Eduscapes a site for life long l earners of a ll ages
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EDUSCAPES: A Site for Life-Long L earners of A ll Ages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EDUSCAPES: A Site for Life-Long L earners of A ll Ages. Jon Wingo Education 215 Final Project About Eduscapes for Teachers.

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Eduscapes a site for life long l earners of a ll ages

EDUSCAPES: A Site for Life-Long Learners of All Ages

Jon Wingo

Education 215 Final Project

About eduscapes for teachers
About Eduscapes for Teachers

  • This website was created to educate teachers to help them come up with ideas to teach their classes through the integration of technology from this site.

  • This site has many workshops, a teacher can look at, and they can get many interesting lesson plans for any subject.

  • It has lesson ideas for reading, science, and to social studies.

  • The founders wanted to help teachers get many resources, to teach their classes, and they are still coming up with great ideas to educate our studentsthrough these forms of technological resources

Benefits of eduscapes
Benefits of Eduscapes

  • There are many benefits to this Web 2.0 technology site and it was created to help people further their interest in education and it is for all ages

  • Any one can use it and that is why it is very beneficial and easy to understand .

  • You can learn about any subject and this site is very interactive and there is an endless amount of technological resources that a person can use.

  • It was created for the user, in mind, and the founders, of this site, wanted to make sure that every user left their site with a good source of information.

Here are some of the Main Sites, from Eduscapes, and How Someone can Use the Resources from this Site

1 activate the journal of technology rich learning
1. Activate: The Journal of Technology-Rich Learning

  • “These web-based resources are intended for librarians, technology coordinators, students, parents, teachers, administrators. However, others interested in life-long learning will also find useful information.”

  • This is a way in which people can get helpful resources to aid them with any lesson or subject.


  • This is a “giant” library of sources and you can look at journals from the past decade through their internet databases.

2 lamb learning group
2. Lamb Learning Group

  • “The mission of Lamb Learning Group (LLG) is to provide professional development services and resources for educators in the area of educational technology integration.”

  • This is the site where you a teacher can learn about how to use technology in the classroom and it is useful because it has many “relevant” insights that a teacher can use to integrate their classroom with these sources.


3 vision to action
3. Vision to Action

Sample from Vision to Action

“Vision to Action Publishing designs and develops print, e-book, web, and video materials to support life-long learning and leisure activities.”

This is a sample of a book, that they published, and it would be useful to use in a classroom.

About Vision to Action

Here are other ways technology can be u sed a cross a ll c ontent levels of education
Here are Other Ways Technology can be Used Across All Content Levels of Education

4 naturescapes
4. Naturescapes

  • “Naturescapes is a web project that provides multilevel, informational readings, resources, and activities related to nature including plants, animals, and habitats.”

  • This site a teacher can use to teach science classes and they can look at the different links that were displayed on this page.


5 special projects
5. Special Projects

  • “We often develop web-based materials as part of grant projects, professional activities, or personal projects that don't fit within the context of other areas of our website. This page links to these projects. In addition, the page links to websites of schools, projects, and conferences where Annette and/or Larry have participated in projects or conducted professional development activities.”

  • This is a helpful site because it shows some ways a teacher can use their resources to teach their class and many of these sources were interesting and fun to look at.


  • “Old Man River Project”

6 literature learning ladders
6. Literature Learning Ladders

Themes and Literature Circles

This part, of Eduscapes, was created to help teachers with reading ideas and they had a lot of useful links to look at.

Literacy Resources

7 teacher tap
7. Teacher Tap

  • “The Teacher Tap is a free, professional development resource that helps educators and librarians address common questions about the use of technology in teaching and learning by providing easy access to practical, online resources and activities.”

  • A teacher can use this site to get their information and it is a useful tool to use for teachers wanting to find more resources.


8 information inquiry for teachers
8. Information Inquiry for Teachers

  • “Information literacy standards for student learning, indicators for student performance, and hundreds of collaborative lesson plans around the country give us some indication of the skills students are expected to master as effective and efficient users of information.”

  • This site helps teachers look at other lesson plans and see what worked and what didn’t. It can be used to teach all the content areas and it looks to be very helpful.


9 4 to explore
9. 4 to Explore

  • This web project provides "four to explore" for each topic. On each page you'll find definitions, activities, the 4 good starting points, and many more links and resources for the thematic topic.

  • This has many resources on every content area and it is a good site to look at for trying to come up with better lesson ideas.


  • They have over 200 themes

  • Every subject is covered

10 fluid environments for life long learners
10. Fluid Environments for Life-Long Learners

  • “Fluid environments involve using multiple modes of communication to convey a complex, interactive message. Information flows smoothly from one media to the next. The strengths of each media create synergy. The result is something more dynamic than could be done in a single medium.”

  • This is a great way to teach a class and it makes a lesson more enjoyable and it is very interactive.


Works cited
Works Cited

I got all of my resources from this site and I sited my 10 sources throughout my slideshow.