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Kranji Memorial –In remembrance PowerPoint Presentation
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Kranji Memorial –In remembrance

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Kranji Memorial –In remembrance
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Kranji Memorial –In remembrance

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  1. Kranji Memorial –In remembrance • The Kranji Memorials, located off Woodlands Road, about 22 km from the Town Centre, is made up of three cemeteries, namely the Kranji War Memorial, the Military Cemetery and the Singapore State Cemetery.

  2. Kranji War Memorial – History in a nutshell • Before World War II, the location was an ammunition dump for the British Military. • It was not far from here, by the mouth of the Kranji River, where the Japanese Imperial Guards landed on 9 February 1942. • Kranji then became a prisoner-of-war campsite with a POW hospital situated not far away. • The Kranji War Cemetery began as a small cemetery started by the prisoners and was later endorsed by the Army Graves Service after the re-occupation of Singapore in 1946.

  3. Kranji War Memorial • The Kranji War Memorial is laid out in a geometric pattern of stones spread out on a gently sloping green hill which offers a commanding view across the Straits of Johore to the north and over the hills of Singapore to the south.

  4. Kranji War Memorial • The War Memorial represents the three branches of the military - the Air Force, Army and Navy. The columns represent the Army, which marches in columns, the cover over the columns is shaped after of the wings of a plane, representing the Air Force, and the shape at the top resembles the periscope of a submarine, representing the Navy.

  5. Kranji War Memorial • The Memorial's walls inscribe over with the names of 24,346 soldiers allied servicemen whose bodies were never found, spread over both sides of 12 columns of the war memorial itself

  6. The War Cemetery The War Cemetery is the final resting place for 4,458 allied servicemen in marked graves laid out in rows on maintained and manicured lawns. Over 850 of these graves are unidentified.

  7. Singapore State Cemetery The Singapore State Cemetery at Kranji has two graves. IncheYusof bin Ishak, who served as Singapore's President between August 1965 - November 1970, and died on 23 November 1970, was buried here. Benjamin Henry Sheares (Dr) succeeded IncheYusof bin Ishak as the second President of the Republic of Singapore on 2 January 1971. He was also buried here after he died on 12 May 1981.