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Multiple Literacies PowerPoint Presentation
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Multiple Literacies

Multiple Literacies

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Multiple Literacies

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  1. Multiple Literacies Tony Nguyen Mr. David Adams English 111 September 9, 2012

  2. Multiple literacies In my English 111 class we are learning about how non-academic literacies are actually academic. Our teacher wants us to discuss what kinds of literacies we have. To be literate in something means that you have knowledge about a certain topic; and to be able to know and use the terms/jargons that are associated with that subject. So I’ve made a PowerPoint to indicate what kinds of literacies I have to show you a little bit about me.

  3. My Literacies • Computer hardware • Online gaming/texting • Wrestling

  4. Computer literacy A literacy that I would think I am strong in and almost all of you are some what literate in is computers. Being able to know how to use the computer efficiently can be a very important asset in todays world. The numbers of internet users are growing exponentially, being able share valuable information to the world wide web by a few clicks of a button is pretty amazing if you think about it. But what if you don’t know how to? This is where computer literacy plays a part in this technological advancing world.

  5. Computer Literacy There are so many different terms that are involved when working with “computers”. They can be categorized by the hardware, internet, and acronyms. I am by no means a computer expert but I do know how to assemble/repair basic computer hardware.

  6. Computer Terms - Hardware This is a pretty basic example of what a motherboard looks like. A “motherboard” is the main component in the computer, it contains a circuitry for the “CPU” (central processing unit), or the “brains of the computer”, this is the most important part of the computer, it is where the computer does all of its calculations. Right on top of the “CPU” is the “HSF” (Heatsink and fan) this component of the motherboard helps cool the “CPU” by blowing the hot air away from it to prevent it from overheating. Near the “CPU” is the “RAM”(Random-access memory), a form of data storage. Basically the more “RAMS” you have the faster your computer will be. I can get into detail about how that works but I rather not bore you to death. Another form of data storage is the “harddrive” it stores all of your computer programs and files such as your web browsers and documents, if this breaks you will lose everything on your computer. The “video card” is a chip that displays the graphics on your monitor, videos cards are also in gaming consoles. All of these components are upgradeable, to an extent, for better performance.

  7. Computer terms – Online gaming/texting slang I’ve been using the computer ever since I was a child. As the years went by I’ve picked up on an online game called Dota(Defense of the Ancient). I started noticing the slang terms that were used by other players and quickly picked up on it. Most of these terms/acronyms are also used in SMS(short message sending) or texting. Some Online gaming slang FTW- For the win QQ – cry more PWN - a typo of “own”; overused internet typo AFK - Away from keyboard OOM - Out of mana NT – Nice try GG – Good Game HP – Health/Hit Points MP – Mana Points XP – Experience points “Newb”- a new player often used offensively “Owned”- defeating another player “Uber”- the best Some Texting slang LOL- Laugh out loud JK- Just kidding OMG- oh my god BRB - be right back ATM - At the moment BTW - By the way TTYL - Talk to you later GTG - got to go IDK - I don’t know NVM – never mind OMW – on my way

  8. Wrestling • I've wrestled in high school only during my junior and senior year. Even though I only did it for two years I picked up on the sport quickly. In wrestling there is usually only 3 periods in which you have to “pin” your opponent in or beat them by points. You earn points by taking your opponent down, escaping, a reversal, or near fall. • There are rules that you have to follow when in competition just like any other sport. In this case this is just high school rules. You are not allowed to lock hands while on the ground and you can’t “figure four” your legs, basically means you cant lock your legs on a persons head if you’re ever in that position. You can also get called for “stalling” which means you’re not making an effort to get out of a situation or perform the next move, and for unnecessary roughness, which is pretty much self explanatory.

  9. Wrestling cont. Wrestling moves In wrestling there are moves that require a lot of practice and dedication to learn. Here are a few basic ones that are widely used in the sport. • From the bottom position • Escape (stand up and switch) • Both standing • Single leg take down • Double leg take down • From the top Position • Half nelson • Cradle She is attempting to peel her opponents hands off so she can execute the “stand up and switch” move to escape

  10. My literacies • I believe that computers not only shape who I am today but the whole world in general, I feel like our generation relies on computers/technology to make our lives easier. I don’t think there is a day when I am not on the internet, whether it’s on my computer or phone I am always connected. • Being a wrestler has taught me to have self discipline and control. It also taught me that hard work eventually pays off.