purchasing?


Authority for S&L governments to purchase under Schedule 70

Section 211 of the e-Gov Act of 2002 authorized GSA sales of Schedule 70 IT products, software and services to State & Local Governments through the introduction of Cooperative Purchasing.


Authority for S&L governments to purchase under Schedule 84

Local Preparedness Acquisition Act, which authorizes state and local government to purchase Alarm and signal systems, facility management systems, firefighting and rescue equipment, law enforcement and security equipment, marine craft and related equipment, special purpose clothing, and related services (as contained in Federal supply classification code group 84 or any amended or subsequent version of that Federal supply classification group

scope and eligibility
Scope and Eligibility
  • Scope:
    • GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract Vehicles and Consolidated Schedule with IT Special Item Numbers (SINs)
    • GSA Schedule 84: Total solutions for law enforcement, security, facilities management, fire, rescue, clothing,

marine craft and emergency/disaster response

  • Eligible Users:
    • The 50 states, All counties, municipalities, cities, towns and townships, Tribal Governments, Public Authorities (Public or Indian Housing agencies under the U.S. Housing Act of 1937), school districts, and colleges or any instrumentality there of.

State and Local Participation

  • Voluntary
    • No obligation by state and/or local governments to use the schedule.
    • Contractors decide whether to accept orders from state and local governments.
  • Always Open for Use
    • Meet GSA Eligible Users Criteria
    • Have State or Local Authority
      • Granted by State or Local Entity

Schedule 70 - Special Item Numbers (SINs)


132 51 IT Professional Services

132 52 E-Commerce Services

132 53 Wireless Services

132 54 Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Transponded Capacity

132 55 Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Subscription Services


132 3 Leasing of Product

132 4 Daily/Short Term Rental

132 8 Purchase of Equipment

132 9 Purchase of Used or Refurb. Equip.

132 12 Maintenance of Equip./Repair

132 32 Term Software Licenses

132 33 Perpetual Software License

132 34 Maintenance of Software as a Service

132 50 Training Courses


Schedule 70 - Special Item Numbers (SINs)


132 60A Electronic Credentials, Not Identity Proofed

132 60B Electronic Credentials, Identity Proofed

132 60C Digital Certificates, including ACES

132 60D E-Authentication Hardware Tokens

132 60E Remote Identity and Access Managed Service Offering

132 60F Identity and Access Management Professional Services

132 61 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Shared Service Provider (SSP) Program

132 62 HSPD-12 Product and Service Components

Services and products must be qualified by NIST and/or GSA prior to award

Only approved/qualified products and services can go under SINs 132-60A-F, 132-61, 132-62

schedule 84 divided into 5 attachments
Schedule 84 – Divided into 5 Attachments
  • Attachment 1 – Marine Craft
  • Attachment 2 – Firefighting
  • Attachment 3 – Alarm & Signal Systems, Facility Management and Protective Service Occupations
  • Attachment 4 – Special Purpose Clothing
  • Attachment 5 – Law Enforcement Equipment & Services

Cooperative Purchasing Benefits the Customer

  • Commercial Items
  • Huge Selection
  • Streamlined Process
  • Monetary Savings
    • Fair & Reasonable Prices
    • Greater Discounts for Large Buys
    • Spot Discounts
    • Low Administrative Costs
  • GSA has Taken Care of the Basics
  • e-Tools

Ordering Procedures

  • Every Task Order = New Contract
  • State and local governments are encouraged to use GSA Schedule Ordering Procedures (FAR 8.4)
    • S &L governments may use their own procedures
  • Incorporate by referencing GSA Schedule terms and conditions
  • Additional State/Local requirements are permitted but must NOT conflict with GSA Schedule Terms and Conditions
  • Source of Funding can be of any type allowed by the ordering agency – Contract or Grant Funding.

Exceptions from Cooperative Purchasing

  • Prompt Payment
  • Disputes
  • Patent Indemnity Clause
  • Commercial Item Contract Terms and Conditions Unique to the Federal Government

State and Local Preference Programs

  • State and Local preference programs are not waived or otherwise affected by Cooperative Purchasing

For More Information Visit:

Cooperative Purchasing Page:

cooperative purchasing versus disaster recovery purchasing
Cooperative Purchasing versus Disaster Recovery Purchasing
  • Program similarities
    • Same eligibility list
    • Same terms and conditions and exceptions
    • Same ordering procedures
  • Program Differences
    • Scope
state and local disaster recovery purchasing program
State and Local Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program
  • Legislation
    • Section 833 John Warner National Defense Authorization Actfor Fiscal Year 2007
  • Scope
    • All GSA Schedules
    • Facilitate recovery from a Presidentially declared disaster or act of terrorism
    • Advance Purchasing
disaster recovery purchasing
Disaster Recovery Purchasing
  • Voluntary
  • Small and Local Business Concerns
  • E-tools
why should state and local governments use gsa
Why Should State and Local Governments use GSA
  • eTools
  • Local and small business concerns
  • Pre-negotiated terms and conditions
  • Best Value
    • Warranty
    • Expedited Delivery
    • Experienced vendors
  • Local GSA Representatives
disaster and emergency preparation response and recovery course
Disaster and Emergency Preparation, Response, and Recovery Course

Tuesday, May 4


Room 303

for more information
For more information

GSA Websites:

FEMA Disaster Website:



Tricia Reed


  • Policy Change based on Section 40 U.S.C § 501
  • Interagency Support
  • Grant Funding only
  • In response to declared Public Health Emergencies
ordering procedures
Ordering Procedures
  • Eligible ordering activities are responsible for ensuring compliance with all rules, regulations, and requirements stipulated in the grant funding, by the granting agency, as well as any applicable state and local procurement regulations.
  • Order Language

