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New Literacies PowerPoint Presentation
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New Literacies

New Literacies

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New Literacies

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  1. New Literacies Group 3 Michelle Cook Krystle Rickert Kate Robold April Welch

  2. Negatives • Test scores are lower • Typing distracts the teacher • Students not focused on instructions • Internet access becomes distraction • Teachers have to monitor even more what the children are viewing in the classroom Laptops in Classrooms Positives Testing scores are improved Students rate instructors higher because they find them more interesting Students work is neater Students work is finished promptly Allows for more experiments to be done in the classroom

  3. Pros: Access to research and datafacts and sources Promotes exploration of knowledge which promotes learning Up to date knowledge Provides experience with a commonly used tool in the real world Prepares students for use with computers Can promote participation in group projects Access to email Cons: Credibility of source Outdated information Inappropriate sites Cost of maintenance and software Academic dishonesty New dependence on Internet Students miss class Encourages laziness References: Internet in the Classroom

  4. Two types of Video Watching via a television Creating using a camcorder Role of Watching Videos Provides a real-life experience Engages students Incorporates a variety of instructional methods Involves interactive instruction Video in the Classroom

  5. Role of Video Production Motivates students to learn with new technologies Involves cooperative group work Teaches media literacy Encourages planning skills Includes theatrical aspects Creates pride in student achievement and work Allows group/individual creativity Cons of Video Production Cost Equipment can be unreliable Time demand Classroom chaos Video in the Classroom Cont.

  6. CD-ROM (Educational Software) • Educational software is computer software whose primary purpose is teaching or self-learning. • Software designed for use in school classrooms. • Software may be projected onto a large whiteboard at the front of the class and/or run simultaneously on a network of desktop computers in a classroom. • Categories for teaching are reference works and children’s software Educational Software & Kids Online Games - Caltrox are Developersof Kids Online Games, Educational Software, Preschool Activities & Lessons used by Parents, Teachers, Child Care Centers and Schools

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