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Digital Literacies PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Literacies

Digital Literacies

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Digital Literacies

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  1. Digital Literacies Cause & Effect based on Greek Mythology Kevin Cummins

  2. The Texts • Greek Mythology has some of the most famous characters and stories of all time. These stories you are going to read will give you an introduction into Greek Mythology. • The ABC has a great site about Greek mythology called Winged Sandals. Within this site you will find a section called Storytime. Please familiarise yourself with the four myths that will be the basis of your tasks today.

  3. The Characters • After you have viewed a story please ensure you revisit the storytime section but this time take a look at the cast and further familiarise yourself with the cast by reading their Bios. • This will inform you if the character is a Greek God, a Mortal or a monster and also about their family tree.

  4. Your Task • Greek mythology offered the ancient Greeks a reason for why certain things happened. • You are going to identify the cause and effect of each of the four stories and see if you can identify a message or a moral to the story. • For instance another famous Greek myth involves Icarus who created a set of wings made of wax and feathers who could fly like a bird. Icarus was warned not to try and fly to high near the heavens. He did not take this advice and flew too close to the sun and crashed to the ground and perished as his wax wings melted. • Take a look at the next slide to see how we can identify this.

  5. Icarus – Cause and Effect • Moral or Messages: • We should listen to the advice of others. • We should not try to reach beyond our means. • Respect your elders.

  6. Your task continued • You are to create a simple cause and effect table (you can simply cut and paste mine if you want) and identify the cause and effect and message of each of the four stories. • You will be expected to share this with your peers.