This order is placed under Federal Supply Schedule number ________________ pursuant to GSA policy that authorizes state, local, territorial, and tribal government entities, as authorized users for purchasing goods and services, when expending Federal grant funds in response to Public Health Emergencies (PHEs) declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services under section 319 of the Public Health Services Act, codified at 42 U.S.C. § 247d.

disaster and emergency preparation response and recovery course44
Disaster and Emergency Preparation, Response, and Recovery Course

Tuesday, May 4


Room 303

gsa wildland fire program

GSA Wildland Fire Program

Bill Hicks

Fire Program Coordinator

authorities that allow access
Authorities that allow access
  • GSA Administrative Order 4800.2F, Eligibility to Use GSA Sources of Supply
  • USDA Forest Service – GSA Interagency Agreement FAS No. FM-IA-06-002, FS No. 06-IA-11130206-070
  • Download @
scope and eligibility47
Scope and Eligibility
  • Scope:

GSA Global Supply Wildland Fire Equipment Catalog

GSA Global Supply offerings

Purchases must be for direct or indirect support of wildland fire suppression or prescribed burning efforts.

  • Eligibility:

The 50 states and local cooperators that have been sponsored by their state forestry agency and approved by the US Forest Service

how to participate
How to participate
  • GSA – Forest Service Interagency agreement allows for access for non-Federal cooperators
  • Local and rural departments request sponsorship from state forestry agency
  • State forestry agency forwards request to U.S. Forest Service for approval and submission to GSA
key components
Key Components
  • GSA Fire Catalog - approximately 300 Items
  • Same items stocked @ national fire caches
  • Meet Forest Service and NFES specifications
  • Prepositioned at GSA depot, French Camp CA
  • Volume purchasing = great discounts
to learn more
To Learn More
  • Attend Training Session 5, “GSA Wildland Fire Program” Wednesday, Room 303, 1:00 – 2:15 pm
  • How to request access
  • Items available
  • How to place orders
  • Shipping and billing information
  • Attend Wildland Fire Program course
  • Wed. 1:00 – 2:15 pm, Room 303
  • Bill Hicks – Fire Program Coordinator
  • Contact info on webpage

The Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program--An Overview

Melinda Eyre

Chief, Utilization and Donation Branch

Region 9 Property Management Division

General Services Administration

May 4, 2010

what is it
What is it?
  • Donation Program

A program whereby eligible donees receive Federal surplus personal property at no cost

definitions cfr 102 36 40
Definitions CFR 102-36.40
  • Personal Property –

“any property, except real property. ”

  • Real Property
    • Land
    • Buildings
federal disposal cycle



















Of your Department

Federal Agencies

t Reimbursable Contractors


Public Airports

State Agencies for Surplus Property

Nonprofit Educational & Public Health Activities

Service Educational Activities

process 40 usc 549 b 1
Process 40 USC 549 (b)(1)
  • Donees must acquire surplus property through a State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP)
  • Cannot acquire property directly
points of contact
Points of Contact
  • State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP) in your state
  • GSA Area Property Officer (APO) servicing your state
the federal surplus personal property donation program
The Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program
  • Date: 6 May 2010
  • Day: Thursday
  • Time: 1:00 – 2:15
  • Room: 303 [This Room]
federal surplus personal property donation program topics
Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program Topics
  • Governing Laws and Regulations
  • Definitions
  • Acquisition Process
  • Donees
  • Conditional Title
  • Cost
  • Success Stories
  • Searching for surplus on the web
  • Unused vs New
  • Personal Property Data Sheet

Computers for Learning: An Overview

Melinda EyreChief, Utilization and Donation BranchRegion 9 Property Management DivisionGeneral Services Administration

May 4, 2010

executive order 12999 background
Executive Order 12999 Background
  • Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for All Children in the Next Century
  • Purpose:
    • “to ensure that American children have the skills they need to succeed in the information- intensive 21st century”
    • “making modern computer technology an integral part of every classroom”
    • “streamlines the transfer of excess and surplus Federal computer equipment to our Nation's classrooms”
  • Signed
    • President William Clinton
    • 17 Apr 1996
  • Implements existing authorities [statutes]
authorities eo 12999
Authorities EO 12999
  • 15 USC 3710 (i)
      • Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act of 1980
  • Title 40 USC 549
      • Recodification of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949
  • Schools
    • Public, Private, Parochial School
      • Grades Prekindergarten through 12
    • Home Schools
      • Must meet state requirements
    • Located in:
      • One of the 50 states
      • U.S. Virgin Islands
      • American Samoa
      • Guam
      • Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
      • Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands
    • National Center for Education Statistics Number
cost and ownership
Cost and Ownership
  • School
    • does not pay for computers and other equipment
    • must pay for packing, handling, and transportation fees
    • takes ownership upon receipt
help resources
Help Resources
  • Help screens available on line
  • CFL Home Page
  • GSA Area Property Officers throughout the U.S.
    • Web site “
    • CFL Helpdesk 1-866-472-9161
cfl a school perspective details
CFL – A School Perspective Details
  • Date: 6 May 2010
  • Day: Thursday
  • Time: 2:30 – 3:45
  • Room: 303 [This Room]
cfl a school perspective topics
CFL – A School Perspective Topics
  • Executive Order 12999 and its basis in statute
  • How to distinguish between the Program and the web site
  • Terminology
  • What you can receive other than “computers”
  • Who is eligible
  • How the web site works
    • How to register
      • NCES numbers
      • Tax Exempt IDs

How to search for excess computers

    • How to place selected items in a virtual shopping cart