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New Literacies PowerPoint Presentation
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New Literacies

New Literacies

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New Literacies

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  1. New Literacies Alexis Knopping Davellyn Whyte Jill Comrie

  2. Coming a Long Way..

  3. Computers • Computers in the classroom have helped students in many ways but there is one positive aspect that was brought up by Dr. Bruce Perry that often seems to be overlooked. • Messy or sloppy writing leads to untidiness, which in turn, affects the student’s self-esteem, as they believe their work does not meet the requirements their teacher is putting forth.

  4. Computers continued • Student’s work ethic is directly affected by this as they feel their work is sub par. • Computers help this problem in the sense that assignments can be typed up and printed out in a tidy manner, which makes the students feel more confident about their work.

  5. Technology in the Classroom • Technology in the classroom is becoming a more important aspect to many schools. Education use to be all about reading and writing. However, today teachers can use things such as computers and Smart Boards to supplement their student's learning.

  6. Smart Boards Video Clip • Smart Boards allow students to be interested and actively participating in a lesson. Teachers are able to make up and have students play review games or teach a geography lesson as the video will show. Either way, the Smart Boards in the classroom is a great new technology.

  7. Audio and Video Equipment • Video equipment is beneficial in classrooms as it helps the visual learners understand the material better. • Television, movies and video clips have become a popular pastime among children and young adults, therefore they will be more inclined to learn the information if it is projected through a video or television show. • Just as some students are visual learners and attracted to video clips, others prefer to listen to music or audio books.

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